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CDI Miami | Monday September 14, 2020

Detecting Breast Cancer In The Early Stage

Detecting Breast Cancer In The Early Stage


Breast cancer, also known as malignant breast neoplasm, is a common and most widespread type of cancer among women. If detected early, the patient can be treated by the breast specialist in Miami and life can be saved. It occurs at the breast tissue of the human body and the survival rate is determined by the stage of cancer. The stages of cancer are divided into 4 stages, comprising of stage 0, also called marker stage, stage 1 which is the curable stage, if breast cancer is detected in this stage, it can be cured depending on the severity of cancer and then is the fourth stage known as a metastatic or not curable stage.
Breast cancer is amongst the top ten cancers in women around the globe and the risk of getting this rises as they age. Unlike other cancers, it is easy to detect early symptoms of the breast cancer.
The first way to detect breast cancer in the early stages is to feel the breast, if you feel any lump on the breast, it is malignant, seek proper medical attention. However, not every lump detected is malignant or sign of breast cancer, it is advised to consult a medical doctor for proper diagnosis of the abnormality or nature of lumps.
Here are a few screening guidelines followed to detect breast cancer earlier at diagnostic imaging Miami centers.
Mammogram is the most important screening test for detecting breast cancer. Mammogram is basically an X-ray of the breast to detect breast cancer before the tumor is felt by the doctor or the woman. The mammogram is the best tool available for early discovering the breast cancer before the symptoms start showing. It is widely utilized by women looking for breast alterations, to see if there is any sign of the disease.
Women aged 40 – 45 or older are at more risk of breast cancer, so are recommended to get the mammogram every year and those who are at higher risk due to genes should get done a mammogram Miami along with an MRI when they turn 30.
It can’t be prevented, so if detected earlier, the treatment can be easier and less harmful to the body before it spreads.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses radio waves and magnets, a breast coil and a computer to scan the patient breasts to create its images. In this diagnostic imaging test, the tissues are thoroughly examined for any active abnormality. It is also being used for settling the breast abnormalities for surgical resection and tells either it’s a benign or a cancerous lump.

CDI Miami | Friday September 13, 2019

Types of Treatment Available For Breast Cancer

Types of Treatment Available For Breast Cancer


Also, breast cancer treatments are growing better all the time, and individuals have various other choices today as compared to ever before. With the help of various options, it’s a great notion to acquire as far as you can about those that can assist you the maximum.

It doesn’t matter which procedure you opt for, all breast cancer treatments have two chief objectives:

  • To avert the disease from heading back
  • To free the body of as more of cancer as conceivable

A few of the treatments eliminate or destroy the disease inside the breast and adjacent tissues, like the lymph nodes.

Below are few treatments that assist women globally in all sorts of circumstances via Miami breast institutes providing such services:
It is to eliminate the whole breast, named a mastectomy, or to eliminate just cancer and tissues encircling it, named a breast-conserving surgery or lumpectomy. There is a distinct sort of lumpectomies and mastectomies.

Usually, the smaller cancer, the more surgical options are offered by a breast specialist in Miami. The kinds of surgery comprise the following:
Mastectomy: – A surgical removal of the entire breast happens under this process. There are various sorts of mastectomies. Articulate with your doctor about if the skin can be conserved, named the nipple or a skin-sparing mastectomy, and also named a total skin-sparing mastectomy.

Lumpectomy: – Under this process, removal of cancer and a bit, cancer-free margin of healthy tissue encircle cancer. There are many remains of the breast. For intrusive cancer, radiation therapy to the leftover breast tissue is usually suggested after surgery.
Radiation therapy
This therapy is generally offered after surgery to reduce the probabilities of cancer heading back in the breast and additionally assist people to survive for a longer time. Radiation therapy is the one which practices high-energy radiations to slay cancer cells.

For a distinct group, women having the age of minimum 70 years old may deem BCS deprived of radiation therapy if all of the below are right:

  • The tumor is PR-positive or ER-positive, and hormone treatment is offered.
  • Hardly any of the lymph nodes eliminated comprised cancer.
  • The cancer was 2 cm which is a bit less than 1 inch or fewer encircling and it has been eliminated totally.

And if mastectomy is executed, radiation therapy is less possible to be required, but it might be given relying on the information of your precise cancer. And you should converse if you require radiation treatment at Miami breast cancer. They may request you to visit a doctor who focuses on radiation, entitled a radiation oncologist, for assessment.


CDI Miami | Thursday August 22, 2019

How Early Detection Helps In Treating Breast Cancer?

How Early Detection Helps In Treating Breast Cancer

When any women see any abnormality in the breast, she should go for screening to find the reason behind it. Detection at an early stage of any issue could prevent serious consequences. However, screening could not finish breast cancer, but with early detection, one can start taking therapies and proper medication. Ask your breast specialist in Miami doctor regarding which screenings is suitable for your age.

The latest 3D mammogram is used to diagnose either the lumps are cancer or something else. This advanced technology is very efficient and accurate in detecting breast cancer.

It is important to visit a doctor if you notice any change in your breast. Any pain or change in size and shape of the breast could be a sign of breast cancer. Consulting a doctor will clear your doubts and recommend appropriate screening as per your age and condition.

Usually Recommended Tests For Breast Cancer

The most preferred screening test is a mammogram and highly recommended to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage. Regular mammogram ensures that nobody dies of breast cancer or any issues in breasts.

MRI scan Miami is also widely used to diagnose breast cancer. This method is conducted using radio and magnetic waves to take some pictures of the breast. It is generally done with a mammogram for more accurate findings. Women at higher risk should go for it to detect it in the initial stages.

Doctors conduct a clinical breast exam to see any change in the breast or feel the lumps. If doctors notice any abnormality, they suggest you go for a mammogram. This is usually the first thing a patient does when she notices any abnormality.

How Can Women Lessen The Chances Of Breast Cancer?

Physically active women are at less risk of cancer. Regular walk or some activity keeps women away from various ailments. Generally, women gain weight after menopause which puts them on a higher risk of cancer. Normal weight avoids risks of any disease of breast cancer. In addition to this, women taking hormone replacements are at higher risk of cancer. Birth control pills consumptions also raise the risk of cancer that is the reason it is recommended to take them after consulting a doctor.

When women in her 30s breastfeed the chances of cancer or other abnormalities in the body increases. Women at higher risk of breast cancer due to genes are suggested not to be pregnant after 30.


Whenever you notice any change in your breasts, see a doctor. Visiting the nearby diagnostic medical imaging Miami will give an insight of reason behind this abnormality and clear every doubt regarding it. Moreover, the early detection of breast cancer will help in timely treatment and lessen its side effects too.

CDI Miami | Monday January 14, 2019

Felt any lumps in your breast? It can be a sign of Breast cancer

Felt any lumps in your breast. It can be a sign of Breast cancer

Maintaining your breast health is as important as maintaining your overall health. If you are able to detect breast cancer early, it increases the chances of better treatment. The most initial or common symptom of breast cancer is the presence of a lump within the breast.

The lumps which are painless and have irregular edges are more likely to be cancer. In some cases, it can be painful too and can cause a lot of discomforts while sleeping. So, if you feel any such symptoms, you must get your breast checked by breast specialist in Miami who can perform the right diagnosis and can proceed with the treatment.

Here are some other possible symptoms:

• Even if there are no lumps in the breast, you can feel swelling on all or a part of the breast which could probably be a sign of breast cancer.
• Irritation or dimpling on the breast skin which looks like an orange peel.
• Pain in the nipples or whole breast, or retraction of the nipple.
• Discharge of nipples other than breast milk can possibly indicate breast cancer.

These symptoms can be caused by other health conditions also, however, it would be suggested to visit the doctor for a checkup to avoid any confusions and get started with the therapy soon.

Tests conducted for breast cancer screening

Mammogram: The doctor may recommend you to go for breast cancer mammogram as it is considered the most reliable diagnostic test to detect breast cancer. The mammogram can detect the changes that are too small which cannot be identified during the physical examination.

Ultrasound: This test uses sound waves to develop an image of your breast. This is done if the doctor has found something in the mammogram. This procedure is painless and only takes about 20 minutes.

MRI: This procedure uses magnetic and radio waves to create images of the breast tissue. This is mainly used for the people who have very dense breast tissues or are at high risk of getting breast cancer.

Biopsy: In this, a small part of tissues is taken from your breast to examine it for cancer cells under the microscope. The biopsy may be conducted at a radiology place or in a hospital and the sample is examined by the pathologist in their labs.

Tomosynthesis: This is also known as a 3D mammogram in which different x-rays are taken from various angles and are then combined to make a three-dimensional image.

However, the appropriate tests are recommended by the doctors based on the severity of the symptoms you may feel. You must go to the doctor early if you feel any symptoms that can probably lead to breast cancer.

CDI Miami | Thursday December 20, 2018

Steps To Be Taken During Your Cancer Treatment

Steps To Be Taken During Your Cancer Treatment

More than ever, women are motivated to be vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. Medical practices and technology have made monumental strides to this end, aiding to save numerous lives and seeking to save even more. Even so, it is just as vital – if not more so – to safeguard mammary health in our everyday survival when we’re not talking to the doctor. Take a look at a few ways you can enhance your health and safeguard your pair between visits to your local Miami breast center.

Remain Active

Regular exercise helps maintain health and fight cancer because fat cells produce excess estrogen, which has been associated with the risk of cancer. Exercise routines can comprise yoga, which in return helps to maintain your body’s hormone production. By working out consistently, not only can you burn fat and avert obesity, but you also can dramatically lower your chances of getting cancer.

Stay On Greens
It can be a fight to eat the proper amount of fruits and vegetables, but staving off cancer can give you more encouraged to up your intake. Cruciferous veggies should certainly be on your menu because they consist of nutrients that combat estrogen-receptor-negative cancers. Fruits such as apples and pomegranates are also highly considered cancer fighters. For the best results, eat these plant-powered foods often.

Drink Less

Alcohol intake is another key parameter in averting breast cancer. Drinking changes the way a woman’s body metabolizes and controls estrogen, causing estrogen levels to upsurge. The higher your blood estrogen level, the higher your likelihood of building breast specialist in Miami cancer. Being very cautious about how often you intake adult beverages can pay large dividends for your health.

Sleep Well

Some people may find this astonishing, but sleep is one of your best friends when it comes to keeping cancer at bay. Our bodies generate melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep patterns. Research also recommends that melatonin is linked to estrogen control. Waking up late at night can expose you to more light, which can disrupt your body’s melatonin production. It’s a good idea to make sure you get sufficient sleep on a daily basis, even if it means skipping that one show you always stay up late for.

Fighting against Miami breast cancer isn’t done merely at your local breast center. It is something that you can contribute to every day with the right choices and mindset.

CDI Miami | Wednesday December 5, 2018

A complete guide to give you an insight to the mammograms

A complete guide to give you an insight to the mammograms
As the risk of breast cancer is increasing nowadays so it is very important for women to go for routine mammograms in case they experience any abnormalities. It is the best defense against fighting breast cancer because the mammogram can detect the disease in its early stages and can prevent you from reaching the last stages. According to the research, a mammogram can increase breast cancer survival.
Importance of mammograms for menopausal women
Studies say that all the women should start getting mammogram near the age of 40, or before and during their menopause. The risk of breast cancer arises as the women gets older so it is crucial for the women get mammograms after and during their menopausal years.
A trained technologist will do the screening it includes 4 images, 2 of each breast. A radiologist will examine the images and will give you the results within 30 days of the test.
If something is fishy in the test, the doctor may recommend you for diagnostic mammogram or ultrasound of the breast. In some cases, a biopsy is also done on some bothersome areas in the breast.
Self-examining your breasts is also important in case you are suffering from menopause. Doctors also recommend that women after the age of 20 should perform self-exams every month. Most of the women are scared on the day of their mammogram however, it is known to save lives. An early detection of breast cancer outweighs the small discomfort it causes during the test.
Things you should do before going for a mammogram
So before going for the test, you should wear a simple shirt with shorts or pants. This will help you to undress while leaving your pants or shorts on during the mammogram.
It is advised that you should not use any kind of lotion or powder on your breast on the day of the mammogram. Skin lotions or creams should not be used as they make the breasts slippery thus resulting in the movement of the breasts which in turn gives blurred images.
In the  room, undress yourself up to the waist and try to avoid wearing a bra on that day. After you have undressed, you have to put on the hospital gown and the technician will make you stand in front of the mammogram machine. You must consult the best breast specialist in Miami to have a successful mammogram and who will provide you with proper results and guidance.

CDI Miami | Thursday November 15, 2018

Aspects Related to Mammogram that Every Women Ought to Know

Aspects Related to Mammogram that Every Women Ought to Know

Have you heard about a 3D mammogram scanning procedure? Well, if not, you have to precisely go through this post! A mammogram is an imaging scan procedure that helps in analyzing any unusual growth in the women breast, which may or may not be cancerous. There are a lot of breast specialist in Miami that can offer you adequate imaging scanning services that simply augments your overall health and well-being.
It is mandatory for every woman to seek medical help if they are witnessing some unusual symptom with their breast as this could be a complex disease that may require adequate treatment. There is no point of ignoring these early symptoms that may be an indication of a severe health issue. Here are some important aspects related to a mammogram and its importance that every woman ought to know.
What is a Mammogram
A mammogram is an imaging test that helps in analyzing the breast for any dissimilarity and unusual growth that may be due to some severe underlying cause. The procedure isn’t painful and hardly takes a couple of minutes and is performed by an experienced professional.
You have to be sure enough to seek professional help when you are facing similar symptoms. Just seek help from the renowned imaging scanning service providers whenever you are about to go for a mammogram.
When You Should Visit the Breast Center for Checkup
Many times you would feel a lump or a knot in your breast that could be irritating and would make you feel uncomfortable. If you are facing such symptoms, it is mandatory for you to immediately seek medical attention as it could be a severe medical condition that must be diagnosed as early as possible. Apart from this, it is recommended that women should frequently visit the nearest Miami breast center for a mammogram every year so as to shun any chance of any serious ailment.
You can seek help from your physician regarding any issues if you are facing with your overall health. In most of the cases, the lump in the breast could be due to some ordinary issues and you need not worry regarding the same. But proper diagnosis is mandatory to get detailed information about the actual cause of the disease and to start the adequate treatment.
These are some aspects related to a mammogram that you should always keep in mind.

CDI Miami | Monday October 29, 2018

Reasons to rely on a professional 3D Mammogram Service Providers

3D Mammogram

Your doctor may recommend a 3D Mammogram scan if they suspect any complex disease that eventually requires adequate diagnosis and treatment. A mammogram is a scanning procedure that helps in analyzing the women breast for any lumps or inadequate growth that can be cancerous and eventually require proper treatment. Moreover, if you are facing some similar symptoms as mentioned, you need to consult a breast specialist in Miami. You just can’t ignore the early symptoms that depict that you would require a proper diagnosis and treatment from a renowned professional.


It is mandatory for you to choose a prominent mammogram service provider that can eventually help you in diagnosing the actual cause of discomfort. Moreover, it is recommended that you should visit the medical service provider at the earliest so as to avoid any delay in the treatment. Here are some reasons that depict the importance of a renowned 3D mammogram service provider that every woman ought to know.


A Professional Service Provider doesn’t delay the Reports


One of the biggest reasons to rely on an experienced professional is the fact that you can always get accurate reports on time. There are several people who are unaware about the reality that most of the unprofessional diagnostic centers aren’t proficient enough to offer you the desired services, which is the reason you have to do some research regarding the overall background of a diagnostic medical imaging Miami service provider. You just can’t deny the fact that you can’t afford a little delay in your treatment when you know your condition could be quite complex.


Apart from this, you can always expect better services when it comes to professional diagnostic services as they are already serving numerous patients and possess an expertise. There is no point of ignoring your symptoms and delaying your visit to a renowned imaging center for further investigation.


You can Expect Accurate Reports without any Hassle


The accuracy of the reports is perhaps the first thing that should be ensured when you are going for a mammogram test. There are some service providers that may eventually promise adequate services but would eventually leave you with some glitches. Most of the doctors recommend a professional with adequate experience that can offer you the desired services without any hassle.


It would be great if you do some research on the internet regarding these service providers while you on a hunt for the best diagnostic center.

CDI Miami | Monday October 22, 2018

Reasons to Visit a Breast Specialist for Adequate Checkups

Breast Specialist for Adequate Checkups

There are a lot of women that are unaware of the numerous risks associated with their health and eventually ignore the importance of visiting a breast specialist. There have been a lot of cases of breast cancer that has eventually depicted the need to visit a breast specialist in Miami that can analyze the overall health. Sometimes a little negligence towards your health could be the reason for a complex disease and thus; it is mandatory for you to emphasize on visiting a breast specialist.
It is always a wise decision to visit a Miami breast center that can offer you the desired services with adequate medical services to meet your requirements. Here we would be discussing some important aspects associated with regular medical checkups that every woman ought to know.

To medically analyze any Lump or Growth in the Breast

There are some women who face some issues with their breast and may witness some unusual growth like a lump that can be an indication of a serious medical condition. There are a lot of people who are aware of these medical conditions and still ignore the symptoms that may be pointing at some critical issue.

You can always expect better diagnosis services from the ones that hold an expertise in the same domain. As per the situation, you may undergo certain imaging scans that would surely help in diagnosing the actual cause of any symptom that can be annoying at times. Moreover, it is always a wise decision to ask your doctor to undergo a 3D mammogram that can quickly analyze the breast for any sort of tissues that can be considered chronic. You just need to emphasize finding the right service provider in your location.

To diagnose any ailment, which isn’t diagnosable from conventional methods

There are certain medical ailments that can’t be diagnosed with a physical inspection of the breast alone and eventually require proper medical imaging procedure. You just can deny the fact that a specialist can offer you the adequate services that eventually augment your overall treatment.

Most of the breast specialists recommend proper checkups at regular intervals so as to avoid the further complexity of the disease. Moreover, you need to understand the fact that there is no reason to ignore any unusual growth in the breast as it may be cancerous at times. Just seek medical attention from a renowned professional in your area.

CDI Miami | Tuesday August 7, 2018

Why you should Frequently visit a Breast Specialist in Miami for a Routine Check Up

breast specialist in Miami

Numerous women prefer visiting a breast specialist in Miami for a complete checkup of their breast for any kind of unusual growth that can be a symptom of some severe underlying disease. There have been a lot of cases in which breast cancer has been detected in most of the women at the last stage. It is always a wise decision to visit the nearest diagnostic medical imaging centre for a complete mammogram of the breast to identify any symptom that indicates the presence of a tumor.
Numerous physicians recommend timely check-up of your breast so that if there is any presence of a solid mass, which can be a tumor, should be diagnosed in the early stage. It would be great if any severe disease is diagnosed in the earlier stage as it can be treated successfully.
Here are some of the aspects related to the breast cancer and the need to visit the breast specialist in Miami.

To get Adequate Treatment for any Underlying Disease

It is not an obvious thing that you might be diagnosed with a tumor in your breast and there could be a chance that it might be some other this order that also requires some kind of treatment. It is always a wise decision to visit the imaging center in Miami if you notice any symptom that points towards any severe ailment like breast cancer.
Your physician may undergo some tests that would depict the cause of any disorder and would suggest some medications for the same. In some severe and advanced cases, you may be prescribed for some high-level imaging tests that would determine the presence of any cancer cells in your body.

Timely Treatment of any Ailment

One of the major reasons to consult your physician regarding any symptoms related to breast cancer is to get proper assurance regarding the best treatment and adequate diagnosis of the same. In most of the cases, the woman ignores the early symptoms, which is the reason that they have to deal with the numerous procedures to cure the element in the advanced stages.

Apart from this, an experienced physician would guide you the best regarding your ailment and would significantly provide you the adequate treatment that would lend a hand in shunning away the disease.
So, these are some aspects related to breast cancer and the importance of regular checkups by a breast specialist in your town.