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X-Ray: Most widely used technique for body imaging

X-Ray- Most widely used technique for body imaging


X-ray provides images of the body and produces results in very less time. X- rays use electromagnetic radiations which are used to get an inside picture of the body, particularly of bones. It is a noninvasive and a painless procedure which does not take a lot of time. X-ray radiations are absorbed by the body parts which have greater density, like bones and they appear white on the X-ray film. X ray Miami helps to find out various ailments in the body.
Why X-ray is done?
X-ray helps to examine body parts. It is used to get an inside picture of the body. Let’s see what are the uses of X-ray
Bones and teeth
X-ray is a go-to tool to find if a body part has suffered a fracture and the type of fracture. With the help of X-ray, a physician finds out if it is a sprain, a hairline fracture or a broken bone.
Dental decay
Dentists advise tooth X-ray before performing various dental procedures. It helps them to check for any abnormalities in the teeth and jaw area.
X-ray can detect the density of your bone and can tell if you are suffering from osteoporosis.
X-ray plays a crucial role in detecting early signs of arthritis, it helps you take timely measure to improve the condition of your joints.
X-ray can detect pneumonia, pneumonia will appear denser in the X-ray film than the air particles in the lungs and will appear as white spots on the film.
Enlarged heart
An enlarged heart is a sign of heart failure and it shows easily on X-ray.
Blockage in blood vessels
Blockage in the lungs and heart are depicted on X-ray.
Swallowed articles
Swallowed items will appear denser on X-ray, which helps to find out where exactly the item is lying in the abdomen.
Is it safe to have an X-ray during pregnancy?
There are no side effects of having X-ray during pregnancy; however, it is important to let your radiologist know if you are pregnant before having your X-ray. Depending on the region of your body where you need to get X-ray, a center for diagnostic imaging can analyze better if it is safe for you to have X-ray, for example, X-ray of arms, head or teeth do not expose the fetus to direct beams.