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CDI Miami | Wednesday November 13, 2019

Role Of MRI In Detecting Various Types Of Cancers

Role Of MRI In Detecting Various Types Of Cancers


MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) is a common procedure used to find out different ailments in the body. MRI Miami is a powerful test which helps doctors in analyzing if a tumor is cancerous or not. Strong magnetic field and radio waves can be used to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within the body. MRI is a painless procedure in which a person lies down on a table and table goes to a tunnel-shaped machine. The machine is called an MRI scanner and it doesn’t use any harmful radiations.
What are the uses of an MRI SCAN?
MRI scan is used to take pictures of internal organs of the body; it helps in identifying various conditions-from torn ligaments to cancers. MRI scans are used to check various defects in the brain and the spinal cord. MRI is a powerful tool in the screening of breast cancer, and various other cancers are detected on an MRI scan. Whenever there are injuries of joints, doctors recommend MRI to evaluate the condition. Fibroids and endometriosis in women are best detected on an MRI. MRI helps evaluate liver problems.
How do you prepare for an MRI exam?

    • Do not wear any metallic jewelry
    • You will be asked to remove the belt and watch
    • If you are claustrophobic, tell your doctor beforehand, you will be given medication to relax your nerves.
    • If you are having a color contrast MRI, you will receive an injection of contrast liquid in the vein of your arm.
    • You will be alone in the procedure room, the technician will observe you through a glass panel, and he will take the images on a computer screen.
    • You might be provided with earplugs as an MRI machine makes loud noises.
    • The procedure takes around one hour.

Things to tell your doctor before the scan
You must let your doctor know if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding. Doctors don’t recommend contrast dye for pregnant women. Therefore, it is essential to discuss with your doctor beforehand. MRI scans are generally not advised in the first trimester.
Side effects
MRI scans are considered safe and have no side effects as such, but some people get headaches, nausea from contrast material.
Claustrophobic people find it difficult to enter the MRI machine.
MRI scans are extremely useful tools to find out various ailments in the body. At imaging center Miami patients are made to feel comfortable by the friendly staff.

CDI Miami | Wednesday May 1, 2019

Ultrasound- A Noninvasive And Radiation-Free Imaging Test To Evaluate Internal Organs

Ultrasound- A Noninvasive And Radiation-Free Imaging Test To Evaluate Internal Organs

Ultrasound is an imaging tool which is used to get the pictures of the inside of the body. Ultrasound is a painless procedure which is safe to perform. It is also known as Sonography, uses high-frequency sound waves to examine the internal organs. Ultrasound imaging at the center for diagnostic imaging Miami involves a probe, which is known as a transducer and a gel which is directly placed on the skin, the gel is moved in different directions with the help of the transducer and images are obtained on the computer screen. Unlike X-rays, It doesn’t use ionizing rays which means there is no radiation exposure to the patient.

It is a noninvasive procedure which helps to evaluate the blood flow as well as the movement of the internal organs.

With the advancement in technology, 3-D ultrasound, and Doppler ultrasound are also available.

Through 3-D ultrasound, 3-D images can be obtained which helps to evaluate the situation better and helps the physician to plan an optimum treatment plan. It provides a better picture to see blood flow through various veins.

Why Do Doctors Advise Ultrasound?

It is advised to patients who complain about

  • Pain in the abdomen area
  • To check for swelling in internal organs
  • To check for a possible infection in internal organs
  • To check the growth of a fetus

How Is Ultrasound Performed?

If it is pelvic ultrasound, the patient is asked to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water and is asked to not urinate before the procedure. To project and receive the sound wave and their echoes, a transducer is used. The gel is used on the part which needs to be examined so that sound waves do not get distorted.

The quality of the image depends upon various factors; like

  • How easily sound waves are able to penetrate
  • It is difficult to penetrate through the bones
  • Presence of gas in the organ which is under detection affects the quality of the image
  • A poor technician can alter the results due to his inefficiency of using the equipment.


The test plays a vital role in detecting various ailments in the body. It does not emit ionizing rays, hence is used to monitor the growth of the fetus. Imaging center Miami uses well-versed technicians and has world-class facilities under one roof.

CDI Miami | Monday December 10, 2018

Importance of a CT Scan – for the early detection of a major underlying problem

Importance of a CT Scan- for the early detection of a major underlying problem
CT scan is more than an ordinary X-ray as a combined set of beams are simultaneously sent through the body to get the images from different angles with more clarity. These images are then examined by the doctors to get an insight into any underlying problem inside the body.
At the diagnostic center, you will be placed inside a doughnut-shaped machine and it is less likely that you will feel claustrophobia.
What are the most common uses of CT Scans?
Initially, CT Scans were used to take the images of the brain but as the technology has become more advanced, these are being used to take pictures of nearly every part of the body. The CT Scans offer cross-sectional and highly detailed images of the organs so they are extensively used by the doctors to examine various parts of the body such as chest, abdomen, and pelvis etc.
These are highly recommended as doctors can see through the body without operating or performing any difficult examinations.CT Scans are used for a variety of reasons, some of them are:
Doctors use CT scan for detecting different kinds of cancers such as lung, kidney or liver.
If the patient has suffered from serious injuries, it is used to check for any inner injuries or deformations.
Sudden onset of symptoms such as abdominal pain, breathlessness etc. may let the doctor recommend a CT scan.
Doctors use CT scans for the preparation of radiotherapy as it will be easy for them to know where exactly a tumor lies inside the body.
CT scans are also used to detect vascular diseases and skeletal problems inside the body.
These are particularly used to diagnose the brain tumors and test for bleeding in the brain.
The imaging center Miami are well-equipped with high-end and advanced machines to provide you with sophisticated scans and accurate results and diagnosis.
Are CT scans dangerous? Do they hurt?
The amount of radiation involved in the scan is small. However, you are exposed to a beam of X-rays rather than a single x-ray so doctors only recommend a CT scan only when it is highly necessary.
For pregnant women, it is usually not suggested as the radiations can harm the fetus. It is only recommended when there is serious condition involved.
It does not hurt anyway but some people just get anxious while lying inside the scanner. Make sure you are calm and cool and just tell your doctor if you are feeling nervous or panicky.
CT scan Miami has experienced staff and has years of expertise, thus they provide full support and perform the scan carefully without harming the patient.

CDI Miami | Thursday November 1, 2018

How to Prepare yourself for an MRI Scan

How to Prepare yourself for an MRI Scan

It’s perfectly fine to get worried and feel nervous if you never had an MRI scan before, but there’s no need to fear the MRI scan. It’s a painless and a completely safe process and will not harm you in any case. Here’s a guide to give you an insight of the MRI scan so that you should feel less stressful and can confidently go to the medical imaging center.
Principles of MRI Scan
MRI-Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses powerful magnetic fields, magnetic field gradients, and radio waves to take the images of your internal organs, and tissues. The doctors usually conduct this test to diagnose the underlying problem causing the abnormal symptoms in your body. The imaging center Miami does not use radiations like X-rays or CT scans.
Get ready to undergo an MRI scan!
1. Tell your doctor if you have claustrophobia- fear of confined places: As during the MRI scan you will be enclosed in a tube-like machine, so if you suffer from claustrophobia, you will be given the sedatives before the test in order to prevent you from the panic attack.
2. Inform the doctor about any health issues: Tell your doctor if you have any of the following conditions:
• Diabetes
• Kidney problems
• Pregnancy
• Allergic to iodine or gadolinium
3. Follow the instructions given by your doctor before the exam: Generally you will continue with your regular routine but if you have any medical conditions then the doctor may give you some guidelines that you must follow.
4. Don’t go alone for the exam, ask a friend or family member to accompany you: It will be good to take someone with you to the diagnostic center as the process is lengthy and quite stressful. It will make you feel better.
5. Remove any items that contain metal: You need to arrive early as there’ll be some paperwork and the nurse may need to talk to you before the scan. The radiologist may refrain you from eating about an hour before.
You need to remove all the jewelry, hairpins, watches, wigs before going into the machine.
6. Relax and Relax: The noise of the clicking of the magnets and the fear of closed in a tube can make you anxious. So just take some deep breaths and close your eyes before being placed into the scanner.

CDI Miami | Wednesday October 17, 2018

Getting the adequate Medical Imaging services from a Reputed Imaging Service provider

medical imaging Miami

There are certain situations when you would require a medical test especially a medical imaging scan to identify the root cause of any ailment. But before you just rely on any of the imaging center Miami, you need to understand the importance of quality medical imaging reports.

Sometimes a small issue in the overall quality of the medical reports could be the reason for inadequate diagnosis that can further affect the treatment. Thus; it is mandatory for you to pick a renowned professional for better services so that you can get the best out of your treatment. Here are some more reasons that support the above statement about the proficient diagnostic medical imaging Miami service providers.

The accuracy of the Reports

It is necessarily important for you to check the overall experience of the firm so as to get the assurance of quality services from their end. You can always expect better services in terms of overall quality of reports and timely delivery. There is no point of seeking help from the ones that are not proficient enough in delivering the reliable services that harmonize your needs.

Some imaging tests require adequate precision, which you can only expect from the experts possessing years of experience in the same domain. Thus; it is mandatory for you to choose a renowned medical imaging center that can offer you the precise services without any glitches. You just need to make sure that you do a little research on the internet before finalizing an imaging center for scanning purposes. It would be good to consult your physician regarding some good references that can provide adequate quality services.

Fast Delivery

You can always expect better services from the ones that have created a good reputation in the market in delivering fast results. There is a lot of emphasis on the delivery of the reports and thus; it is necessarily important for you to ensure that you always rely on a professional by checking their reviews and ratings on the internet.

This would certainly help you in getting the information about their services and overall proficiency in giving the right imaging scan services.

Apart from this, you can get the assurance of the online availability of the reports if you aren’t available to collect the reports. Most of the renowned service providers offer the online downloading facilities for the medical reports to speed up the treatment.

CDI Miami | Wednesday October 10, 2018

How to find the best in class Radiology Services near You

imaging center Miami
The medical imaging services are eventually helpful in getting the right treatment of any ailment with the precise diagnosis. One can always expect better treatment from the physicians that completely rely on the imaging reports related to any ailment. But before you just consider any of the imaging center Miami, it is necessarily important to check the overall proficiency of the diagnosis service provider.
Sometimes the physician may or may not be able to offer you the adequate radiology services and you have to rely on the third-party center for diagnostic imaging for different imaging scan needs. Whether it is an MRI scan or an X-ray imaging scan, you need to ensure that you pick the right service provider by doing some research on the internet. Here are some of the ways that simply lends a hand in choosing the appropriate service provider for your imaging scan.

Research the Internet

It would be a great decision to seek help from the online portals where you can easily find adequate details about a service provider. You can always get the reviews and ratings about a specific service provider that helps you in making the correct decision. Apart from this, you can always rely on the suggestions from the patients that have posted feedback on the official website of these radiology service providers.
Just explore the internet to find adequate references and reviews about an MRI or CT scan services in Miami. Moreover, you can also get detailed information about the services that you can expect from these online portals.

Ask Your Physician

Most of the people ignore this fact that they can get the best advice from their physician only. Your doctor knows better about the radiology services and could guide you perfectly regarding the same. It would be a great decision if you give your first preference to the ones recommended by your doctor so as to get the desired reliable reports.
There are instances when people are served with inadequate reports, which could be the reason for a glitch in the overall treatment of an ailment. You must make sure that you must pick any of the reliable MRI centers in Miami.

Consider some references

Another great way to seek professional services from the renowned radiologists is to ask your acquaintances for some reference. You can always rely on a known professional imaging center Miami for better services.

CDI Miami | Monday October 1, 2018

Some Reasons to Choose only a Prominent Imaging Diagnostic Center

diagnostic medical imaging Miami

Whether your doctor has recommended you an imaging scan or you have planned to get yourself scanned for any medical diagnosis, you should always prefer a renowned professional only! One of the biggest mistakes that most of the people repeat is to rely on unprofessional imaging service providers, which eventually affects their overall medical treatment. You can only rely on a diagnostic medical imaging Miami center that holds an expertise in the same domain.

Sometimes a little issue in the overall medical report could be the reason for inadequate treatment and misconception about a disease. Thus; it is strongly recommended that you should focus on choosing a renowned center for diagnostic imaging that can offer you the adequate diagnosis services.
Here are some of the reasons to trust only an experienced professional for the diagnostic imaging scans.

Quality Equipment

One of the biggest reasons to rely on the prominent diagnostic medical imaging Miami is to get the assurance of getting the scans done on adequate equipment. It is necessarily important for you to choose a service provider that has the latest machinery installed in their laboratory so as to ensure quality medical reports, which otherwise isn’t possible when you choose an inappropriate service provider.
Apart from this, the latest machines are equipped with the latest technology imaging sensors that ensure high-quality images of the internal organs and leave no chance of suspect that would further require a deep analysis.

Experienced Radiologists to Handle any Glitch

It is necessarily important for you to choose a reliable imaging center Miami that can offer you the desired services along with the assurance of better management of an issue. Some of the complex procedures eventually require adequate precision so that you need not face any glitch during the scanning procedure. It is an obvious thing that only a reliable professional should handle these procedures so that they can handle any situation the demands professional help.
You just need to seek professional services from any of the renowned service providers that are always ready to serve you with the finest services by comparing online. You can check the reviews and the feedbacks of their previous clients to get an idea about their experience and proficiency.
Apart from this, you can always seek help from your diagnostic medical imaging Miami so as to get the adequate references as they possess better knowledge about the same.

CDI Miami | Wednesday September 12, 2018

Why You should always Rely on a Certified center for diagnostic imaging Miami for Adequate Results

center for diagnostic imaging Miami

Did your physician prescribe you an imaging scan? Well, you should prefer a center for diagnostic imaging Miami for finest results. It is necessarily important for you to choose a reliable diagnostic center that holds an experience in providing efficient medical imaging services that can augment your treatment.

Sometimes the improper reports may result in a glitch in your treatment and your doctor may request some other tests and sometimes a re-scanning may be required. It is mandatory for you to ensure that you rely on a promising service provider that can offer you the best in class radiology services. It is recommended that you should rely on a certified professional for finest imagine scan services.

Here are some other aspects that depict the need for choosing a certified imaging diagnostic center in Miami for better dependability.

Better Healthcare Facilities

In some cases, the patient requires proper attention and special services that can’t be promised if you pick any of the unprofessional radiologists or the one that doesn’t possess any experience. You need to precisely check the overall reputation of the service provider and check whether a specific medical service is available at the radiologist or not.

Another way to check the same is to visit the official website of the radiology service provider, which would certainly help you in making the right choice by analyzing the available services. Moreover, you can quickly get the details about the appointment by exploring their website.

Accurate Reports on Time

Another reason to rely on the professionally certified imaging center Miami is to get the assurance of accurate reports with complete accuracy. There is no point in spending your precious money on the tests that can’t guarantee better results. Moreover, it is mandatory for you to find a radiology service provider that can offer you the finest diagnostic services without any glitches.

You just need to begin your search by considering some references or researching the internet regarding the best imaging scan service provider in your location. It is recommended that you should consider consulting your physician for better references as they possess enough knowledge regarding the same.

Hassle free services

What else can you expect from a service provider that offers easy delivery of reports to your doorstep? Most of the renowned service providers offer you the best in class report delivery services that ensure complete reliability.

CDI Miami | Tuesday August 7, 2018

Why You Should Never Ignore the Importance of a Renowned Imaging Center Miami

Imaging Center Miami

Anyone can feel the need for an Imaging Center Miami that can offer them the precise diagnosis services. There are ample of diseases that require adequate diagnosis by the means of different imaging procedures. It is the responsibility of the patient to get the tests done by a renowned diagnostic center to get the accurate reports that further augments the right treatment.

But before you finalize any of the renowned professionals, it is recommended that you should follow a guideline regarding the same. You need to emphasize the fact that relying on an unprofessional diagnosis center would not only affect the treatment but eventually lead to a severe health-related issue that would require immediate medical attention. Here are some facts that depict the importance of a renowned diagnostic center in Miami in getting the adequate diagnosis services.

Only a Professional Can deliver Accurate Reports

There are some cases in which the patient received the inaccurate reports that further affected their treatment. It is always a wise decision to check the proficiency of the professional that would help you in making the right choice. A little carelessness in the same could eventually lead to improper treatment and assumptions regarding your ailment.

Most of the physicians recommend the diagnosis centers that are capable of providing the best results within a short time period. You can explore the internet to find the one that has a good reputation in the market. Another great way is to ask your doctor itself. Your doctor would always recommend you the best diagnosis service provider in the town.

Delivery of Reports on Time

Another reason to rely on the center for diagnostic imaging is their ability to deliver timely reports. Many of the times people are unable to get the reports on time, which again affects their treatment. A reliable diagnostic service provider would always emphasize on delivering the accurate reports within time. So you need to focus on finding the one that has been rated as the promising service provider in your location.

Adequate Fee Structure

One of the important aspects related to the promising service providers is their overall fee structure. You can always get the desired imaging services at the adequate fees. Most of the unprofessional service provider not only delay the reports but eventually charge you up to double the actual charge. One should always seek help from a reputed diagnosis center.

CDI Miami | Wednesday July 25, 2018

Risks Involved in Getting an X Ray Miami or MRI Scan from an Unprofessional Diagnostic Center

Risks Involved in Getting an X Ray Miami or MRI Scan from an Unprofessional Diagnostic Center
There are a lot of people who are advised to go for an X ray Miami scan to figure out the exact cause of any ailment. It becomes quite challenging for the patient to decide, which diagnostic center would be the best for them for the desired imaging services.
Whether your physician has advised you to go for an MRI scan or for an X-Ray scan, you need to emphasize on the fact that only a professional service provider can offer you the reliable services consisting of adequate reports without any glitch. Here are some of the risks involved in getting your tests done from an unprofessional imaging center Miami.

Indistinct Imaging Reports

One of the biggest reasons to rely on a professional imaging center is their ability to deliver the top-notch quality reports that you can’t expect from any other unprofessional service provider. It is always a good decision to choose a reputed service provider that possesses enough experience in the same domain. Apart from this, you can always ask your physician about some prominent service providers in your town to get the best results.
A poor quality report can eventually put an effect on your treatment, and one should strictly avoid any of the unprofessional service providers in the city. You need to emphasize on the fact that only a certified radiologist can deliver you the desired services that you are seeking. So it is better to explore the internet for the same.

Delay in getting the Accurate Reports that Affects Your Treatment

You can always expect faster delivery of your CT scan Miami reports when you prefer a professional radiologist for your imaging tests. There are a lot of patients who first prefer just any of the available service providers in the city and then they have to regret their decision.
It is always a wise decision to choose the most reputed service provider that has eventually created a good name in delivering exceptional imaging services to their clients. This would surely help you in getting the best imaging experience along with accurate reports and that too on time. You only need to do some research over the internet about the renowned X-Ray service provider in your area.
Apart from this, you can always rely on an agency possessing enough experience and having a more pop certification.