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CDI Miami | Monday February 4, 2019

How Has Modern Diagnostic Imaging Upgraded The Treatment Processes?

How Has Modern Diagnostic Imaging Upgraded The Treatment Processes

These days diagnostic imaging is necessary before starting the treatment as it has become the initial stage of diagnosis in the medical practice. It plays as a vital component of medicine and has a separate subdivision of medical science.
Diagnostic Imaging Miami has become an inevitable part of medical science and no medical team can be imagined without a diagnostic imaging expert. The accurate results of this technique have helped neurologists to get all the information required to treat a specific ailment and check the ability to lessen future medical expenses for patients.
Here are some points on how diagnostic imaging has impacted medical science and treatments.

Physicians Perform Less Invasive Procedures

Diagnostic imaging has revolutionized the way doctors and physicians view health and diseases. Using diagnostic medical imaging Miami, the human body is scanned and a three-dimensional picture of the patient’s body is derived.
Doctors can see the glitches in the human day by viewing X-rays and can start the treatment at the primitive stage. The scan assist doctors in determining effective treatment options according to the body of the individual. Diagnostic Imaging is commonly used to detect heart conditions, help doctors determine appropriate cancer treatment, aid in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease, and brain disorders. X-rays and MRIs have helped medical research and finding appropriate treatments for various ailments.
X-rays taken in the surgical, cardiology and emergency department are linked to a network of hospitals across the country for the best treatment of the patient and ample amount of time id saved.

Saves Money

Top-notch diagnostic imaging seems costly at the beginning, but in the long run, it saves a huge amount of money by diagnosing the ailment and preventing extensive treatment process if the disease is detected later. Advance medical imaging techniques permit the physicians to treat precisely, attacking the disease for early recovery. With the outcome of Medical imaging, the physicians make accurate, evidence-based decisions regarding your treatment for better health. X-rays leads to better treatment, earlier recovery outcomes, and decreased mortality and morbidity.
Moreover, with the use of upcoming technologies in diagnostic imaging, images are easy to store and access a large number of pictures taken in the radiology department. Center for diagnostic imaging and hospitals use them for a number of ways such as treatment, research and case studies. Developments in medical imaging have improved the accurateness of screenings for disease, aiding in earlier and present diagnoses.

CDI Miami | Monday January 21, 2019

How Can Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Help In Digital Mammography?

How Can Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Help In Digital Mammography

Mammograms are now being served in digital format to enhance the accuracy and resolution of the procedure. Beyond creating better images for breast cancer screening and detection, digital mammograms provide a new tool for doctors with this form of the advanced center for diagnostic imaging. Diagnostic imaging centers can assimilate every examination into a comprehensive, holistic medical record matched to each individual patient. The information then becomes available to doctor’s worldwide, permitting patients greater flexibility in treatment options. Overall, diagnostic imaging centers are practicing advances in technology to offer doctors better tools to offer care and treatment to their patients.

Improved Diagnosis

Diagnostic medical imaging Miami literally assists the physician to comprehend the complications in a human body and permits them to take better decisions. The Medical Imaging methods are completely painless, non-invasive and most of them don’t need any special preparation, except when contrast media is used. In some instances like breast cancer, medical imaging can be life-saving. They seriously turn patients into survivors.

The usage of digital procedures for advanced diagnostic imaging is a welcome advance in every medical domain. The impact of false positives and negatives alike are to be averted at all costs. Digital exams help to build accurate records that mitigate the issues with false positives and negatives.

Reasonable Health Care Charges

Once the doctor recognizes what/where the issue is, he can take a better choice on further treatment. Post medical imaging, in most of the instances, invasive diagnostic center Miami methods such as exploratory surgery or angiography or cardiac catheterization may become pointless as the issue can be treated with normal medicines. This drastically decreases your treatment cost and also paves way for curing in a better way.

Creating Precise, Accessible Patient Records

Digital exam tracks form the basis of a patient’s medical record in the information age. Records are no longer folders stuffed with X-ray film sheets and mounds of paper that are only available by the staff of one facility. Gone are the days of requested transcripts be transformed to new doctors and waiting for days as medical staff meticulously copy every piece of detail for delivery. Digital information can now be retrieved and transmitted via the internet, yielding greater freedom to patients’ and their healthcare providers. In fact, results are often accessible, even to patients themselves, within twenty-four hours.

CDI Miami | Wednesday January 2, 2019

3D mammography-an advanced technology for breast cancer screening

3D mammography-an advanced technology for breast cancer screening

Whether you have a family history of breast cancer or not, the women after their 40s must go for annual mammograms to detect breast cancer at an early stage if they feel any symptoms for the same.

Nowadays, many healthcare providers are using 3D mammograms for breast cancer screening. Here you will get to know what’s the difference between regular and 3D mammogram?

3D mammography is a sophisticated technology that takes multiple images of the breast tissues to develop a three-dimensional picture of the breast. It is also known as breast tomosynthesis and is used by the doctors to get more advanced and clear images of the breast to detect the underlying problem.

Who should go for 3D mammography?

Women having dense breast tissues must go for 3D mammograms as they provide a more clear image of the breasts and helps the doctor detect the breast cancer at an early stage. The doctors are also able to detect the size of the cancers much better than with detecting through a regular mammogram.

Using a 3D mammogram, the chances of detecting the false positives are reduced. You can visit the center for diagnostic imaging that has sophisticated equipment and 3D mammogram technology to detect breast cancers effectively.

Some of the risks involved in 3D mammography:

The 3D mammography takes a little longer than 2D tests which can add a few seconds of discomfort. You may be exposed to more radiation than in 2D mammogram. However, the new low-dose technology uses less radiation and no one has figured out yet the health risks associated with it.

2D mammography is free of cost for the patients having healthcare insurance while the 3D mammograms are not included in it. But many states have now begun to include this 3D mammography under the insurance.

Benefits of having a 3D mammogram:

Provides more accurate detection: It helps the doctor to see through the breasts easily and detect the exact problem. Reviewing numerous images has helped the doctors to detect more cancers than with the 2D mammography alone.

Helps in the early detection of cancer: The overlapping tissues in the breasts can hide small cancers in 2D mammogram but in a 3D mammogram, the image slices can be easily examined one by one thus offering more clarity than the conventional mammograms.

So if you feel any symptoms of breast cancer, you must immediately visit the diagnostic center near you to detect the problem at an early stage and get started with the treatment.

CDI Miami | Monday December 31, 2018

Breast cancer diagnosis- early detection can literally save the life

Breast cancer diagnosis

Particularly breast cancer symptoms may appear in women but sometimes, unfortunately, the symptoms may not appear and you get to know cancer at the last stage. So in order to avoid this, regular breast cancer checkups are essential to avoid any serious problems.

Various diagnostic techniques are used to identify breast cancer such as mammography, breast ultrasound or MRI. Doctors usually recommend mammograms for effective screening and diagnosis.

A Diagnostic mammogram is an x-ray of the breast whereas screening mammograms are used to detect breast cancer in women who don’t get any symptoms for the same. A Diagnostic mammogram is used after the screening mammogram if something suspicious is detected during the exam.

What’s there in a diagnostic mammogram?

If your doctor has suggested you diagnostic mammogram, it will likely take more time than screening as more x-rays are being taken to detect the underlying problem. The doctor will take the images from multiple angles and points to ensure that no area is left hidden that need to be detected. The radiologist may zoom in the images from specific areas where there is doubt of an abnormality. This will let the doctor diagnose the problem more accurately and effectively.

You can visit the center for diagnostic imaging to get the right diagnosis in case you feel any abnormality in your breasts.

Along with identifying tumors in the breast, mammograms also detect ductal carcinoma in situ, which may become invasive cancer in some women.

Reliability of mammograms:

The reliability of a mammogram depends upon the size of the tumor and the knowledge and skill of the radiologist administering the mammogram. Women having age less than 50 years may not get diagnosed with cancer through mammograms. This is because women with less age have denser breast tissue that might appear white on mammogram just like tumor appears white on it.

Scheduling the mammogram:

You must take your menstrual cycle into account when you are going to schedule your mammogram. After your period ends, the week after that is a suitable time to go for a mammogram. The doctors recommend that the women who don’t have any family history of breast cancer can go for their first mammogram after the age of 40. And in case if you do have any breast cancer history you must go for frequent mammograms or as directed by the physician. You can go to the diagnostic center for women Miami for the best diagnosis and treatment as they have skilled and experienced doctors and radiologists that provide accurate results and diagnosis.

CDI Miami | Monday December 3, 2018

Facts about breast cancer-is it a matter of concern?

Facts about breast cancer-is it a matter of concern?

One of the top concerns in women nowadays is breast cancer. Nationalized breast screening programs, center for diagnostic imaging, modern treatment methodologies, along with the research going on the disease, all these play an important part in the detection and prevention of breast cancer.
Risk factors associated with developing breast cancer
If you have a family history of breast cancer that is if your sister, mother or daughter had a breast cancer, you might have the risk of developing cancer in your breast.
Age factor also plays a crucial role in having this type of cancer, as you get older, the risk of developing cancer also increases. The women between 55 to 59 years of age have are at higher risk of having this cancer. While it primarily affects older women but it can also occur in women under the age of 30.
If you earlier had cancer in one of your breasts, this might increase the risk of having cancer in the other part of the similar breast or in the other breast.
Overweight and alcohol intake also increases the risk of  cancer. You must go to the breast diagnostic center in case you feel lumps in your breasts as it could possibly be due to the breast cancer.
In case if you have a family history of other cancers such as cancers of ovaries, uterus, colon or cervix, this can increase the risk of breast cancer.
If you have undergone a hormone replacement therapy, you can have the risk of cancer due to the prolonged use of oestrogen and progesterone.
If you have given birth to a child after 35 years of age or you have never given the birth to a child can also increase the risk of having cancer.
How can you reduce the risk of having a breast cancer?
• Limit the consumption of alcohol and avoid smoking: Alcohol and smoking can apparently increase the risk of breast cancer so doctors recommend avoiding these two to prevent you from cancer.
• Try to maintain a proper weight: If you are overweight especially after menopause, you are at higher risk of developing cancer so try to control your weight and have a balanced diet.
• Regular exercise can prevent you from breast cancer: 75 minutes of vigorous exercise weekly can help lower the risk of cancer.
• It would be best to visit the women center Miami to get proper guidance and treatment regarding the cancer and its prevention.

CDI Miami | Thursday November 29, 2018

What are the Services that you can expect from a Renowned Medical Imaging Service Provider

What are the Services that you can expect from a Renowned Medical Imaging Service Provider
There are a lot of reasons you may need to undergo any of the medical imaging scanning procedure as directed by your physician. It is necessarily important for you to know about these medical imaging procedures and Center for diagnostic imaging before visiting them for a complete body scan. A lot of people are unaware of the aspects related to these medical imaging procedures, which is the reason they have to face certain glitches when they visit the radiologist for the tests.
It is always a rewarding decision to know about the services and the procedures in advance so that you can be prepared both mentally and physically. Here we are sharing the details of some of the most common imaging tests that you can expect from the nearest diagnostic center Miami. Dive in here to know more about these services and tests.
An MRI Scan Procedure
A medical resonance imaging scan commonly known as MRI is a scanning procedure that helps in taking the precise images of the body’s internal organs. These images are of high quality, which depicts the actual cause of the ailment. Most of the physicians recommend an MRI scan when they are unable to trace the real cause of the ailment with the initial tests and imaging procedure.
This procedure isn’t painful and you need not worry about the overall duration and the method of this scan. You would hardly require sparing a couple of hours for the procedure to take place depending on the type of procedure that you have to undergo. Most of these procedures hardly take half an hour to one hour and you can be sure enough to get back to the work immediately after the test.
3D Mammogram
A 3D mammogram test is an imaging scanning procedure that helps in analyzing the breast of women for any unusual growth. Your breast specialist would ask you to pick a suitable day for the imaging scanning procedure and you would be analyzed for any lump or extra growth in the breast. This procedure is for the ones that are facing some early symptoms of breast cancer and are doubtful for the same.
You can consult your physician regarding the special precautions or any dietary alteration for any kinds of imaging scan procedures so that you need not to face any glitches.

CDI Miami | Monday November 26, 2018

Things you should discuss with your Radiologist before any Medical Imaging Procedure

Things you should discuss with your Radiologist before any Medical Imaging Procedure

It is always a great decision to consult your radiologist regarding the tests in advance and your overall medical condition so that the test is performed glitch-free. There is no point of fearing the medical imaging test as most of the diagnostic medical imaging Miami tests are performed by professionals with years of experience in the same domain. You can always expect out of the box medical imaging services from these professionals by choosing the optimum radiologist.
But before you just randomly pick any of the service providers for your imaging needs, you have to make sure that you have a conversation with your radiologist at the center for diagnostic imaging. Here are some of the essential things that you should always ask your service provider in advance.
Consult your Radiologist if you are allergic to any drugs
It is always a great decision to consult your radiologist regarding the allergic reactions that you face when you are about to step out for a medical imaging procedure. This is necessarily important for you because sometimes your radiologist may recommend mild sedatives before the procedure, which would ease the overall medical imaging procedure.
You have to be sure enough to discuss your allergies and any sort of irritation with your radiologist so that they can plan the procedure accordingly. Most of the people ignore this thing, which is the reason they have to face some glitches while they are going for a medical imaging procedure. Most of the radiologists would, however, ask you in advance if you have any kinds of allergy with certain drugs but if they don’t, you must tell them regarding the same.
Tell them if you are taking any Drugs/Medications
Another important thing that most of the people usually ignore is that they forget to inform their radiologist regarding the medication that they are taking. This is important as some of the sedatives that your radiologist advice may be reactive to certain drugs and that could affect your overall procedure. Thus; you have to be sure enough that you consult your radiologist in advance.
Apart from this, you should always ask the radiologist at the imaging diagnostic center in Miami about the diet that you should take before the day of the test and on the day of the test. This would help you in getting the imaging tests done without any glitch.

CDI Miami | Wednesday November 7, 2018

How to Choose the Right Medical Imaging Center for Better Diagnosis Services

How to Choose the Right Medical Imaging Center for Better Diagnosis Services

When it comes to choosing the right medical imaging center, you have to be very precise. It is necessarily important for you to choose the one that can offer you the precise services with assurance of quality reports and that too on time. Moreover, it is always a wise decision to rely on these professionals that can augment your treatment with the adequate reports.

But sometimes you are unable to find a renowned professional that can help you in getting the finest services. This could be the reason for some kinds of issues in your medical reports. One can get the desired services from the ones that hold a good reputation in the market as the leading service provider. Here are some tips that would lend a hand in picking the right center for diagnostic imaging for better diagnosis services.

Always Check the Overall Experience
It is always a rewarding decision to rely on a professional that holds a great experience in the same domain that can eventually augment your treatment. There is no point of choosing a service provider that hardly possesses experience in providing the best in class radiology services that can augment your overall treatment.

Sometimes your physician recommends you a third-party radiology service provider that can help you in offering the best in class radiology services that can help them in analyzing the actual cause of an ailment. You can explore the internet and seek help from numerous portals that can provide adequate details about the overall experience and expertise of a service provider that would help you in making the right decision.

Never Rely on the one that isn’t Certified
It is necessarily important for you to choose the one that is certified in delivering the finest services that can augment your medical treatment. This is perhaps the best way to analyze the overall expertise and proficiency of a service provider that holds a great reputation in delivering exceptional services.

You can check the official website of a medical imaging center service provider that can eventually give you an idea about their certifications. Apart from this, you can always seek help from the reviews and ratings that are offered by the ones that earlier opted these services. This way you can find a promising service provider that can offer precise services that help you in getting the right treatment.

CDI Miami | Wednesday October 24, 2018

How to Shun Your Anxiety while you are going for an MRI or CT Scan Procedure

MRI Procedure

Several people get nervous when they hear about any of the imaging scan procedures. This is quite obvious if you are unaware about the procedure but can be quite severe when you are about to go for the imaging scan procedure like an MRI Miami scan. Your physician would surely suggest some solution for the same and eventually won’t begin the MRI procedure until you are normal.

Sometimes you just can’t control your fear of visiting a radiologist, which is the reason you have to face certain issues that may affect your blood pressure and heartbeat. It is always a wise decision to talk to your physician regarding the same in advance. This would not only help you in getting the right treatment but eventually let you get the right diagnosis services. Here are some of the effective ways that would help you in shunning your stress when you are visiting a center for diagnostic imaging.

Consult Your Doctor in Advance

It would be a nice decision to talk to your doctor regarding the symptoms that you witness when you face a certain situation or think about visiting a radiologist. There are a lot of people that have a phobia of facing their doctor, which is the reason you need to focus on telling the entire situation to your doctor.

There could be chances that your doctor would offer you the best solution regarding your issues. Apart from this, it is always a rewarding decision to seek help from the radiologists that perform any of the imaging scan procedures.

Take some Sedatives

It is good to take some sedatives before the procedure that would help you in relaxing and getting ready for the procedure. Sometimes mild sedatives can do wonders in calming you down but it is recommended to consult your physician regarding the medications that you are already taking so that it doesn’t cause any issues when you are consuming the sedatives.

Visit your Physician Frequently

You just can’t ignore the fact that visiting your doctor and talking to them about the overall procedure could eventually lessen your stress levels. The MRI scan Miami is a procedure that sometimes requires adequate precautions that you need to know. This could be the reason for your frequent visits to the radiologist or the physician that would eventually lessen your fear.

CDI Miami | Wednesday October 10, 2018

How to find the best in class Radiology Services near You

imaging center Miami
The medical imaging services are eventually helpful in getting the right treatment of any ailment with the precise diagnosis. One can always expect better treatment from the physicians that completely rely on the imaging reports related to any ailment. But before you just consider any of the imaging center Miami, it is necessarily important to check the overall proficiency of the diagnosis service provider.
Sometimes the physician may or may not be able to offer you the adequate radiology services and you have to rely on the third-party center for diagnostic imaging for different imaging scan needs. Whether it is an MRI scan or an X-ray imaging scan, you need to ensure that you pick the right service provider by doing some research on the internet. Here are some of the ways that simply lends a hand in choosing the appropriate service provider for your imaging scan.

Research the Internet

It would be a great decision to seek help from the online portals where you can easily find adequate details about a service provider. You can always get the reviews and ratings about a specific service provider that helps you in making the correct decision. Apart from this, you can always rely on the suggestions from the patients that have posted feedback on the official website of these radiology service providers.
Just explore the internet to find adequate references and reviews about an MRI or CT scan services in Miami. Moreover, you can also get detailed information about the services that you can expect from these online portals.

Ask Your Physician

Most of the people ignore this fact that they can get the best advice from their physician only. Your doctor knows better about the radiology services and could guide you perfectly regarding the same. It would be a great decision if you give your first preference to the ones recommended by your doctor so as to get the desired reliable reports.
There are instances when people are served with inadequate reports, which could be the reason for a glitch in the overall treatment of an ailment. You must make sure that you must pick any of the reliable MRI centers in Miami.

Consider some references

Another great way to seek professional services from the renowned radiologists is to ask your acquaintances for some reference. You can always rely on a known professional imaging center Miami for better services.