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CDI Miami | Monday June 29, 2020

Why An Open MRI Is Deemed Better Than Closed MRI?

Why An Open MRI Is Deemed Better Than Closed MRI

So you are facing a medical issue and your consultant has suggested an MRI scan Miami. Of course, your instant reaction is one of nervousness and unwillingness. But MRI’s are often essential, and yes they are not fun.
MRI is accompanied with the good news that is opting for an MRI today is not that bad. Along with traditional barred machines, there are now superior “wide bore” devices and along with open MRI’s. Relying on your distinct circumstance, there may be substitutes.
Below is a broad classification of why Open MRI is better than Closed MRI:-
Favored For Maximum Patients
When patients are in the consideration of their consultant, they struggle to make the patient witness a pleasing one, so it’s a no-brainer for them to practice the machines that various patients favor and that serve the most advantages to the various numbers of people.
Size Is No Matter
People that may not fit securely in a closed machine because of their body shape, weight, mobility interferences, etc., can opt for open machines much effortlessly.
Endorse Equity.
All individuals have a fair approach to the open MRI of south Miami and close MRI machines. People who practice wheelchairs or have a physical incapacity may believe further disliked for not being capable to practice closed machines suitably, but open machines make the transportation procedures much more stress-free and satisfied for them.
Impatient Kids Are Blessed
Children can’t sit patiently for more than 5 minutes when they placed inside of a huge scary machine, so how can they be anticipated to cooperate when placed inside an enclosed channel? Open MRIs assist children to stay quieter and still as compared to Closed MRIs.
Allows Family To Stay Around
With the help of an open structure, ones who require assistance during the process are able to grab a loved one’s hand, witness their assistance system in the room, or lesser their nervousness in whatever method they require.
Attaining Recognition
With the speed of growth of medical technology over time, Open MRIs have developed more prevalent and more progressive as compared to their closed counterparts. Your doctors stay on top of the newest and utmost progressions in the medical arena by practicing Open MRIs.
Have Little Side Effects
Due to the anxiety that can accompany along with closed imaging processes, some individuals have to get medication to regulate their restlessness, claustrophobia or anxiety. Since Open MRI Miami assist enormously with this problem, the patient has fewer issues to deal with like the recovery charges and medication.

CDI Miami | Tuesday October 8, 2019

Significant Things About MRI Scans You Should Decipher

Significant Things About MRI Scans You Should Decipher


The MRI( Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan is a common process prevailing at every corner of the world.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging practices a radio waves and strong magnetic field to develop comprehensive pictures of the tissues and organs within the body.
From the time when it was invented, researchers and doctors endure to refine MRI strategies to aid in medical research and processes. The growth of MRI Miami transformed the world of medicine.
People facing health problems like metal implants, heart pacemakers or metal clips or chips in or encircling the eyes cannot be scanned with magnetic resonance imaging because of the consequence of the magnet.
Below are few points just focusing at MRI scans, what is their procedure and how they are being used by doctors.
How MRI Scan Works?
A Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is a radiology strategy scan that practices radio waves, magnetism and a computer to generate pictures of body structures. A tube also called MRI scanner is encircled by a huge circular magnet. And the patient is positioned on a transferable bed that is implanted into the magnet. This magnet develops a resilient magnetic field that arranges the protons of hydrogen atoms, which are further bared to a ray of radio waves. While executing this procedure, these radio waves spin several protons of the body, and they generate a faint signal that is traced by the receiver section of the Open MRI Miami scanner. The computer then processes the data received, which generates a picture.
Facts Related To MRI Scanning

  • The country which is comprised of the most MRI scanners per capita is Japan, having 48 machines for each 100,000 residents.
  • Raymond Damadian created the very first MRI full-body scanner, which he labeled the Indomitable.
  • Also, MRI scanning is trouble-free and non-invasive process.
  • The charges of a basic MRI scanner are way expensive, but can surpass various million dollars.

Uses Of An MRI Scan
The MRI scan can be practiced as a tremendously precise method of tracking diseases throughout the body and is at times practiced after the other testing fails to offer adequate data to certify a patient’s analysis. Additionally in the head, trauma to the brain can be witnessed as swelling or bleeding. The rest abnormalities at times found comprise brain stroke and aneurysms, tumors of the brain, along with inflammation of the spine or tumors.
Not just this, it offers significant data on organs and glands within the abdomen, and precise data pertaining to the arrangement of the soft tissues, bones of the body and joints. At times, surgery can be delayed or more precisely regulated after comprehending the outputs of an MRI scan Miami.

CDI Miami | Thursday August 22, 2019

How Early Detection Helps In Treating Breast Cancer?

How Early Detection Helps In Treating Breast Cancer

When any women see any abnormality in the breast, she should go for screening to find the reason behind it. Detection at an early stage of any issue could prevent serious consequences. However, screening could not finish breast cancer, but with early detection, one can start taking therapies and proper medication. Ask your breast specialist in Miami doctor regarding which screenings is suitable for your age.

The latest 3D mammogram is used to diagnose either the lumps are cancer or something else. This advanced technology is very efficient and accurate in detecting breast cancer.

It is important to visit a doctor if you notice any change in your breast. Any pain or change in size and shape of the breast could be a sign of breast cancer. Consulting a doctor will clear your doubts and recommend appropriate screening as per your age and condition.

Usually Recommended Tests For Breast Cancer

The most preferred screening test is a mammogram and highly recommended to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage. Regular mammogram ensures that nobody dies of breast cancer or any issues in breasts.

MRI scan Miami is also widely used to diagnose breast cancer. This method is conducted using radio and magnetic waves to take some pictures of the breast. It is generally done with a mammogram for more accurate findings. Women at higher risk should go for it to detect it in the initial stages.

Doctors conduct a clinical breast exam to see any change in the breast or feel the lumps. If doctors notice any abnormality, they suggest you go for a mammogram. This is usually the first thing a patient does when she notices any abnormality.

How Can Women Lessen The Chances Of Breast Cancer?

Physically active women are at less risk of cancer. Regular walk or some activity keeps women away from various ailments. Generally, women gain weight after menopause which puts them on a higher risk of cancer. Normal weight avoids risks of any disease of breast cancer. In addition to this, women taking hormone replacements are at higher risk of cancer. Birth control pills consumptions also raise the risk of cancer that is the reason it is recommended to take them after consulting a doctor.

When women in her 30s breastfeed the chances of cancer or other abnormalities in the body increases. Women at higher risk of breast cancer due to genes are suggested not to be pregnant after 30.


Whenever you notice any change in your breasts, see a doctor. Visiting the nearby diagnostic medical imaging Miami will give an insight of reason behind this abnormality and clear every doubt regarding it. Moreover, the early detection of breast cancer will help in timely treatment and lessen its side effects too.

CDI Miami | Thursday March 21, 2019

Suffering from any abnormal brain conditions? Head MRI can help you detect the cause

Suffering from any abnormal brain conditions Head MRI can help you detect the cause


If you are suffering from certain brain conditions, your doctor may suggest you for MRI of the head portion. Head MRI is a painless and non-invasive procedure that generates images of the brain and brain stem. These images are quite detailed and help doctors detect the underlying cause of the abnormal conditions occurring in the body. MRI Miami creates pictures of the brain with the help of magnetic field and radio waves.

This scan is different from a CT scan and x-ray as it does not use radiation to generate the images. Pictures are created in 3-D form as this scan combines different images to create the one detailed image. The internal structures of the brain are detected carefully thus it is a more effective procedure than other scans as it can even see through the small sections of the brain such as brain stem and pituitary gland. Sometimes a dye or a contrast agent is given to the patient that helps in better visualization of some brain abnormalities.

Following conditions can necessitate for MRI

There are certain brain conditions, which must be detected before they turn into any serious disease. These abnormal conditions may include tumors, cysts, infections, hormonal disorders, brain stroke, spinal cord injuries, blood vessel issues, etc. The doctor may also recommend head MRI if you are suffering from symptoms such as weakness, seizures, severe headache, dizziness, behavioral changes, and blurred vision.

MRI scan Miami can also detect whether you sustained any injury or harm from a stroke. Also, people who are supposed to undergo brain surgery can also go for functional MRI of the brain. This type of MRI is responsible to identify areas of the brain that control body movement and speech functions.

Things you must know before going for an MRI

Before undergoing an MRI scan, you must share certain things with your doctor such as if you have inner ear embeds, pacemakers, vascular stents, or artificial joints in your body. The medical staff in the MRI lab can also ask you if you have ever got injured with metal shrapnel. These things can affect the MRI scan so it is crucial that you must discuss such kind of conditions with your doctor.

Pacemakers and implants can stop functioning properly due to the powerful magnetic field used in MRI scan. You may be asked to remove any kind of metal items from your body such as jewelry, watch, or sunglasses etc. As metals hinder the smooth process of taking images hence they are asked to remove before an MRI scan. In case you are claustrophobic, the radiologist may conduct open MRI Miami that can be tolerable for you.

CDI Miami | Thursday March 7, 2019

How Is Diagnostic Imaging Helping In Improving Public Health?

How Is Diagnostic Imaging Helping In Improving Public Health

With the advancements in medical science, doctors can diagnose any disease using various diagnostic imaging procedures to know the exact issue. There are a number of tools being used by the doctors to detect any ailment in the body. Through CT scan Miami, doctors can take the pictures of the body, for early detection of any disorder in the body. Diagnostic imaging comprises of X-rays, MRI, CT-Scans, PET-Scans and many more. Though MRI is considered as the most dependable diagnostic medical imaging and in this procedure, radio waves and the magnetic field is used to see from end to end in the human body.
Diagnostic Imaging For X-Rays
People having any bone issues are recommended by the doctor to get an X-ray, to see the images of calcium inside the body whereas MRI is used to see the images of tissues which are made of water inside the body.
Through MRI, the radiologists take and store these high-resolution images of a number of tissues and organs which cannot be taken by an X-ray. It is very suitable to identify the disorders which are affecting the soft tissues inside the body. With MRI scan Miami, doctors can see tumors developing in any part of the body from the initial stages which if cured on time, saves a life. The comprehensive detection of MRI helps the doctors in detecting the exact position of damaged ligaments or soft tissues, making them treat the right location. In addition to this, internal organs such as brain, heart and digestive system, joint disease or injury, and spinal injury can be thoroughly examined which is not possible when an X-ray is taken.
Why Diagnostic Medical Imaging Is The Best Option?
Diagnostic imaging also termed as radiology, is the technique used to see through the body parts. With the increasing medical advancements, there are a number of choices with the health professionals to identify any abnormality in the body.
It is very important to get medical imaging which is proficient enough to diagnose the ailment in your body. Only a radiologist can suggest a procedure centered on the problem or symptom of the patient’s ailment. Diagnostic imaging has improved the public health with a number of people being diagnosed at an early stage and the accurate analysis, ongoing monitoring has helped the doctors in the effective treatment of various diseases and then see how the treatment has impacted their tissues.

CDI Miami | Monday February 11, 2019

MRI- a better diagnostic tool for detecting the underlying problems

MRI- a better diagnostic tool for detecting the underlying problems

With the evolving technological era, medical diagnostic tools and procedures are also taking a new way to deal with the issues inside the body. Nowadays, there are numerous procedures that help the doctors diagnose the diseases early and give them a chance to cure them on time.

Some of the procedures include MRI, CT-Scans, X-rays, PET-Scans etc. However, MRI is one of the most reliable diagnostic medical imaging procedures that use magnetic field and radio waves to see through the body.

If you are facing any bone issues, X-rays are good at it as it takes images of the calcium inside the body, however, MRI Scan images water which is more useful as the tissues inside the body are made up of water. So this helps the radiologist to take high-resolution images of various organs and tissues which might not be possible with the X-ray.

When it’s important to go for an MRI?

An MRI Scan is useful when there’s a need to diagnose the conditions that affects the soft tissues inside the body. This might include detecting tumors in various parts of the body, damaged ligaments or injuries in the soft tissues, a joint disease or injury, spinal injury or diagnosing the internal organs such as brain, heart, and digestive system.

Thus, MRI Scan Miami have proven to be very successful in providing the detailed images of the soft tissues inside but in case of bone tissues they are not much effective. This is the reason why bone injuries are always investigated with the X-rays.

MRI Scan is a safe procedure however the complications may arise such as if you have worn some metal objects during the scan, it might cause injury, sometimes, the magnetic field might damage the internal heart pacemaker or in other case the patient might be allergic to the contrast dye injected to get a clearer image of the body parts.

Share any medical conditions before undergoing an MRI Scan

You should tell your doctor in case you have any metal implants inside your body as they may get damaged with the magnetic rays. Well the affects of MRI on fetus are unknown, however, if you are pregnant you must tell it to your doctor. The other factors that need to be considered include fasting before getting an MRI Miami, which means you will be advised not to drink or eat at least 4 to 5 hrs before undergoing the Scan.

Also, tell your doctor if you are claustrophobic so in that case the doctor may give you some medication to make you relax during the procedure.

CDI Miami | Thursday January 17, 2019

Advantages Of Open MRI Over Traditional MRI

Advantages Of Open MRI Over Traditional MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging abbreviated as MRI is a non-invasive imaging procedure that practices a mixture of a large magnet, radio frequencies, along with the computer to produce images of internal structures and organs of the body without practicing x-ray radiation and surgery.

An MRI Miami machine is a large tube-shaped machine executing through the magnet from front to end. The magnet develops a strong magnetic field encircling the patient and passes pulses of radio waves from the scanner. These waves push the nuclei of hydrogen atoms out of their normal position. As the nuclei readjust into their normal position they send out radio waves on their own. The computers or the scanners detect these signals and examine and transform them into pictures with minute particulars of the part of the body being analyzed. MRI scans are now extensively used to analyze organs, identify tumors and in the diagnosis of many forms of cancer and wounds in bones and tissues.

Benefits OF Open MRI

One of the predominant benefits of open MRI of south Miami over traditional MRIs deceits in its sleek and compact design which has made it more spacious and less restraining. This new diagnostic equipment is tremendously beneficial to patients who may be large in size and those who are claustrophobic. Not only does it offers a more comfortable environment for patients but also makes it relaxed and convenient for them to undertake the scan.

Distinguished Characteristics Of Open MRI

Though both types of MRI scan Miami operate along the same lines, the open MRI device is more influential than its predecessor. Its boosted imaging technology renders hi-definition pictures in 3-D cross-section that can help a physician to regulate the medical condition troubling the patient.

They produce a lesser degree of noise in the form of knocking or thumping and patients usually don’t necessitate earplugs. In most cases patients don’t need to administer a contrast agent; this is particularly true in the case of a liver scan. Children who may have anxiety in undertaking the scan can have their parent or guardian alongside them.

High Accuracy and Early Recognition

The benefits of open MRI over traditional MRIs are unrivaled, particularly when it comes to the patient’s safety and ease. The parameters of the sophisticated device can be altered for a detailed view of the area which necessitates scanning. Physicians suggest open MRI owing to its high correctness which assists in early detection of serious circumstances such as cancer and tumors.

CDI Miami | Wednesday January 16, 2019

An Insight into MRI Scan

An Insight into MRI Scan

For any individual their health should be the first preference, keeping the rest aside. This suggests taking healthy diet, regular exercise, and acquiring sufficient sleep each night. Conversely, sometimes even pursuing these three things is not adequate, which is why a person should visit the doctor at least once a year. A preventative scan, like an MRI scan Miami, might be practiced in order to regulate whether or not a person has a medical situation.

Short for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, this scan is a way to check the body for several irregularities without using dyes or the harmful radiation that usually x rays use.

An MRI scan practices computer technology as well as radio waves to scan the body and generate pictures. These pictures are deemed to be very detailed, which of course assists the technician along with the doctor to regulate irregularities that persist.

Who Should Avoid An MRI Scan?

As advanced as an MRI Miami scan is in respect to the technology that it practices, it is very vital to note that there are some kinds of people who should not undergo this scan. For example, people with pacemakers should avert this scan because the magnetic field that the scan builds can cause the pacemaker to malfunction. Also, this scan should be averted by people who have several kinds of implants, particularly ones that contain metal, for the same cause.

How Can The Scan Be Effective?

In order to effectively prepare for this process, the patient will require arriving at the facility wearing apparel that is totally metal free. This also is accurate for any accessories that a person might be wearing that have metal in them, for example hearing aids or glasses. All of these things will have to be detached prior to the scan. That is basically the only thing that a person has to do in order to efficiently prepare for the MRI Miami beach scan since for this process there are not any food limitations.

However, the person will be exposed to the magnetic field in just the same way as the patient, so it is very vital that the person also avert wearing anything with metal. They should also be free of any other circumstances that might prove damaging to them if they come in contact with the magnetic field. These are some aspects associated with MRI scans and the reasons why your physician suggests the same.

CDI Miami | Thursday January 10, 2019

PET Scans – New Revolution in Treating Cancer

PET Scans - New Revolution in Treating Cancer

PET scans or Positron Emission Tomography scans execute essential imaging function and very useful in tracking some of the diseases. It is practiced for the detection of cancer and determination of the tumor cell spread. It’s used in the mapping of the brain and heart functioning with the analysis of the blood which flows in these areas helping in evaluating and analyzing the myocardial infarction and ischemia effects on patients after the cardiac surgery. Pet Scan Miami is also used in assessing management protocol for brain abnormalities, disorders in the central nervous system and seizures.
PET/CT scans in functioning are quite different from MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The studies reflect that the PET/CT scan is very effective in the determination of the extent & spread of the malignancies when compared with the whole body MRI. MRI Scan Miami gives a view of internal organs in a 3D format while a PET/CT scan combines the nuclear imaging capability which also shows functional attributes of the internal organs. Information on functional metabolism aids the doctors in determining and staging the malignancies.
In PET scans, the radiotracer, a radioactive matter, is injected into the body which accumulated around the affected organ for examination. Tracer emits gamma rays and offers the details of the affected internal organ with metabolic and chemical activity. The concentration of that radioactive matter relies on the metabolic activity which aids in staging and identification of the exact location of the tumor.
PET scans assist in diagnosing serious diseases so they have to be very expansive. Different countries of the world have distinct rates of PET scans. In the international destinations for medical tourism, a full body CT scan will charge 1/3rd of what it costs in the USA and other developed countries. Many people from these developed countries head to the countries which offer PET and CT scan at the cheapest rate. Countries like Jordon, Turkey, South Korea, and India are among the few nations which serve these facilities at low prices.
PET scanning which is capable of tracking the physiological functions of tissue cells helps in the diagnosis of cancer, heart disease, and brain disorder. It is the equipment which can track the condition of such serious patients so you must be wondering it is an expensive treatment to go for but you may also adopt low-cost PET scanning and CT scan Miami abroad.

CDI Miami | Tuesday December 4, 2018

Facts you should know before undergoing an MRI Scan

Facts you should know before undergoing an MRI Scan
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scan is an examination that is carried out to take the detailed pictures of the inside organs of the body through strong magnetic and radio waves. It is generally used to diagnose the underlying cause of some symptoms happening in your body. Usually, the area of chest, abdomen or pelvis is scanned during an MRI scan Miami. Pregnant women may also undergo this scan for safely monitoring the baby.
Why you should go for an MRI?
MRI Scanning is performed to examine the organs of the abdomen and the chest which includes heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, and adrenal glands. The pelvic organs are also monitored such as bladders, uterus, and ovaries in females and prostate glands in the males. Blood vessels and lymph nodes are also evaluated including the MR angiography.
The physicians usually conduct the MRI scanning to diagnose the tumors of the chest, abdomen or pelvis, the diseases of the liver and abnormalities in the pancreas or bile ducts.
In case you are going through inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease or ulcers in the stomach or colon, facing heart problems etc. you must go through an MRI Scan that might be an answer to all your problems.
There are various MRI centers in Miami where they use highly sophisticated equipment installed with the latest technology and machines.
What are the pros and cons of a MRI scan?
• From years, MRI is known to diagnose a wide range of conditions such as cancer, heart disease, abnormalities in muscles and bones.
• MRI is a technique that does not harm you as they do not use ionizing radiation.
• MRI allows the discovery of the diseases that might be hindered by bones or other scanning methods.
• In case sedation is used during an MRI, it might be risky for you. But the nurse will supervise your vital signs to reduce the risk.
• If contrast intravenous is given, the physician recommends the women that they should not breastfeed the babies for 24 to 48 hours otherwise it will be harmful to the baby as well as the mother.
MRI Miami provides high-quality images with proper diagnoses report. You must make yourself perfectly still and follow the instructions given by the nurse while the images are being recorded.
Although there is no case that MRI harms the fetus the pregnant women are advised not go through it unless medically prescribed.