CDI Miami | Thursday July 19, 2018

A Brief Guide about One of the Renowned MRI Centers in Miami

MRI Centers in Miami

There are a lot of MRI Centers in Miami that could offer you the best imaging diagnosis services. One needs to follow certain precautions and advice of the radiologist to ensure that their test is done efficiently.

Your doctor may prescribe you a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test, and you may be wondering why you haven’t advised getting an X-Ray instead? Well, an MRI scan gives a clear picture of the bones, tissues, and the organs of the human body as compared to the other imaging tests. It’s a procedure that lasts for a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes, and you get the reports within a couple of hours.

Here are some aspects that are associated with MRI scan Miami that you need to know.

What are the Diseases that are detected through an MRI Scan

There could be a number of diseases of the human body that can be detected through an MRI scan including cancers, tumors, and bleeding in the brain. Sometimes an MRI scan is also prescribed to check the normal functionality of any organ of the body, which sometimes gets affected due to some blockage in the blood vessels.

The procedure is painless and the patient hardly feels any kind of radiation or something similar. All you need to do is to lie on a bed surrounded by a hollow cylindrical machine that scans a particular part of your body as needed.

The Reason behind Prescribing an MRI rather than any other Imaging Scan

The open MRI Miami scan is based on the technique of using magnetic resonance that gives high-resolution pictures of the internal organs of the body. The other imaging tests like the X-Rays or the ultrasounds may or may not deliver the same results.

Apart from this, some complex organs like the brain cannot be scanned using the X-Ray mechanism, and thus, it is important for your physician to prescribe you an MRI test for finding the cause of the ailment.

How to Prepare for an MRI before you visit any of the Renowned Centres

You hardly need any special preparation for an MRI scan but you should always ask your doctor about the same. Sometimes patients are advised to take some sedatives before the scan so it is recommended that you should follow the instructions and should strictly avoid driving on that particular day.