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3D Mammogram

3D Mammography

You have a 1 in 8 chance of getting breast cancer.

Comprehensive Breast Care Centers can provide you with an early detection and the latest 3D technology. We are the only center in South Florida offering new 3D technology for breast cancer screening — breast tomosynthesis. 3D mammography is 40% more sensitive than digital mammograms. 3D mammograms helps us find abnormalities more accurately and more quickly.

Benefits include

  • Early detection of small masses
  • Increased accuracy identifying size, shape and location
  • Better odds of detecting multiple abnomalities
  • Clear pictures of dense tissue

We love the clear picture it gives our doctors.
You’ll love the peace of mind it’ll give you and your family.

3D Mammogram
What is Breast Tomosynthesis?

Tomosynthesis is a revolutionary technology that gives radiologists the ability to identify and characterize individual breast structures without the confusion of overlapping tissue. During a tomosynthesis scan, multiple images of the breast are taken at various angles. These images produce a three dimensional reconstruction of the breast that the radiologist can scroll through in one-millimeter thick “slices.” Reviewing breast tissue slice by slice removes the confusion of superimposed tissue found in traditional two dimensional mammography, allowing for more accurate diagnosis.