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CDI Miami | Monday June 29, 2020

Why An Open MRI Is Deemed Better Than Closed MRI?

Why An Open MRI Is Deemed Better Than Closed MRI

So you are facing a medical issue and your consultant has suggested an MRI scan Miami. Of course, your instant reaction is one of nervousness and unwillingness. But MRI’s are often essential, and yes they are not fun.
MRI is accompanied with the good news that is opting for an MRI today is not that bad. Along with traditional barred machines, there are now superior “wide bore” devices and along with open MRI’s. Relying on your distinct circumstance, there may be substitutes.
Below is a broad classification of why Open MRI is better than Closed MRI:-
Favored For Maximum Patients
When patients are in the consideration of their consultant, they struggle to make the patient witness a pleasing one, so it’s a no-brainer for them to practice the machines that various patients favor and that serve the most advantages to the various numbers of people.
Size Is No Matter
People that may not fit securely in a closed machine because of their body shape, weight, mobility interferences, etc., can opt for open machines much effortlessly.
Endorse Equity.
All individuals have a fair approach to the open MRI of south Miami and close MRI machines. People who practice wheelchairs or have a physical incapacity may believe further disliked for not being capable to practice closed machines suitably, but open machines make the transportation procedures much more stress-free and satisfied for them.
Impatient Kids Are Blessed
Children can’t sit patiently for more than 5 minutes when they placed inside of a huge scary machine, so how can they be anticipated to cooperate when placed inside an enclosed channel? Open MRIs assist children to stay quieter and still as compared to Closed MRIs.
Allows Family To Stay Around
With the help of an open structure, ones who require assistance during the process are able to grab a loved one’s hand, witness their assistance system in the room, or lesser their nervousness in whatever method they require.
Attaining Recognition
With the speed of growth of medical technology over time, Open MRIs have developed more prevalent and more progressive as compared to their closed counterparts. Your doctors stay on top of the newest and utmost progressions in the medical arena by practicing Open MRIs.
Have Little Side Effects
Due to the anxiety that can accompany along with closed imaging processes, some individuals have to get medication to regulate their restlessness, claustrophobia or anxiety. Since Open MRI Miami assist enormously with this problem, the patient has fewer issues to deal with like the recovery charges and medication.

CDI Miami | Tuesday October 8, 2019

Significant Things About MRI Scans You Should Decipher

Significant Things About MRI Scans You Should Decipher


The MRI( Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan is a common process prevailing at every corner of the world.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging practices a radio waves and strong magnetic field to develop comprehensive pictures of the tissues and organs within the body.
From the time when it was invented, researchers and doctors endure to refine MRI strategies to aid in medical research and processes. The growth of MRI Miami transformed the world of medicine.
People facing health problems like metal implants, heart pacemakers or metal clips or chips in or encircling the eyes cannot be scanned with magnetic resonance imaging because of the consequence of the magnet.
Below are few points just focusing at MRI scans, what is their procedure and how they are being used by doctors.
How MRI Scan Works?
A Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is a radiology strategy scan that practices radio waves, magnetism and a computer to generate pictures of body structures. A tube also called MRI scanner is encircled by a huge circular magnet. And the patient is positioned on a transferable bed that is implanted into the magnet. This magnet develops a resilient magnetic field that arranges the protons of hydrogen atoms, which are further bared to a ray of radio waves. While executing this procedure, these radio waves spin several protons of the body, and they generate a faint signal that is traced by the receiver section of the Open MRI Miami scanner. The computer then processes the data received, which generates a picture.
Facts Related To MRI Scanning

  • The country which is comprised of the most MRI scanners per capita is Japan, having 48 machines for each 100,000 residents.
  • Raymond Damadian created the very first MRI full-body scanner, which he labeled the Indomitable.
  • Also, MRI scanning is trouble-free and non-invasive process.
  • The charges of a basic MRI scanner are way expensive, but can surpass various million dollars.

Uses Of An MRI Scan
The MRI scan can be practiced as a tremendously precise method of tracking diseases throughout the body and is at times practiced after the other testing fails to offer adequate data to certify a patient’s analysis. Additionally in the head, trauma to the brain can be witnessed as swelling or bleeding. The rest abnormalities at times found comprise brain stroke and aneurysms, tumors of the brain, along with inflammation of the spine or tumors.
Not just this, it offers significant data on organs and glands within the abdomen, and precise data pertaining to the arrangement of the soft tissues, bones of the body and joints. At times, surgery can be delayed or more precisely regulated after comprehending the outputs of an MRI scan Miami.

CDI Miami | Thursday March 21, 2019

Suffering from any abnormal brain conditions? Head MRI can help you detect the cause

Suffering from any abnormal brain conditions Head MRI can help you detect the cause


If you are suffering from certain brain conditions, your doctor may suggest you for MRI of the head portion. Head MRI is a painless and non-invasive procedure that generates images of the brain and brain stem. These images are quite detailed and help doctors detect the underlying cause of the abnormal conditions occurring in the body. MRI Miami creates pictures of the brain with the help of magnetic field and radio waves.

This scan is different from a CT scan and x-ray as it does not use radiation to generate the images. Pictures are created in 3-D form as this scan combines different images to create the one detailed image. The internal structures of the brain are detected carefully thus it is a more effective procedure than other scans as it can even see through the small sections of the brain such as brain stem and pituitary gland. Sometimes a dye or a contrast agent is given to the patient that helps in better visualization of some brain abnormalities.

Following conditions can necessitate for MRI

There are certain brain conditions, which must be detected before they turn into any serious disease. These abnormal conditions may include tumors, cysts, infections, hormonal disorders, brain stroke, spinal cord injuries, blood vessel issues, etc. The doctor may also recommend head MRI if you are suffering from symptoms such as weakness, seizures, severe headache, dizziness, behavioral changes, and blurred vision.

MRI scan Miami can also detect whether you sustained any injury or harm from a stroke. Also, people who are supposed to undergo brain surgery can also go for functional MRI of the brain. This type of MRI is responsible to identify areas of the brain that control body movement and speech functions.

Things you must know before going for an MRI

Before undergoing an MRI scan, you must share certain things with your doctor such as if you have inner ear embeds, pacemakers, vascular stents, or artificial joints in your body. The medical staff in the MRI lab can also ask you if you have ever got injured with metal shrapnel. These things can affect the MRI scan so it is crucial that you must discuss such kind of conditions with your doctor.

Pacemakers and implants can stop functioning properly due to the powerful magnetic field used in MRI scan. You may be asked to remove any kind of metal items from your body such as jewelry, watch, or sunglasses etc. As metals hinder the smooth process of taking images hence they are asked to remove before an MRI scan. In case you are claustrophobic, the radiologist may conduct open MRI Miami that can be tolerable for you.

CDI Miami | Wednesday October 31, 2018

Things to consider before visiting a Radiologist for an MRI Scan

Radiologist for an MRI Scan

You may be advised by a physician to undergo an MRI scan, which is the procedure that helps in identifying the real cause of any discomfort or illness. If you are not aware of this procedure, you need to precisely go through this post.


An MRI scan is a medical imaging procedure that captures high-quality images of internal organs that helps in analyzing any ailment that requires adequate treatment. You can get an MRI scan done at any of the center for diagnostic imaging Miami service provider that has a good expertise in delivering the finest services. It is always recommended to seek professional help from the ones that are already serving the patients with top-notch diagnostic services. Here we would be explaining some common aspects related to MRI Miami scan that you should always keep in mind while you are going for the procedure.


Always consult your Physician if you are taking any medications


You need to focus on the fact that some rare MRI scanning procedures may require adequate medication on a day before the procedure. Hence, it is mandatory for you to consult your physician regarding any medication that you are already taking. This would help your doctor analyze your medication requirements and would certainly alter the same.


Apart from this, you need to mention the allergic reactions (if any) that you face due to some medications. This would certainly help your physician in prescribing the right medication that you need to take on the day of the scan.


Monitor your diet


If you are advised to get an open MRI Miami scan for your stomach, you have to emphasize on your diet. Though your doctor would recommend a diet plan that you should follow, some aspects need to be considered from your end. It is mandatory for you to ensure that you take only liquid foodstuff that helps in clearing the stomach and augments the overall imaging procedure.


Sometimes a little negligence in your diet could cause certain glitches in the overall imaging procedure, which is the reason you need to emphasize more on your diet.


Wear Lose Cloths on the day of the scan


The MRI procedure may require a precise position while the scan takes place. Moreover, the radiologist may ask you to loosen your clothes while the procedure is started. Thus; you should wear comfortable clothes.

CDI Miami | Monday October 8, 2018

Role of Open MRI Miami Services in adequate Diagnosis of Diseases

Open MRI

An Open MRI Miami scan is an imaging scan procedure that helps in deep analysis of an ailment by capturing high-quality images of the organs. Your physician may recommend this test when they are unclear regarding any ailment that may require precise diagnosis so that the correct diagnosis of the ailment can be started.

It has been seen that most of the patients usually ignore the importance of a prominent imaging scan service provider and choose any of the available service providers in their area. Well, it is necessarily important for you to rely on an expert radiologist that can offer you the best in class services with proper assurance of quality reports. It would be a nice decision to consult your physician before picking any of the service providers so that you can get the assurance of quality reports. Here are some aspects that depict the role of MRI centers in Miami.

Better Services to Meet Diverse patient Needs

Some of the MRI procedures require special services and the entire scan is performed under controlled environment under the supervision of an expert. It is thus recommended that you should always emphasize finding the right service provider that can offer you these services without any hassle.

It would be a great decision to rely on the professionals as recommended by your physician so as to get the assurance of quality services. Moreover, it would be nice if you check the reviews and ratings of the radiologist on the internet to get an idea about their proficiency and reliability. Apart from this, one can always visit the official website of these service providers to check whether they are offering a special kind of service or not.

Timely Delivery of Reports to augment the treatment

It is necessarily important for you to emphasize the overall service of a radiologist that can help in the timely treatment of your ailment. Many patients are unaware of the fact that a little delay or a technical glitch in the delivery of accurate reports can adversely affect their overall treatment. Many physicians recommend south Florida diagnostic imaging service provider that can offer them the quality services.

You can expect accurate and timely reports from these reputed radiologists and can get the assurance of timely treatment of your diseases.

These aspects clearly depict the important role of reputed MRI service provider.

CDI Miami | Wednesday October 3, 2018

Getting prepared for an MRI scan for the First Time!

MRi Scan

Did your physician advise you to get an MRI scan to analyze the root cause of any ailment? Well, if your answer is yes, you need to carefully follow some measures before you can step out for the MRI scan Miami imaging procedure. There are certain aspects that require adequate consideration while you are about to go for an MRI scan.

Sometimes a little negligence towards the precautions and medications could cause a glitch in the overall reports. It is thus recommended that you should always consult your physician and follow their advice properly so that you can get the assurance of adequate reports. Here we would be discussing some similar aspects related to the MRI scan as directed by Diagnostic center Miami. Dive in here to know more about the procedure and how to prepare yourself for this procedure.

Always ask Your Doctor Before taking any Medication before the scan

It is strictly recommended that you should always consult your physician before taking any medication at least a day before the procedure. The MRI procedure involves precise scanning of internal organs of your body and some medications may affect the overall quality of the reports in some rare cases. Thus; you need to emphasize the fact that you should avoid certain types of medications even if you are taking them on regular basis.

It would be a nice decision to ask your doctor about the specific drugs that you have to intake before the procedure as some complex procedures may demand a mild sedative before scanning. These sedatives help in calming down the patients who get nervous during the tests.

Avoid any Physical Exercise on the day of the scan

Another thing that requires adequate consideration is that you should avoid any heavy exercise before proceeding for the MRI scan. This is necessarily important as most of the times a little stretch of the muscle that needs to be examined could cause glitches in the reports.

Apart from this, you can consult your physician for special precautions in case of some muscular issues so that you need not face any issues while you are going for an open MRI Miami scan.

Monitor Your Diet

In some rare cases, you need to take a liquid diet at least two days before the procedure so as to ensure that your stomach is clear enough to get high-quality images. You need to consult this from your physician.

CDI Miami | Wednesday September 19, 2018

Role of Latest Imaging Diagnosis Services for Better Treatment of Diseases

diagnostic center Miami

Have you ever imagined the medical services without the use of modern imaging diagnosis services? Sounds horrible, isn’t it? Well, a patient always relies on the modern techniques that include adequate diagnosis services and proper treatment by utilizing the modern equipment. You can always get the adequate treatment of any disease by getting the finest diagnostic services from the diagnostic center Miami. It is always a great decision to consult your physician regarding the need for an imaging scan to diagnose any underlying ailment that can be severe in the future. It is mandatory for you to choose the center for diagnostic imaging Miami for the finest diagnosis services that simply augment your overall treatment.

Here are some of the aspects that depict the important role of these diagnostic services that everyone ought to know.

Precise Tracings of the Disease

Gone are the days when the imaging services were not so reliable to determine the exact location of the ailment. You can now get the precise tracings of the disorder that further helps in shunning the disease with appropriate medication and therapy.
In most of the cases, people that undergo an MRI scan get the accurate report regarding any underlying ailment that causes some discomfort in the body. Earlier it was a challenge for the physician to analyze the reports for any disease in some rare cases that eventually required high-quality imaging for the same. One can now expect the finest open MRI Miami services that simply harmonize your medical treatment.

Quick Delivery Reports

Timely reports are perhaps the reason why these latest imaging diagnosis services have been transforming the current medical industry. A lot of patients are getting benefitted from these diagnosis services as they are able to get the best treatment at the earliest.
One can always expect the reports of their MRI scan or X-Ray scan within a couple of minutes, which was not possible with the use of conventional diagnosis services. You can always rely on these services that are intended to augment your treatment without any delay. 

Better Accuracy

Another way the modern diagnostic services have changed the medical industry is the accuracy of the imaging reports. You can always expect better accuracy when it comes to imaging scans of your body as the latest techniques are highly precise and provide accurate results in lesser time.

CDI Miami | Monday September 17, 2018

How to prepare yourself for an MRI Scan Miami

MRI Scan Miami

A Medical Resonance Imaging or MRI Scan Miami is an imaging test that is used to identify a disease by the means of deeply scanning internal organs of a patient. You can be asked for an MRI scan by your physician whenever you are facing some medical issues that require further clarification.

In most of the cases, the scan hardly requires any preparation or special treatment, but in some rare cases; you may be advised for specific precautions. It is mandatory for you to consult your physician regarding the precautions and preparations before undergoing for the MRI scan procedure. Here we would be highlighting some of the essential things that you should always keep in mind before going for an open MRI Miami scan.

Always Rely on Liquid Diet

Sometimes your doctor would suggest you liquid diet just before a day or two before the MRI scan. This is necessarily important for you to ensure that your stomach remains clean and the scan reports of the stomach or internal organs don’t get affected by the solid foodstuff.
Apart from this, it would be a great decision to drink a lot of water throughout the day so that your body remains hydrated, which further augments the imaging results. A lot of people usually ignore these aspects, which can be the reason for those inadequate imaging reports. One should always keep in mind that you may need a rescan if your test reports aren’t clear or satisfactory.

Never Consume any Medication without Informing your Physician

It is strongly recommended that you should never consume any medication without consulting your doctor regarding the same. It is always a wise decision to ask your doctor or the radiologist regarding the sedatives that are sometimes given to some patients before the scan. There are some chances that your body may react inadequately to sedatives when you have already consumed some medication.
You may have to consume only sedatives on the day of the test so that it doesn’t cause a glitch while you are going for an MRI Scan Miami. Just consult your physician in advance regarding the type of medication that you are consuming daily.

Always take someone with you on the day of Scan

It is always recommended that you should take someone who can take you back home after the scan. This is necessarily important as the sedatives cause dizziness and it won’t be safe for you to drive back home.

CDI Miami | Thursday July 19, 2018

A Brief Guide about One of the Renowned MRI Centers in Miami

MRI Centers in Miami

There are a lot of MRI Centers in Miami that could offer you the best imaging diagnosis services. One needs to follow certain precautions and advice of the radiologist to ensure that their test is done efficiently.

Your doctor may prescribe you a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test, and you may be wondering why you haven’t advised getting an X-Ray instead? Well, an MRI scan gives a clear picture of the bones, tissues, and the organs of the human body as compared to the other imaging tests. It’s a procedure that lasts for a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes, and you get the reports within a couple of hours.

Here are some aspects that are associated with MRI scan Miami that you need to know.

What are the Diseases that are detected through an MRI Scan

There could be a number of diseases of the human body that can be detected through an MRI scan including cancers, tumors, and bleeding in the brain. Sometimes an MRI scan is also prescribed to check the normal functionality of any organ of the body, which sometimes gets affected due to some blockage in the blood vessels.

The procedure is painless and the patient hardly feels any kind of radiation or something similar. All you need to do is to lie on a bed surrounded by a hollow cylindrical machine that scans a particular part of your body as needed.

The Reason behind Prescribing an MRI rather than any other Imaging Scan

The open MRI Miami scan is based on the technique of using magnetic resonance that gives high-resolution pictures of the internal organs of the body. The other imaging tests like the X-Rays or the ultrasounds may or may not deliver the same results.

Apart from this, some complex organs like the brain cannot be scanned using the X-Ray mechanism, and thus, it is important for your physician to prescribe you an MRI test for finding the cause of the ailment.

How to Prepare for an MRI before you visit any of the Renowned Centres

You hardly need any special preparation for an MRI scan but you should always ask your doctor about the same. Sometimes patients are advised to take some sedatives before the scan so it is recommended that you should follow the instructions and should strictly avoid driving on that particular day.