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CDI Miami | Tuesday May 30, 2017

  Fear of breast cancer is widespread, yet many people don’t realize that adopting protective living habits may help keep it at bay. So which strategies mitigate the onset of breast cancer?   Regular mammograms and breast cancer screening is touted as the most effective way to reduce breast cancer deaths, although experts continue to […]

CDI Miami | Thursday May 25, 2017

  A diagnostic MRI followed by one of three MRI-guided biopsy strategies is a cost-effective method to detect prostate cancer, according to a new study out of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. Researchers compared MR-guided approaches to the current standard of transrectal ultrasound guided biopsies and found […]

CDI Miami | Thursday May 18, 2017

Cancer is no longer a death sentence; it is now possible to successfully treat a range of cancer types and, consequently, survival rates are on the up.   In breast cancer, for instance, the 5-year survival rate is 89 percent, and the 10-year survival rate is 83 percent. In fact, according to one study, the […]

CDI Miami | Monday May 8, 2017

  When you think of it, modern diagnostic tools are quite amazing. For most of human history, no one could actually see what happened within the human body. That all started to change in 1895 when a German professor of physics, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, made an accidental discovery while working with cathode-ray tubes. He happened […]

CDI Miami | Tuesday April 25, 2017

When a woman has been diagnosed with cancer, most people automatically assume that she has contracted breast cancer. Breast cancer is second only to skin cancer in being the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. estimates that 30 percent of cancers diagnosed in women in 2017 will be breast cancer. With the overwhelming […]