CDI Miami | Monday September 9, 2013

Using the Best Technology for Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is saving lives every day. By detecting the presence of malignancy early on, before a tumor is developed, cancer sufferers can be treated and make a full recovery from certain types of cancer. There is new research into the treatment of cancer being conducted all the time. There are frequent breakthroughs in medical research, and there are more and more types of cancer that are becoming treatable. The success stories and personal accounts from cancer survivors are always very encouraging. This is great news for anyone who has a family history of certain types of cancer, and who are therefore most vulnerable to developing the disease. With early detection, and the most innovative treatment programs, even people at high risk have a good chance of staying cancer free. However, the detection of cancer requires top quality imaging equipment.

CDI, the Center for Diagnostic Imaging, one of the top diagnostic facilities offering breast MRI guided biopsy in Miami, announces new assurances that the very best technology is being used for the early detection of cancer. People searching for breast ultrasound in Miami will find that CDI appears at the top of local listings. The Center for Diagnostic Imaging in Miami has the best ultrasound equipment available. An ultrasound can show vital information about any abnormalities in the body, by using high frequency sound waves to produce images. CDI are also a top choice for people searching for PET scan in Miami, again because the scanning equipment is the best available. A PET scan delivers important information about abnormalities in the body. By having their patients ingest a small amount of radioactive material and then photographing the whole body using a scanner, physicians can gain a lot of information about any problem areas and conduct more tests, such as biopsies. CDI also specializes in 3D mammography. Before any cancer treatment is undertaken, it is important to get as much information as possible about what is going on inside the body. Sometimes there is more than one affected area or organ, and physicians have to take this into account before deciding on a course of treatment. Offering the most advanced technology used for cancer detection, CDI Miami is a “one stop shop” for physicians to send patients to for tests. Each type of test reveals different information and these results can be combined to give the clearest diagnostic picture possible.

About CDI Miami: CDI Miami, the Center for Diagnostic Imaging, is often the number one choice for people searching for MRI in Aventura and surrounding areas. There are convenient locations in South Florida – Aventura, North Miami Beach and South Dade. For more information and to book a consultation, call toll free on 800-371-0002 or visit