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CDI Miami | Thursday December 13, 2018

  CT scans are now used to examine the chronic heart conditions, the physician may recommend for a CT scan to examine the anatomy of the heart, the coronary circulation, and different vessels if an abnormal symptom is experienced.   CT scan Miami helps detect the underlying conditions that are causing abnormalities in the body, […]

CDI Miami | Wednesday December 12, 2018

  Medical imaging is extremely important as it helps in the prevention of many chronic diseases such as cancers and tumors. The doctors can detect, diagnose, and start the treatment as early as possible to prevent the patient from fatal diseases.   Diagnostic medical imaging uses a number of non-invasive methods that allows the radiologists […]

CDI Miami | Tuesday December 11, 2018

  Some of the dental problems can be checked by just examining the teeth and gums but there are some underlying problems that are hidden and can be detected without an X-ray. So dentists usually resort to dental x-rays to diagnose the problems in the teeth which otherwise go undiscovered.   X-ray radiology is extensively […]

CDI Miami | Monday December 10, 2018

  CT scan is more than an ordinary X-ray as a combined set of beams are simultaneously sent through the body to get the images from different angles with more clarity. These images are then examined by the doctors to get an insight into any underlying problem inside the body.   At the diagnostic center, […]

CDI Miami | Wednesday December 5, 2018

  As the risk of breast cancer is increasing nowadays so it is very important for women to go for routine mammograms in case they experience any abnormalities. It is the best defense against fighting breast cancer because the mammogram can detect the disease in its early stages and can prevent you from reaching the […]