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CDI Miami | Sunday April 12, 2020

Breast MRI- an effective diagnostic tool for women at high risk of getting breast cancer

Breast MRI- an effective diagnostic tool for women at high risk of getting breast cancer

Women who have a 20% lifetime risk of getting breast cancer are sometimes recommended to go for a breast MRI along with screening mammogram. Doctors usually suggest for MRIs to the women who are already diagnosed with breast cancer. It is conducted to measure the size and extent of breast cancer in order to follow the right treatment.

Breast MRI Miami should not be used in place of breast biopsy to differentiate between benign and malignant tumors. MRI is able to detect tumors in dense breast tissue but having dense breasts should not necessitate breast MRI scan. There are certain tiny calcifications which account for half of the breast cancers and these are usually detected through mammography.

An insight into breast MRI

Breast MRIs are just like the diagnostic mammograms that require specially designed equipment. This type of MRI machine consists of dedicated breast coils. There are only certain hospitals and labs that have this type of special equipment. So if you are planning for MRI screening, you should go to a facility that has dedicated equipment and can perform MRI-guided breast biopsy.

Instead of radiation, MRI uses a magnetic field to generate cross-sectional pictures of the body. MRI takes pictures of your breasts from different angles-from the side, front and above your head. Thus it is able to take images of the soft tissues which are sometimes difficult to detect with other imaging tests.

How to get ready for the test?

You must ask your insurance company about the approval of the MRI scan as it is a very costly one. Many of the private insurance companies pay for mammogram tests so they can also pay for MRI test if a woman is diagnosed with a high risk of breast cancer.

You need to follow certain instructions given by your doctor before undergoing a scan. Usually, you are not supposed to follow any diet or preparation plan before MRI, however, there are certain things you must take care of before getting an MRI.

If you are claustrophobic that is if you face issues while lying in an enclosed space, you may need to take a medicine before MRI as it will help you relax while you are placed in a scanner. Talking with a patient counselor a lab attendant can also help you relax before an MRI.

In some MRI centers in Miami, the test is conducted in an open space that gives more room around your body thus you will not feel uncomfortable.

In case you are wearing any metal objects you should remove them before the test, you have to put on a gown or other clothes that are without any zipper or metal.