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For over twenty seven years our medical imaging experts have focused on providing you with the latest advances in medical technology while continuing our commitment to outstanding patient care. Our main goal at the Center for Diagnostic Imaging is to meet your needs and for that reason our staff and Board-Certified physicians always have you as their number one priority.


We appreciate your interest in our center and invite you to learn more about our Diagnostic and Preventive Services, and to experience the difference. Learn more




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In one continuous full-body scan (usually about 30-45 minutes), PET captures images of minuscule changes in the body´s metabolism caused by the growth of abnormal cells, while CT images are simultaneously fused to provide complete information on cancer location and metabolism. Learn more

Comprehensive Breast Care Center

The CBCC prides itself on being an accomplished and dedicated imaging center for breast care and analysis in South Florida. We specialize in early detection of breast cancer, provided by a fully trained staff and team of Board Certified Radiologists.


Utilizing the best medical imaging solutions available today, we ensure that each exam is tailored to your individual needs. Our center keeps in strict accordance with your physician′s instructions. Since we analyze the exams ourselves, we are able to provide prompt results and deliver them to your physician. Learn more



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When detected early, breast cancer can be cured. This is why there are more than two million breast cancer survivors in the U.S. today. They are enjoying life without cancer due to screening and early detection. You can reduce your risk of cancer with a comprehensive breast care program offering breast tomosynthesis, Learn more

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