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CDI Miami | Tuesday March 31, 2020

Why Mammograms are So Important Mammograms are extremely helpful in detecting abnormalities of the breast tissue. As women age, the likelihood of breast cancer increases proportionally. Denser breast tissue can sometimes obscure cysts and polyps, which is why a mammogram can accurately diagnose them. Mammograms are a fast way for women to get answers to […]

CDI Miami | Friday March 27, 2020

Medical imaging plays a significant role in patient healthcare. It helps in disease prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. It is the term used to explain a range of non-invasive methods that enable radiologists and other specially trained medical personnel to sneak inside the body. It substitutes the need for surgery and permits medical professionals […]

CDI Miami | Tuesday March 10, 2020

Ever wondered why your physician always recommends a reliable diagnostic medical imaging Miami center for your radiology requirements? Well, you can always get benefitted from the services offered by a promising radiologist that eventually augments your treatment in numerous ways. It is mandatory for you to consider a prominent radiology service provider for efficient results […]

CDI Miami | Thursday March 5, 2020

Breast mammography can be helpful in detecting breast cancer at any stage, but particularly in the early stages. Mammograms help identify cancerous calcifications located within the breast tissue and can help remove them before they metastasize.  The Benefits of Mammograms Mammograms help women proactively manage their health needs by identifying and abnormal lesions in the […]

CDI Miami | Tuesday January 21, 2020

  MRI is a diagnostic exam at the center for diagnostic imaging miami which is used to detect abnormalities in breasts including breast cancer. It uses radio waves and magnetic waves to produce detailed images of body organs on a computer screen. However, Breast MRI is not a substitute for mammography or ultrasound, instead, it helps […]