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CDI Miami | Tuesday March 10, 2020
An Overview Of Full Body Computed Tomography (CT) Scan And Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA)

Importance of a Reputed Diagnostic Medical Imaging Miami Center for your Treatment

diagnostic medical imaging Miami

Ever wondered why your physician always recommends a reliable diagnostic medical imaging Miami center for your radiology requirements? Well, you can always get benefitted from the services offered by a promising radiologist that eventually augments your treatment in numerous ways. It is mandatory for you to consider a prominent radiology service provider for efficient results of an MRI scan or an X-Ray scan that can be quickly analyzed by a physician.

There are some cases when your physician isn’t able to identify the exact cause of the ailment even going through the imaging scans. This could be due to the fact that your imaging center hardly emphasized on the quality of the test. Thus; it is necessarily important for you to pick the right imaging diagnostic center in Miami that can offer promising services without any hassle. Here are some of the aspects related to choosing the right medical imaging center for your treatment.

Timely reports delivery

One of the biggest advantages of relying on professional imaging service providers is to get the reports on time. The timely delivery of the reports plays an important role in augmenting your treatment and to get timely medications for the same. There are some patients who don’t get reports on time, which is the reason for the unnecessary delay in their reports.

According to the renowned physicians, one should always do some background check of the radiology service providers before considering them for any of the imaging scans. This would certainly give you an idea about their expertise and their proficiency to offer the finest medical imaging services without any glitch.

Adequate Reports

Another issue that most of the people face is the inadequacy of the reports that drastically affect their treatment! One should never rely on a professional that has a record of offering unclear reports or the reports that are uncertain. This could be quite challenging for the physician as they have to deal with the unclear reports and based on these reports, they have to start the treatment.

It is always a wise decision to rely on a reputed center for diagnostic imaging service provider that can deliver exceptional services when it comes to medical scans. Apart from this, you can always expect out of the box medical services from these radiologists just in case you face any glitch during your scanning procedure.

CDI Miami | Friday September 20, 2019

Mammogram Plays A Crucial Role In Detecting Breast Abnormalities

Mammogram Plays A Crucial Role In Detecting Breast Abnormalities


A mammogram is an X-ray technique which is specially used to detect any abnormalities in the breast tissue. Women who are at high risk of breast cancer or have a family history of breast cancer are advised to get a mammogram. The mammogram is not only recommended for women, but Diagnostic medical imaging Miami also advises it to male as well when they get a lump in their chest area.

How Is A Mammogram Performed?

During this your breasts are pressed against the mammogram machine, the compression makes it easier to get clear pictures. The two plates of the machine are used to compress your breasts. If you are in your late twenties, your breasts are denser; the radiologist might take multiple pictures to get a clear view.

Things To Tell Your Physician Before Getting A Mammogram


  • Tell your physician if you had suffered from any abnormalities of breasts, like lumps, etc.
  • Tell your physician if you had any breast surgeries in the past
  • Tell your physician if you might be pregnant or are breastfeeding


What To Expect During Your Mammogram?


  • Before your test, you need to undress from waist above
  • You will be facilitate with a hospital gown; you can keep your pants on you
  • Then you need to stand in front of the mammogram machine with your breasts firmly pressed against the machine
  • You might feel a little discomfort due to the compression. If it is painful, you can tell your technologist.
  • It usually takes about 20 minutes; your breasts are compressed just for a few seconds
  • Typically, two views of each of the breasts are taken; if you have implants, then more pictures are made to get better results.

You get your results the next day. Mammograms are beneficial to know if a lump is cancerous or not.  If your physician suspects a cancerous lump, he will ask you to get a biopsy. It is crucial to mention that 95 percent of the biopsies come out as negative. So, if it suspects a lump to be cancerous, there are high chances that it is not cancer. You should not be afraid to get breast lumps checked, as early detection is the key.


Diagnostic medical imaging Miami recommends yearly mammogram after the age of 40. Mammograms help to detect various abnormalities of the breast at an early age.


CDI Miami | Thursday August 22, 2019

How Early Detection Helps In Treating Breast Cancer?

How Early Detection Helps In Treating Breast Cancer

When any women see any abnormality in the breast, she should go for screening to find the reason behind it. Detection at an early stage of any issue could prevent serious consequences. However, screening could not finish breast cancer, but with early detection, one can start taking therapies and proper medication. Ask your breast specialist in Miami doctor regarding which screenings is suitable for your age.

The latest 3D mammogram is used to diagnose either the lumps are cancer or something else. This advanced technology is very efficient and accurate in detecting breast cancer.

It is important to visit a doctor if you notice any change in your breast. Any pain or change in size and shape of the breast could be a sign of breast cancer. Consulting a doctor will clear your doubts and recommend appropriate screening as per your age and condition.

Usually Recommended Tests For Breast Cancer

The most preferred screening test is a mammogram and highly recommended to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage. Regular mammogram ensures that nobody dies of breast cancer or any issues in breasts.

MRI scan Miami is also widely used to diagnose breast cancer. This method is conducted using radio and magnetic waves to take some pictures of the breast. It is generally done with a mammogram for more accurate findings. Women at higher risk should go for it to detect it in the initial stages.

Doctors conduct a clinical breast exam to see any change in the breast or feel the lumps. If doctors notice any abnormality, they suggest you go for a mammogram. This is usually the first thing a patient does when she notices any abnormality.

How Can Women Lessen The Chances Of Breast Cancer?

Physically active women are at less risk of cancer. Regular walk or some activity keeps women away from various ailments. Generally, women gain weight after menopause which puts them on a higher risk of cancer. Normal weight avoids risks of any disease of breast cancer. In addition to this, women taking hormone replacements are at higher risk of cancer. Birth control pills consumptions also raise the risk of cancer that is the reason it is recommended to take them after consulting a doctor.

When women in her 30s breastfeed the chances of cancer or other abnormalities in the body increases. Women at higher risk of breast cancer due to genes are suggested not to be pregnant after 30.


Whenever you notice any change in your breasts, see a doctor. Visiting the nearby diagnostic medical imaging Miami will give an insight of reason behind this abnormality and clear every doubt regarding it. Moreover, the early detection of breast cancer will help in timely treatment and lessen its side effects too.

CDI Miami | Wednesday April 17, 2019

How To Prepare For An Ultrasound?

How To Prepare For An Ultrasound


Ultrasound is an imaging technique; it uses sound waves higher than the normal human audible range to get pictures of internal organs of the body. Ultrasounds are safe; there is no use of radiation instead high-frequency sound waves are used which goes in the body and echoes back. It is used to see liver, heart, kidney, abdomen area, ultrasound is beneficial to see the growth of the fetus and it doesn’t harm the fetus.
Ultrasound at diagnostic medical imaging Miami is a beneficial tool to detect swelling and infection in the internal parts of the body. Ultrasound waves have the ability to pass through fluids and soft tissues but the bounce back on denser surfaces, e.g. when having an ultrasound of kidneys, they bounce back when they will get in touch with kidney stones.
During this, a transducer, which is a handheld device receives the echoes and sends them to the computer where the images can be seen. Different transducers are used on different organs to get a clear picture of the organ.
Sound waves of 2-18 MHz are used.
How ultrasounds capture images?
High-frequency sound waves are used to get a picture of internal body parts.
It travels through gallbladder and will only echoes back if it will hit a gallbladder stone.
If you are having an ultrasound of the heart then it will bounce back if it hits a valve.
Denser the object, more will ultrasound bounce back.
Things to keep in mind before going for an ultrasound
Mostly ultrasounds do not require any advanced preparation but there are some exceptions.
If you are having an ultrasound of abdomen then it is advised to not eat or drink anything eight hours before the exam. Eating something will contract the stomach and creates gas which makes it hard to get a picture of the internal organs. For children, it is advised to not drink or something four hours before the exam. If you take insulin, then you can take it as you normally do.
If you are having Pelvic ultrasound then you can eat normally. You will be asked to drink 4-5 glasses of water one hour before the exam and you are required to not empty your bladder before the exam.
For bladder ultrasound, you will be asked to drink 32 ounces of water one hour prior to the exam.
Before a transvaginal ultrasound, you are required to drink a significant amount of liquid so that you arrive with a full bladder for the exam.
It is a noninvasive exam which is used to detect various diseases in the internal organs of the body. Center for diagnostic imaging Miami advises to keeping above points in mind while arriving for an ultrasound. The sonographer is responsible to take the images but they are interpreted by a radiologist or a physician. It generally takes not more than 30 minutes. If you are experiencing any pain or swelling or a lump it is advised to go to a physician and he will recommend an imaging test based on your condition.

CDI Miami | Wednesday April 3, 2019

A Brief Overview Of Positron Emission Tomography

A Brief Overview Of Positron Emission Tomography


Positron emission tomography is a nuclear medicine imaging system done using small amounts of radioactive material. Diagnostic medical imaging Miami centers are extensively using this method to detect and find the severity of heart disease, cancer and other abnormalities in the human body.
Positron emission tomography used to treat serious diseases like endocrine, gastrointestinal, and neurological disorders as nuclear medicine procedures can pinpoint every tiny molecular activity in the human body. The potential of PET to recognize disease from the initial stages has helped the doctors and patients significantly.
The noninvasive nature of nuclear medicine imaging has made it the most common diagnostic method to evaluate medical conditions.
What Is A Radiotracer?
The radiotracer is the radioactive material used in imaging scans with the intravenous injections. The procedure of PET starts with radiotracers used within small quantities to be detected on the PET scan. It is widely used to bind particular proteins in the human body. They are specifically considered for accumulating cancerous tumors or sections of inflammation within the body. F-18 fluorodeoxyglucose also called FDG is the commonly used radiotracer and is a very similar molecule to glucose.
The cancer cells are more metabolically active that absorbs glucose at a higher rate in the body. The PET scans detect the higher rate quickly as compared to other diagnostic medical imaging scans, allowing the doctor to find the disease early. FDG is amongst the few widely used radiotracers for detecting the range of conditions in the body.
Common uses of PET or CT scan Miami
This procedure is used to sense cancer and then find how it has spread in the body. It is used to assess the extent of the effect of various therapies in the human body and make the physicians aware of any harmful effects on the body. The doctors change the treatment plan after assessing the side effects on the body after cancer therapy. Moreover, it is very helpful to determine whether, after the treatment, cancer has returned.
It is frequently used to check the blood flow to the heart muscle and other surrounded area. PET is also used to find the effects of myocardial infarction and heart attack on various areas of the heart. In addition to this, it is proficient to map normal heart and human brain function. These scans are widely used to recognize areas of the heart affected after some abnormalities or disorders in the body.

CDI Miami | Monday March 18, 2019

Reason Behind Increasing Demand Of Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Reason Behind Increasing Demand Of Diagnostic Imaging Systems


There have been revolutionary advancements in the diagnostic imaging for diagnosing various ailments from the human body. Various bed-side monitoring methods are used for high-end digital scanning of the body. The developments in diagnostic medical imaging Miami have made healthcare simpler, convenient and user-friendliness making it very easy to detect any issues in growing old population. The scope of innovation and the advancement of medical science and technology is going parallel, meeting the demand for delivering quality healthcare. Using diagnostic imaging, the detection of fatal diseases is easy now and has resulted in saving many humans lives.

With medical advancement, the demand for diagnostic imaging systems is mounting to detect the causes on time. Every hospital, clinic and healthcare institution needs an x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound systems and fluoroscopic system for diagnosing and research purposes.

Why Usage Has Dramatically Increased?
In the last decade, the use of diagnostic imaging has augmented intensely resulting in increased medical costs and better evaluation of the human body using ionizing radiation. The increase in a number of imaging services has outshined the other growth areas of medical sciences outshining in the various diagnosis offered by the doctors. Many factors have contributed to this increase of CT scan Miami and other imaging procedures such as, including comprehensive accessibility of technology, more demand by physicians and doctors, positive reimbursement, and enhancements in the technology resultant in lower costs of using it.

There have been several studies which show the extensive increase in imaging and the emerging patterns of imaging. The diagnostic imaging patterns differ by patient factors, imaging modality, and the body part being imaged. The detailed analysis from the center for diagnostic imaging makes the doctors aware of the exact place of the ailment, making them treat it timely. There have been various imaging procedures helping in cost containment of these procedures. There have been many innovations for achieving the significant goal of complete cost containment, newer imaging tests replacing older to get more accurate results.

Digital Scanning

Healthcare burden because of many reasons has resulted in high demand for advanced imaging solutions. The sector is witnessed aggressive developments and investments recently. The market is controlled by the continuous evolution in the innovation and development of diagnostic procedures. The global market related to medical diagnostic imaging sensors is projected to increase sharply in this era. Moreover, X-rays device are governing the market because of their fewer prices, to segment imaging solutions market worldwide.

CDI Miami | Monday February 4, 2019

How Has Modern Diagnostic Imaging Upgraded The Treatment Processes?

How Has Modern Diagnostic Imaging Upgraded The Treatment Processes

These days diagnostic imaging is necessary before starting the treatment as it has become the initial stage of diagnosis in the medical practice. It plays as a vital component of medicine and has a separate subdivision of medical science.
Diagnostic Imaging Miami has become an inevitable part of medical science and no medical team can be imagined without a diagnostic imaging expert. The accurate results of this technique have helped neurologists to get all the information required to treat a specific ailment and check the ability to lessen future medical expenses for patients.
Here are some points on how diagnostic imaging has impacted medical science and treatments.

Physicians Perform Less Invasive Procedures

Diagnostic imaging has revolutionized the way doctors and physicians view health and diseases. Using diagnostic medical imaging Miami, the human body is scanned and a three-dimensional picture of the patient’s body is derived.
Doctors can see the glitches in the human day by viewing X-rays and can start the treatment at the primitive stage. The scan assist doctors in determining effective treatment options according to the body of the individual. Diagnostic Imaging is commonly used to detect heart conditions, help doctors determine appropriate cancer treatment, aid in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease, and brain disorders. X-rays and MRIs have helped medical research and finding appropriate treatments for various ailments.
X-rays taken in the surgical, cardiology and emergency department are linked to a network of hospitals across the country for the best treatment of the patient and ample amount of time id saved.

Saves Money

Top-notch diagnostic imaging seems costly at the beginning, but in the long run, it saves a huge amount of money by diagnosing the ailment and preventing extensive treatment process if the disease is detected later. Advance medical imaging techniques permit the physicians to treat precisely, attacking the disease for early recovery. With the outcome of Medical imaging, the physicians make accurate, evidence-based decisions regarding your treatment for better health. X-rays leads to better treatment, earlier recovery outcomes, and decreased mortality and morbidity.
Moreover, with the use of upcoming technologies in diagnostic imaging, images are easy to store and access a large number of pictures taken in the radiology department. Center for diagnostic imaging and hospitals use them for a number of ways such as treatment, research and case studies. Developments in medical imaging have improved the accurateness of screenings for disease, aiding in earlier and present diagnoses.

CDI Miami | Monday November 26, 2018

Things you should discuss with your Radiologist before any Medical Imaging Procedure

Things you should discuss with your Radiologist before any Medical Imaging Procedure

It is always a great decision to consult your radiologist regarding the tests in advance and your overall medical condition so that the test is performed glitch-free. There is no point of fearing the medical imaging test as most of the diagnostic medical imaging Miami tests are performed by professionals with years of experience in the same domain. You can always expect out of the box medical imaging services from these professionals by choosing the optimum radiologist.
But before you just randomly pick any of the service providers for your imaging needs, you have to make sure that you have a conversation with your radiologist at the center for diagnostic imaging. Here are some of the essential things that you should always ask your service provider in advance.
Consult your Radiologist if you are allergic to any drugs
It is always a great decision to consult your radiologist regarding the allergic reactions that you face when you are about to step out for a medical imaging procedure. This is necessarily important for you because sometimes your radiologist may recommend mild sedatives before the procedure, which would ease the overall medical imaging procedure.
You have to be sure enough to discuss your allergies and any sort of irritation with your radiologist so that they can plan the procedure accordingly. Most of the people ignore this thing, which is the reason they have to face some glitches while they are going for a medical imaging procedure. Most of the radiologists would, however, ask you in advance if you have any kinds of allergy with certain drugs but if they don’t, you must tell them regarding the same.
Tell them if you are taking any Drugs/Medications
Another important thing that most of the people usually ignore is that they forget to inform their radiologist regarding the medication that they are taking. This is important as some of the sedatives that your radiologist advice may be reactive to certain drugs and that could affect your overall procedure. Thus; you have to be sure enough that you consult your radiologist in advance.
Apart from this, you should always ask the radiologist at the imaging diagnostic center in Miami about the diet that you should take before the day of the test and on the day of the test. This would help you in getting the imaging tests done without any glitch.

CDI Miami | Thursday November 8, 2018

Preparing Yourself for an Imaging Diagnostic Test- A Brief Overview

Preparing Yourself for an Imaging Diagnostic Test- A Brief Overview

Have you ever thought of the aspects associated with the imaging scan procedures and their importance? Well, if your answer is no, you have to go through this post! Every imaging diagnostic test has some precautions that need to be followed by the patient in order to get the accurate reports without any hassle! The center for diagnostic imaging Miami recommends that one should always consult a renowned professional before they can visit the nearest diagnostic medical imaging Miami that can help in getting the desired tests.

There are people who face certain glitches when they ignore the aspects associated with these tests. It is mandatory for everyone to prepare both mentally and physically before you visit the imaging test center for an imaging test procedure. Here are the things that you need to consider before stepping out from your home for an imaging test procedure.

Always Consult your Physician regarding any Medication that you taking

If you are taking any medication that you think may affect the procedure, it would be a wise decision to consult your doctor regarding the same. Sometimes a procedure may involve intake of a specific drug that may or may not be suitable with any other medication. This may result in certain issues in the medical report. Thus; you have to be sure enough that you confirm the intake of any medication before you can visit your radiologist for an imaging scan.

Apart from this, there are certain alterations that you have to make in your diet so as to prepare yourself for the procedure. These changes in your diet entirely depend on the type of scanning procedure that you are opting. For instance, you have to ensure that you take only liquid diet at least a day before going for an endoscopy scan.

Monitor your Diet

Your doctor would certainly restrict some foodstuff in your diet as it may affect the imaging test. You have to ensure that you strictly follow the diet plan as given by your physician. It is always a wise decision to consult the physician if you are facing some sort of allergies in advance so that they can alter the diet and medication if required during the scanning procedure.

Once you are prepared for the imaging scan, you should always take someone with you that can drive you back home as sometimes mild sedatives may cause dizziness.

CDI Miami | Monday November 5, 2018

Why you should check the Overall Proficiency of a Radiologist Before going for an Imaging Scan

Why you should check the Overall Proficiency of a Radiologist Before going for an Imaging Scan

You may be unaware of the fact that the quality of your imaging scan matters a lot when it comes to adequate medical treatment. You just can’t expect precise treatment of any of the complex ailment that eventually requires adequate reports from a renowned Diagnostic medical imaging Miami. It is important for you to choose the best in class service provider that holds a good reputation in the market and significantly offer you the precise services.

There can be chances that your physician would recommend a re-scan if they are not sure about the overall quality of the reports generated by a medical imaging service provider. Thus; it is mandatory for every individual to emphasize more on finding the renowned professional that can offer them the desired services without any hassle. Here are some of the important aspects associated with diagnostic center Miami service providers that you should know and why you should do some research in the beginning.

To Get the assurance of Quality Reports

One of the biggest reasons to rely on professional service providers is the fact that you can always expect quality services from renowned professionals. These service providers are proficient enough to handle complex imaging procedures that eventually demands adequate precision while performing the imaging tests. You just can’t expect better services from the ones that aren’t experienced in the same domain and hardly possess deep knowledge about these procedures.

This is the reason you have to emphasize more on finding the right service provider that can eventually offer you the precise diagnostic services. You can consult your physician regarding adequate references that hold a good reputation in the market. Alternatively, a good research on the internet could be quite helpful in finding the best in class service providers.

Better Services and Timely delivery of Accurate Reports

You can get the assurance of accurate reports only from a center for diagnostic imaging Miami that is certified by government agencies. You can always expect the best in class services from the ones that are certified and recommended by government agencies. Alternatively, you can always expect the finest services from the ones that are recommended by your doctor.

You just can’t rely on an unprofessional and hence, you have to do some research on the internet regarding a proficient imaging scan service provider in your area.