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CDI Miami | Monday September 14, 2020

Detecting Breast Cancer In The Early Stage

Detecting Breast Cancer In The Early Stage


Breast cancer, also known as malignant breast neoplasm, is a common and most widespread type of cancer among women. If detected early, the patient can be treated by the breast specialist in Miami and life can be saved. It occurs at the breast tissue of the human body and the survival rate is determined by the stage of cancer. The stages of cancer are divided into 4 stages, comprising of stage 0, also called marker stage, stage 1 which is the curable stage, if breast cancer is detected in this stage, it can be cured depending on the severity of cancer and then is the fourth stage known as a metastatic or not curable stage.
Breast cancer is amongst the top ten cancers in women around the globe and the risk of getting this rises as they age. Unlike other cancers, it is easy to detect early symptoms of the breast cancer.
The first way to detect breast cancer in the early stages is to feel the breast, if you feel any lump on the breast, it is malignant, seek proper medical attention. However, not every lump detected is malignant or sign of breast cancer, it is advised to consult a medical doctor for proper diagnosis of the abnormality or nature of lumps.
Here are a few screening guidelines followed to detect breast cancer earlier at diagnostic imaging Miami centers.
Mammogram is the most important screening test for detecting breast cancer. Mammogram is basically an X-ray of the breast to detect breast cancer before the tumor is felt by the doctor or the woman. The mammogram is the best tool available for early discovering the breast cancer before the symptoms start showing. It is widely utilized by women looking for breast alterations, to see if there is any sign of the disease.
Women aged 40 – 45 or older are at more risk of breast cancer, so are recommended to get the mammogram every year and those who are at higher risk due to genes should get done a mammogram Miami along with an MRI when they turn 30.
It can’t be prevented, so if detected earlier, the treatment can be easier and less harmful to the body before it spreads.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses radio waves and magnets, a breast coil and a computer to scan the patient breasts to create its images. In this diagnostic imaging test, the tissues are thoroughly examined for any active abnormality. It is also being used for settling the breast abnormalities for surgical resection and tells either it’s a benign or a cancerous lump.

CDI Miami | Friday March 27, 2020

The Vital Role Medical Imaging Plays in Treatment and Diagnosis

The Vital Role Medical Imaging Plays in Treatment and Diagnosis

Medical imaging plays a significant role in patient healthcare. It helps in disease prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

It is the term used to explain a range of non-invasive methods that enable radiologists and other specially trained medical personnel to sneak inside the body. It substitutes the need for surgery and permits medical professionals to view various organs and areas.

Innovations in technology have made medical imaging center quicker and more precise, which has led to broader use for more circumstances and more patients. It has become vital for virtually all major medical conditions and diseases.

Medical imaging is vital for the following four reasons:

Medical Imaging Assists in Early Diagnosis

Advances in medical imaging have improved disease screening and diagnosis for a range of acute and chronic conditions. Without medical imaging, many conditions would go unseen until they reach a much more severe and often life-threatening stage.

Medical Imaging is Less Intrusive

The advent of medical diagnostic imaging Miami technology such as Computed Tomography (CT), Echocardiography, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has drastically decreased the need for invasive exploratory surgery.

That has the additional benefits of lessening the amount of time a patient has to endure in the hospital and reduces the costs associated with surgery and other hospital expenses.

Medical Imaging Results in Cost Effectiveness

When patients have access to and obtain the right scan at the right time, costs are decreased, and workers are healthier and more creative. Medical imaging substitutes the need for surgery and shortens the time in the hospital. Other savings are firmer to see, however, such as when imaging averts the onset of disease or results in an early diagnosis.

Medical Imaging Heads to Better Treatment

Timely access to imaging enables doctors to classify and treat diseases more precisely, and care for their patients with greater insight into their condition.

The advantages of medical South Florida diagnostic imaging are extensive, and include:

• Rapid and precise diagnosis
• More evidence-related decision-making
• More modified treatment
• Fewer problems during and after surgery
• Quicker recovery following surgery
• Augmented understanding of the effect of treatments on diseases
• Less reappearance of disease
• Reduced mortality and morbidity

For the patient, these gains translate into a higher quality of life, the potential to relish a longer lifespan and much less time to get back into a regular routine that would be prerequisite otherwise.

CDI Miami | Wednesday April 10, 2019

How Pet CT scan helps to find out underlying diseases in the body

How Pet CT scan helps to find out underlying diseases in the body

Positron emission tomography (PET), also known as PET scan or PET imaging helps to find out various diseases in the body. A PET scan produces 3 dimension images of biological functions. It uses a small number of radiotracers, computer and a special kind of camera to evaluate functions of internal organs. Radiotracers are either swallowed or given through injection. A PET/CT scan evaluate body changes at the cellular level, PET/CT can identify various diseases when they are unidentified in various other tests, a PET/CT helps to detect a disease at an early stage.
Center for diagnostic imaging Miami advises PET/CT scan for various diseases like cancer, brain disorders, heart, etc. It is a very helpful tool to understand the development of a disease. A combined PET/CT helps to provide clear pictures of the body functions and can pinpoint the abnormalities which otherwise go unnoticed on other imaging tests.
Why PET/CT scan is performed?
PET/CT scan is performed to get information on what is wrong with the body on a cellular level. It gives information about blood flow, glucose, and oxygen used by the body for certain body activities.  It is an outpatient procedure; the scan typically takes typically 30 to 60 minutes.
Pet/CT scan is performed in case of:

  • Cancer
  • Brain diseases
  • Heart problems

Cancer cells are spotted as bright dots on Pet/CT scan, as they have a higher metabolic rate than the noncancerous cells, they can be easily differentiated with the help of scan. PET/CT is also beneficial to detect the extent to which cancer has spread, the scan helps your doctor in finding out if the cancer is restricted to a certain area or the cancer cells have slacked off to nearby areas.
In the case of heart problems, the blood flow is decreased and PET/CT can reveal the problems in the tissues which have less blood flow than the healthy tissues.
To detect what is wrong with the brain; tracers are attached to glucose, as glucose is a major fuel for the brain. Through PET scan it can be detected which areas of the brain use glucose at the highest rate.
How to prepare for PET/CT scan
You will be asked to refrain from any strenuous physical activity 24 hours before the test.
You will be asked to stop consuming food with high carbohydrates content
On the day of the exam, you will be asked to not consume anything 6 hours preceding the exam.
If you might be pregnant or are breastfeeding, you should tell your physician before the scan.
PET/CT scan is an important scan which can be done at diagnostic imaging Miami.  It helps to detect various underlying conditions at an early stage.

CDI Miami | Thursday March 28, 2019

How Ultrasound Help In Detecting An Underlying Ailment?

How Ultrasound Help In Detecting An Underlying Ailment

Ultrasound also called Sonography is a noninvasive procedure which is done to get the image of internal organs of the body. During this, high-frequency waves are sent inside the body and they echo back and images of those echoes are produced which are then interpreted by a radiologist. The person who performs an ultrasound at an imaging diagnostic center in Miami is called a sonographer.
It is safe even for pregnant women as they don’t use radiation; instead, sound waves are used in performing an ultrasound. These sound waves are not within the hearing range of humans, but cats and dogs can easily hear these sound waves.
What are ultrasounds used for?
A fun fact is that it was not developed for medicine but for the industry to find defects in metal casting. Today ultrasound is widely used in the field of medicine for the purpose of diagnosis.
Ultrasound is used to:-
To detect blockages
it is performed to see if arteries and veins are working normally and there is no blockage. A blockage in the heart could result in a heart attack. It helps us to detect any abnormalities so that timely measures can save lives.
To detect stones
Ultrasound of kidney, liver, gallbladder helps to detect stones in these vital organs. If you are experiencing swelling and pain in the abdominal area your doctor might ask you to go for diagnostic imaging Miami for an ultrasound.
To detect lumps
It is widely used to detect lumps in the body. Ultrasound waves when strike with a lump produces echoes which give a clear image of the lump in that particular area.
To detect the growth of the fetus
It is used to see if the fetus is growing normally, through it one can know the gender of the baby in the week 18-22. Ultrasound waves are harmless for the baby and the mother.
To guide Biopsies
It plays a major role to guide surgeons during needle biopsies. They get a picture where the needle is going and where the lump or cyst is, which needs a biopsy.
It is beneficial in providing a picture of the internal body parts which helps a physician to understand what is wrong in that particular organ. Ultrasounds at diagnostic imaging Miami are useful in detecting any lumps, cysts, stones in the body. In pregnancy, ultrasound helps in analyzing the growth of the baby and is used to know the gender of the unborn baby. It is used to guide surgeons in needle biopsies

CDI Miami | Wednesday March 13, 2019

An Overview Of Abdomen And Pelvis Computed Tomography (CT)

An Overview Of Abdomen And Pelvis Computer Tomography (CT)


Computed tomography (CT) is the diagnostic imaging test for any abnormality in the abdomen and pelvis. The diagnostic imaging Miami is very helpful to detect any unexplainable pain in that area, diseases of the small bowel, colon and other internal organs. CT scan is one of the fastest, painless, noninvasive testing procedures which is very accurate. In emergency cases or accidents, it is helpful for revealing internal injuries and stops the bleeding accordingly to save lives.
Why Is A Computed Tomography (CT) Scan Of The Abdomen/Pelvis Done?
CT scan Miami or computed tomography is a diagnostic medical test that, similar to the traditional x-rays used for producing multiple pictures or images of the inside of the human body. The cross-sectional images are generated in a CT scan that can be reformatted in multiple planes and can also produce three-dimensional images. Images taken on the CT scan can be watched on a computer monitor or printed on a film using a 3D printer and can be transferred to a CD or DVD for showing it to other doctors.
CT takes images of various internal organs, soft tissue, bones and blood vessels within a more detailed picture than traditional x-rays. The doctors usually recommend a CT scan to diagnose any muscle and bone disorders, chiefly for bone tumors and fractures. There are instrumental in pinpointing the location of the tumor, blood clot or any infection. In addition to this, they act as guidance for any surgery, radiation therapy, and biopsy. They are very useful for detecting and monitoring diseases like cancer, heart disease, liver masses, and lung nodules. CT scan at imaging diagnostic center in Miami has shown efficiency for cancer diagnosis and monitors the progress of the treatment thoroughly. They are often used for detecting internal injuries and are helpful for controlling the internal bleeding.
Precautions To Take During The Test
You are advised to tell your doctor before the test if you are pregnant or have any illness, medical conditions, and are taking some medication. The technologist suggests not eating or drinking, a few hours before the exam.  Do tell your doctor, if you are allergic to medication as he will alter the entire exam according to the contrast material. The doctors always prescribe you the medications to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction and are to be taken 12 hours before your exam. The technologist advice you to wear loose comfortable clothes and leave jewelry at home.

CDI Miami | Monday March 11, 2019

Things You Should Avoid While Going For An MRI

Things You Should Avoid While Going For An MRI

Due to the use of strong magnetic field in an MRI, certain health conditions stop you from getting the exam done. One should always tell your health condition to the technologist while scheduling an appointment for the MRI Miami beach. The radiology staff will tell, whether you can have the MRI exam or not in this condition and modify the test according to your specific condition.
Do Not Wear Metal In Your Body
The strong magnetic field will pick up anything made of metal in your body, even those fibers in your clothing. If you’ve artificial heart valves or pacemakers, tell your technologist before MRI. Do tell your radiologist if you have any cochlear implants, hearing implants, metallic implants, shrapnel or bullet wounds in your body. Take care if there is any vascular stent or stent graft, as the strong magnetic field can harm your body. You should tell your doctor in case you have any metal crowns, dental implants or history of working with any kind of metal.
In such scenarios, the doctor gives the best and safest way of treatment or amends the exam that fits your situation.
The person undergoing the exam should leave all the accessories at home including purse or wallet having metal wires, coins, keys, and other metal objects should be either deposited at the counter before the exam or left at home. Even if you leave these metal items at home, your technician will ask you to remove your metal jewelry, watches and rings, outside of the exam room for safe commencement of the MRI at center for diagnostic imaging Miami. One should also avoid bringing hairpins, eyeglasses, belts or belt buckles, credit cards with magnetic strips, cell phones and any electronic gadgets to the diagnostic center.
Why Metal Is Prohibited During The Exam?
It is always recommended to pad the body parts to prevent any touching which may cause any damages. During an MRI Miami, if there is any skin-on-skin contact point, then a closed circuit is created which produces a thermal effect and causes second-degree burns in some cases.
It is suggested to not wear any makeup during the exam as it contains some traces of metal. Metal is almost found in every mineral makeup items i.e. blush, eye shadows, foundation, lipstick and nail polish. It is advised to go for the appointment fresh-faced to be on the safer side. People having a tattoo should tell the radiologist before, as certain inks can interact with MRI to be careful about the risks involved. So it’s particularly vital to tell your radiologist regarding any implants and tattoo to be far from any danger.

CDI Miami | Monday February 25, 2019

Positron Emission Tomography- Purpose And Risks Involved

Positron Emission Tomography- Purpose And Risks Involved


Positron emission tomography (PET) is the latest imaging technology for assessing your tissues and organs functioning at the cellular level. PET CT of Miami recognizes the changes at the cellular level, to find the early onset of disease before it’s detectable on other imaging tests.

It comprises of radiotracers, a special camera, and a computer to evaluate your organs and tissue function. It starts with the injection of a short-acting radioactive substance, called radiotracer that is soaked by biologically active cells. After that, the person is placed in a tunnel-like device which detects and translates the emitted radiation into three-dimensional images.

The images help in recognizing the abnormalities in the metabolism of a cell and tissues in the human body. The PET scan diagnoses and assesses the brutality of a wide range of diseases that can take place in the body. Various serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and disorders of the brain can be detected from the initial stages with the help of diagnostic imaging Miami.

Purpose of test

Positron emission tomography has many diagnostic applications but is generally done when the doctor either suspects cancer or want to know how much cancer has spread. Adding to this, it is used to evaluate the status of the patient’s heart before the bypass surgery, when other imaging tests are inadequate. It is always done when Alzheimer’s disease is suspected or to see the status of the brain while treating refractory seizures.

Moreover, it is used to see the extent of damage done after the heart stroke or stroke to seek the proper treatment. It is also used to monitor the response of your body to various cardiovascular, neurological, or cancer treatments, aiding in making the treatment more safe and swift.

Risks Involved In PET

A PET scan poses few risks and is a painless diagnostic medical imaging procedure because the quantity of radiotracer used while imaging is so less that there is no need to follow standard radiation precautions. The radiotracer is glucose with a radioactive isotope attached, whose drug half-life is enormously short. In most cases, the radiotracer is in and out of your system within a day.

The injection causes localized pain and swelling and at times allergic reactions. The most significant risk in a few cases is claustrophobia; you should inform your doctor about this before as being placed inside the tube-like device makes people nervous. In some extreme cases, the doctor may prescribe a mild sedative, to help reduce anxiety during PET.

CDI Miami | Thursday February 7, 2019

Diagnostic imaging plays a vital role in improving public health and fight against diseases early

Diagnostic imaging plays a vital role in improving public health and fight against diseases early


Medical imaging plays an important part in the medical sector and the advancements in this imaging era have made the medical industry more efficient and reliable in improving the health of the people suffering from several diseases. Diagnostic medical imaging is used for various diagnostic and treatment purposes and thus helps people in fighting against critical conditions and diseases.

Basically, various kinds of tests are carried out to develop images of the body parts that need to be examined. The doctor may suggest you for the one when he wants to diagnose the underlying cause of the abnormal symptoms, or monitor the already diagnosed diseases. It is also used to screen for health conditions before the occurrence of any symptoms.

Why is imaging crucial and which is the best option for you?

Usually, imaging is also known as radiology and the specialists who conduct this king of imaging are called radiologists. There are different kinds of imaging carried out such as X-ray radiology, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT-Scan, and Ultrasound. Each of this technique uses different methodology to see through the body parts.

The increasing advancements in the imaging technologies has offered the health professionals with variety of choices for identifying what is taking place inside your body.

The medical imaging procedure you choose should match your individual needs such as based upon the symptoms or problem you are suffering from. There are several benefits provided by the imaging tests such as the doctor is able to diagnose the problem at an early stage. Moreover, it helps in accurate diagnosis, ongoing monitoring, and ultimately helps in the effective treatment of the disease.

Consulting a health professional regarding imaging

It is important that you should be aware of all the things before undergoing an imaging test. Talking to a health professional would be beneficial in order to decide the best imaging option for you. Analyze the pros and cons of various diagnostic imaging tests and then make the decision of proceeding further.

So check for whether the test you are going for is able to detect and determine your problem effectively. You can visit diagnostic imaging Miami that have well experienced professionals who can guide you the best. If you have certain medical history you must tell the doctor before the imaging examination. Analyze the cost associated with the tests and proceed further accordingly.

CDI Miami | Monday February 4, 2019

How Has Modern Diagnostic Imaging Upgraded The Treatment Processes?

How Has Modern Diagnostic Imaging Upgraded The Treatment Processes

These days diagnostic imaging is necessary before starting the treatment as it has become the initial stage of diagnosis in the medical practice. It plays as a vital component of medicine and has a separate subdivision of medical science.
Diagnostic Imaging Miami has become an inevitable part of medical science and no medical team can be imagined without a diagnostic imaging expert. The accurate results of this technique have helped neurologists to get all the information required to treat a specific ailment and check the ability to lessen future medical expenses for patients.
Here are some points on how diagnostic imaging has impacted medical science and treatments.

Physicians Perform Less Invasive Procedures

Diagnostic imaging has revolutionized the way doctors and physicians view health and diseases. Using diagnostic medical imaging Miami, the human body is scanned and a three-dimensional picture of the patient’s body is derived.
Doctors can see the glitches in the human day by viewing X-rays and can start the treatment at the primitive stage. The scan assist doctors in determining effective treatment options according to the body of the individual. Diagnostic Imaging is commonly used to detect heart conditions, help doctors determine appropriate cancer treatment, aid in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease, and brain disorders. X-rays and MRIs have helped medical research and finding appropriate treatments for various ailments.
X-rays taken in the surgical, cardiology and emergency department are linked to a network of hospitals across the country for the best treatment of the patient and ample amount of time id saved.

Saves Money

Top-notch diagnostic imaging seems costly at the beginning, but in the long run, it saves a huge amount of money by diagnosing the ailment and preventing extensive treatment process if the disease is detected later. Advance medical imaging techniques permit the physicians to treat precisely, attacking the disease for early recovery. With the outcome of Medical imaging, the physicians make accurate, evidence-based decisions regarding your treatment for better health. X-rays leads to better treatment, earlier recovery outcomes, and decreased mortality and morbidity.
Moreover, with the use of upcoming technologies in diagnostic imaging, images are easy to store and access a large number of pictures taken in the radiology department. Center for diagnostic imaging and hospitals use them for a number of ways such as treatment, research and case studies. Developments in medical imaging have improved the accurateness of screenings for disease, aiding in earlier and present diagnoses.

CDI Miami | Wednesday November 28, 2018

Finding the Adequate Diagnostic center for MRI Procedure

Finding the Adequate Diagnostic center for MRI Procedure

An MRI procedure is a medical imaging procedure that can help in identifying severe health issues that require adequate treatment. But have you ever thought that the correct choice of a diagnostic center affects the overall quality of your MRI Scan Miami? Well, if not, this post would surely make you think the same!
There are a lot of people who are affected by some disease and their medical reports may depict everything normal. This could be a serious issue when you are facing severe pain. It is always a great decision to rely on the ones that have a great reputation in the market as the leading diagnostic imaging Miami center. Thus; it is your responsibility to check the overall market reputation of the service provider that can offer you the desired medical imaging services. Here are some ways you can check the proficiency of the service provider.
Always check the official website and go through the certifications
It is strongly recommended that you should check the certification of the service provider on their website. This would help you in getting the desired information about their overall experience in the same domain. Also, you can consult the physician regarding the choice of an MRI scan service provider that can harmonize your needs. This is a great option as your physician knows better about these promising service providers that are capable of delivering the finest services.
Apart from this, visiting the official website also enables you to check the services that you can get from a medical imaging center. There are some patients that would eventually require special services that lend a hand in getting the tests done precisely. You only need to seek help from the professionals of the same field.
Check Reviews and Ratings
Another great way to get the details about the diagnostic medical imaging service provider is to explore the internet and check the reviews and ratings about the same. There are a lot of online portals that can offer you the right information about the service providers in a particular area that could be quite helpful if you are looking for the best medical imaging agency.
The feedback offered by the patients is quite helpful when you are looking for the best in a class service provider that can offer you the best out of their medical radio imaging practices.