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CDI Miami | Thursday November 5, 2015

Optical Imaging Innovation Expected to Revolutionize Digital Imaging

Electrical engineers at the University of Wisconson-Madison have created the fastest, most responsive flexible silicon phototransistor ever made.

The phototransistor could improve the performance of myriad products – from digital cameras, night-vision goggles and surveillance systems to medical and digital imaging.

“Developed by UW-Madison collaborators Zhenqiang “Jack” Ma, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and research scientist Jung Hun Seo, the high-performance phototransistor far and away exceeds all previous flexible phototransistor parameters, including sensitivity and response time, according to the university.” – Security Sales

Similar to human eyes, phototransistors essentially sense and collect light, then convert that light into an electrical charge proportional to its intensity and wavelength. In the case of human eyes, the electrical impulses transmit the image to the brain.

“We actually can make the curve any shape we like to fit the optical system,” Ma says. “Currently, there’s no easy way to do that.”

One important aspect of the success of the new phototransistors is the researchers’ innovative “flip-transfer” fabrication method, in which their final step is to invert the finished phototransistor onto a plastic substrate. At that point, a reflective metal layer is on the bottom.

“In this structure – unlike other photodetectors – light absorption in an ultrathin silicon layer can be much more efficient because light is not blocked by any metal layers or other materials,” Ma says.

The researchers are patenting the technology through the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

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