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CDI Miami | Thursday February 21, 2019

  Early detection of any cancer increases the probabilities of recovery by successfully treating it. Every woman in her mid-30s should get an annual mammogram for early detection of breast cancer.   A 3D mammogram (breast tomosynthesis) is the latest imaging test that combines multiple breast X-rays (like traditional mammography) for creating a three-dimensional image […]

CDI Miami | Wednesday February 20, 2019

  Diagnostic imaging, commonly stated as radiology, is one of the most revolutionary innovations in the medical world which has changed the way physicians and patients view health and diseases. The biggest advantage of the latest technologies, instruments, and equipment has led to substantial improvements in the world of medicine reducing the treatment cost and […]

CDI Miami | Monday February 18, 2019

The 3D mammogram has proved to be a successful breast imaging technology as it involves the combination of 2- dimensional mammography with 3D views. Thus, it provides you with improved and clear views of the breast tissues and helps the doctors detect the problems easily and effectively.   The procedure is also known as tomosynthesis which […]

CDI Miami | Thursday February 14, 2019

  CT scan is one of the top five diagnostic medical imaging procedures as it has proved to be very successful in diagnosing deadly diseases which would otherwise cannot be detected with the x-rays. Both CT scan and x-rays are conducted to take internal images of the body, however, in case of x-rays the internal […]

CDI Miami | Wednesday February 13, 2019

  A scrutiny of your breast is important for your breast health, detecting breast cancer at its initial stage gives you a better chance of survival and treatment. Going for regular diagnostic mammogram and screening tests can help find breast cancer before any occurrence of the symptoms.   If you feel any new lump or […]