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CDI Miami | Wednesday April 24, 2019

Mammography has become a crucial tool in detecting any breast abnormalities. Mammogram Miami is a vital tool in detecting breast cancer. There are two types of mammograms- analog mammogram and digital mammogram. Both of these techniques use X-Ray to get the image; the only difference is in an analog mammogram, the images are printed on […]

CDI Miami | Monday April 22, 2019

  MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) is a common procedure used to find out different ailments in the body. MRI Miami is a powerful test which helps doctors in analyzing if a tumor is cancerous or not. Strong magnetic field and radio waves can be used to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within […]

CDI Miami | Thursday April 18, 2019

A mammogram plays a significant role in detecting breast cancer early. 2 D mammograms can give false results which cause anxiety and unnecessary suffering to the patient until a biopsy is done. 2 D mammogram cannot help to see a clear picture in women with dense breasts.   Early detection of breast cancer can save […]

CDI Miami | Wednesday April 17, 2019

  Ultrasound is an imaging technique; it uses sound waves higher than the normal human audible range to get pictures of internal organs of the body. Ultrasounds are safe; there is no use of radiation instead high-frequency sound waves are used which goes in the body and echoes back. It is used to see liver, […]

CDI Miami | Monday April 15, 2019

When any women see any abnormality in the breast, she should go for screening to find the reason behind it. Detection at an early stage of any issue could prevent serious consequences. However, screening could not finish breast cancer, but with early detection, one can start taking therapies and proper medication. Ask your breast specialist […]