CDI Miami | Wednesday January 2, 2019

3D mammography-an advanced technology for breast cancer screening

3D mammography-an advanced technology for breast cancer screening

Whether you have a family history of breast cancer or not, the women after their 40s must go for annual mammograms to detect breast cancer at an early stage if they feel any symptoms for the same.

Nowadays, many healthcare providers are using 3D mammograms for breast cancer screening. Here you will get to know what’s the difference between regular and 3D mammogram?

3D mammography is a sophisticated technology that takes multiple images of the breast tissues to develop a three-dimensional picture of the breast. It is also known as breast tomosynthesis and is used by the doctors to get more advanced and clear images of the breast to detect the underlying problem.

Who should go for 3D mammography?

Women having dense breast tissues must go for 3D mammograms as they provide a more clear image of the breasts and helps the doctor detect the breast cancer at an early stage. The doctors are also able to detect the size of the cancers much better than with detecting through a regular mammogram.

Using a 3D mammogram, the chances of detecting the false positives are reduced. You can visit the center for diagnostic imaging that has sophisticated equipment and 3D mammogram technology to detect breast cancers effectively.

Some of the risks involved in 3D mammography:

The 3D mammography takes a little longer than 2D tests which can add a few seconds of discomfort. You may be exposed to more radiation than in 2D mammogram. However, the new low-dose technology uses less radiation and no one has figured out yet the health risks associated with it.

2D mammography is free of cost for the patients having healthcare insurance while the 3D mammograms are not included in it. But many states have now begun to include this 3D mammography under the insurance.

Benefits of having a 3D mammogram:

Provides more accurate detection: It helps the doctor to see through the breasts easily and detect the exact problem. Reviewing numerous images has helped the doctors to detect more cancers than with the 2D mammography alone.

Helps in the early detection of cancer: The overlapping tissues in the breasts can hide small cancers in 2D mammogram but in a 3D mammogram, the image slices can be easily examined one by one thus offering more clarity than the conventional mammograms.

So if you feel any symptoms of breast cancer, you must immediately visit the diagnostic center near you to detect the problem at an early stage and get started with the treatment.