CDI Miami | Thursday August 22, 2019

How Early Detection Helps In Treating Breast Cancer?

How Early Detection Helps In Treating Breast Cancer

When any women see any abnormality in the breast, she should go for screening to find the reason behind it. Detection at an early stage of any issue could prevent serious consequences. However, screening could not finish breast cancer, but with early detection, one can start taking therapies and proper medication. Ask your breast specialist in Miami doctor regarding which screenings is suitable for your age.

The latest 3D mammogram is used to diagnose either the lumps are cancer or something else. This advanced technology is very efficient and accurate in detecting breast cancer.

It is important to visit a doctor if you notice any change in your breast. Any pain or change in size and shape of the breast could be a sign of breast cancer. Consulting a doctor will clear your doubts and recommend appropriate screening as per your age and condition.

Usually Recommended Tests For Breast Cancer

The most preferred screening test is a mammogram and highly recommended to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage. Regular mammogram ensures that nobody dies of breast cancer or any issues in breasts.

MRI scan Miami is also widely used to diagnose breast cancer. This method is conducted using radio and magnetic waves to take some pictures of the breast. It is generally done with a mammogram for more accurate findings. Women at higher risk should go for it to detect it in the initial stages.

Doctors conduct a clinical breast exam to see any change in the breast or feel the lumps. If doctors notice any abnormality, they suggest you go for a mammogram. This is usually the first thing a patient does when she notices any abnormality.

How Can Women Lessen The Chances Of Breast Cancer?

Physically active women are at less risk of cancer. Regular walk or some activity keeps women away from various ailments. Generally, women gain weight after menopause which puts them on a higher risk of cancer. Normal weight avoids risks of any disease of breast cancer. In addition to this, women taking hormone replacements are at higher risk of cancer. Birth control pills consumptions also raise the risk of cancer that is the reason it is recommended to take them after consulting a doctor.

When women in her 30s breastfeed the chances of cancer or other abnormalities in the body increases. Women at higher risk of breast cancer due to genes are suggested not to be pregnant after 30.


Whenever you notice any change in your breasts, see a doctor. Visiting the nearby diagnostic medical imaging Miami will give an insight of reason behind this abnormality and clear every doubt regarding it. Moreover, the early detection of breast cancer will help in timely treatment and lessen its side effects too.