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CDI Miami | Friday September 20, 2019

Mammogram Plays A Crucial Role In Detecting Breast Abnormalities

Mammogram Plays A Crucial Role In Detecting Breast Abnormalities


A mammogram is an X-ray technique which is specially used to detect any abnormalities in the breast tissue. Women who are at high risk of breast cancer or have a family history of breast cancer are advised to get a mammogram. The mammogram is not only recommended for women, but Diagnostic medical imaging Miami also advises it to male as well when they get a lump in their chest area.

How Is A Mammogram Performed?

During this your breasts are pressed against the mammogram machine, the compression makes it easier to get clear pictures. The two plates of the machine are used to compress your breasts. If you are in your late twenties, your breasts are denser; the radiologist might take multiple pictures to get a clear view.

Things To Tell Your Physician Before Getting A Mammogram


  • Tell your physician if you had suffered from any abnormalities of breasts, like lumps, etc.
  • Tell your physician if you had any breast surgeries in the past
  • Tell your physician if you might be pregnant or are breastfeeding


What To Expect During Your Mammogram?


  • Before your test, you need to undress from waist above
  • You will be facilitate with a hospital gown; you can keep your pants on you
  • Then you need to stand in front of the mammogram machine with your breasts firmly pressed against the machine
  • You might feel a little discomfort due to the compression. If it is painful, you can tell your technologist.
  • It usually takes about 20 minutes; your breasts are compressed just for a few seconds
  • Typically, two views of each of the breasts are taken; if you have implants, then more pictures are made to get better results.

You get your results the next day. Mammograms are beneficial to know if a lump is cancerous or not.  If your physician suspects a cancerous lump, he will ask you to get a biopsy. It is crucial to mention that 95 percent of the biopsies come out as negative. So, if it suspects a lump to be cancerous, there are high chances that it is not cancer. You should not be afraid to get breast lumps checked, as early detection is the key.


Diagnostic medical imaging Miami recommends yearly mammogram after the age of 40. Mammograms help to detect various abnormalities of the breast at an early age.


CDI Miami | Monday March 4, 2019

How To Prepare For A Mammogram?

How To Prepare For A Mammogram


The mammogram is the first step to take care of the breasts. Even if you’re a mammogram newbie or a veteran, knowing about the process will be helpful in making the process go smoothly. Prepare for a mammogram in the right way, this can be really helpful in reducing the anxiety about the procedure and will make the results more accurate.
Always prefer a specialized facility in mammograms that does many mammograms every day and prefer the same center for diagnostic imaging Miami every time, to easily compare the year to year mammograms. While going to the diagnostic center for the first time, get along the list of places and date of the last mammograms, biopsies, or other breast treatments, so that the old pictures could be compared to the new ones.
Keep track of your menstrual periods, as the mammograms need to be scheduled when the breasts are not swollen or tender to take good pictures and avoid any discomfort. Moreover, don’t spray any deodorant as these have substances which result in white spots on the x-ray. Wear easy to remove clothes as the facility will ask you to remove your top and bra for the 3d mammogram.
What Is Mammography?
The mammogram is an X-ray examination, commonly used to detect and diagnose breast disease in women having breast problems, such as a pain, lump, or nipple discharge. The procedure detects tumors, breast cancers, cysts prior to being detected by the touch. The mammography doesn’t justify that an abnormal area is cancer but if it raises a significant suspicion of breast cancer, tissue should be removed by a biopsy or needle and examined under the microscope to determine either its cancer or not.
Experts ask the 40 years old or above woman to get a mammogram done every one to two years and if there is any family history of breast cancer, women should start screenings earlier because they have it have more often.
When You Get A Mammogram
These are few tips which can be really helpful in getting a good quality mammogram.
Explain all the problem or any Miami breast changes to the technologist while doing the mammogram. Tell your medical history that affects breast cancer risk such as consumption of specific pills, surgery, hormone use, or any breast cancer in the family.
If you’re breastfeeding or pregnant notify the technologist before the imaging test.

CDI Miami | Tuesday June 5, 2018

What is a Mammogram? How Can You Detect It?

A mammogram is termed as an X-ray of the breast. Mammograms have the ability to figure out the breast cancer that is difficult for you, your specialist or a medical caretaker to determine. Besides, they play a pivotal role to detect breast cancer at an early stage.

The earlier you can discover the breast cancer, the greater the possibility that the treatment will work. The main objective of a mammogram is to discover cancer before it begins to cause side effects, as well as determining the size of a breast tumor, and how far it has spread.  So, it’s all about what is a mammogram?

Now, you’ll be thinking of how mammogram can help in the detecting the breast cancer. Let’s have a look at the following:

Kinds of Mammograms

A screening mammogram is an X-ray examination of the woman breasts that have no symptoms of breast cancer. The objective is to recognize tumor when it is still too little to be felt by a woman or her specialist. Screening mammograms incorporate 2D and 3D imaging.

  • 2D mammogram

In 2D mammograms, pictures are taken just from the side and front of breasts. This digital X-ray picture of the breast is prescribed for the routine breast cancer screenings.

In 3D mammograms, numerous two-dimensional X-ray pictures of your breasts are taken from several angles. PC programming consolidates the various 2D pictures into a three-dimensional picture.

A diagnostic mammogram is ideal in case you’ve seen any changes in your breast, for example, hardening or a lump, while looking at your armpits or breasts. This mammogram might also be important if a deformity has been discovered during the mammogram screening or in the event you have a family history of breast cancer.

Other Methods for Breast Imaging


This is an imaging practice that utilizes a magnet connected to a PC in order to make detailed images of your breast. It can better evaluate cancers or diagnose a woman who has a high risk of cancer.


It utilizes sound waves to create a picture of your breast tissue, known as the sonogram.  It is an ideal approach as tells the differentiation between solid masses and cysts without making use of a needle to draw fluid.

Preventing breast cancer and also the early detection is important for maintaining a good health. Center for Diagnostic Imaging, diagnostic center in Miami is equipped with the most advanced imaging technology to discover health issues before they become problems. So, as if now you are aware of what is a mammogram, you can detect it at early stages. For more details visit the website today!