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A complete guide to give you an insight to the mammograms

A complete guide to give you an insight to the mammograms
As the risk of breast cancer is increasing nowadays so it is very important for women to go for routine mammograms in case they experience any abnormalities. It is the best defense against fighting breast cancer because the mammogram can detect the disease in its early stages and can prevent you from reaching the last stages. According to the research, a mammogram can increase breast cancer survival.
Importance of mammograms for menopausal women
Studies say that all the women should start getting mammogram near the age of 40, or before and during their menopause. The risk of breast cancer arises as the women gets older so it is crucial for the women get mammograms after and during their menopausal years.
A trained technologist will do the screening it includes 4 images, 2 of each breast. A radiologist will examine the images and will give you the results within 30 days of the test.
If something is fishy in the test, the doctor may recommend you for diagnostic mammogram or ultrasound of the breast. In some cases, a biopsy is also done on some bothersome areas in the breast.
Self-examining your breasts is also important in case you are suffering from menopause. Doctors also recommend that women after the age of 20 should perform self-exams every month. Most of the women are scared on the day of their mammogram however, it is known to save lives. An early detection of breast cancer outweighs the small discomfort it causes during the test.
Things you should do before going for a mammogram
So before going for the test, you should wear a simple shirt with shorts or pants. This will help you to undress while leaving your pants or shorts on during the mammogram.
It is advised that you should not use any kind of lotion or powder on your breast on the day of the mammogram. Skin lotions or creams should not be used as they make the breasts slippery thus resulting in the movement of the breasts which in turn gives blurred images.
In the  room, undress yourself up to the waist and try to avoid wearing a bra on that day. After you have undressed, you have to put on the hospital gown and the technician will make you stand in front of the mammogram machine. You must consult the best breast specialist in Miami to have a successful mammogram and who will provide you with proper results and guidance.