CDI Miami | Friday January 10, 2014

CBCC Announces More Options for Surgical Breast Lump Removal

The Comprehensive Breast Care Center, a preferred breast MRI guided biopsy Miami facility, announces additional procedures to remove harden lumps discovered during routine breast examinations.

When a suspicious lump is discovered during an examination, physicians usually request additional tests to determine if the lump should be removed. If numerous test results cannot conclude the lump is harmless, the physical will schedule a biopsy.

A breast biopsy is a procedure which removes suspicious breast growth.
Depending upon how big the lump is, the breast MRI Miami clinic will determine the type of biopsy which needs to perform. The two types of breast lump removal biopsies: surgical and core-needle.

A Surgical biopsy is where the surgeon makes a one- to two-inch cut in the breast, removing suspicious tissue.
During a core-needle biopsy, the surgeon removes small amounts of harden tissue through a hollow needle inserted into the breast.
Once the biopsy is completed, the extracted tissue will be examined by a pathologist to determine if the lump contains any signs of cancerous cells. Once the examination is complete, the pathologist will forward the results to the patient’s family physician.

Although mammograms may not be an enjoyable experience, they are necessary in early detection of breast cancer.
Physicians recommend annual checkups to ensure women remain healthy. Earlier detection increases a woman’s odds of being treated and increasing the chance for survival.

About CBCC, Miami:
The Comprehensive Breast Care Center prides itself on being an accomplished and dedicated imaging center for Breast care and analysis in South Florida. They specialize in early detection of breast cancer, provided by a fully trained staff and team of Board Certified Radiologists.
Utilizing the best medical imaging solutions available today, CBCC ensure that each exam is tailored to a patient’s individual needs.
The CBCC center keeps in strict accordance with the patient’s physician’s instructions. Since they analyze the exams themselves they are able to provide prompt results and deliver them to the physician within 24 hours.

Located in the city of Aventura, in North Miami and South Dade, the CBCC is easily accessible from all mayor roads and highways, making it the ideal center digital mammography center for anyone in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area.

The Comprehensive Breast Care Center currently offers the following scanning services:
–       Digital mammogram
–       Breast MRI/Ultrasound
–       Breast Biopsies
–       Bone Density
–       Genetic Testing
–       Breast Navigator
–       Complete Breast Care Program