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CDI Miami | Monday March 11, 2019

Things You Should Avoid While Going For An MRI

Things You Should Avoid While Going For An MRI

Due to the use of strong magnetic field in an MRI, certain health conditions stop you from getting the exam done. One should always tell your health condition to the technologist while scheduling an appointment for the MRI Miami beach. The radiology staff will tell, whether you can have the MRI exam or not in this condition and modify the test according to your specific condition.
Do Not Wear Metal In Your Body
The strong magnetic field will pick up anything made of metal in your body, even those fibers in your clothing. If you’ve artificial heart valves or pacemakers, tell your technologist before MRI. Do tell your radiologist if you have any cochlear implants, hearing implants, metallic implants, shrapnel or bullet wounds in your body. Take care if there is any vascular stent or stent graft, as the strong magnetic field can harm your body. You should tell your doctor in case you have any metal crowns, dental implants or history of working with any kind of metal.
In such scenarios, the doctor gives the best and safest way of treatment or amends the exam that fits your situation.
The person undergoing the exam should leave all the accessories at home including purse or wallet having metal wires, coins, keys, and other metal objects should be either deposited at the counter before the exam or left at home. Even if you leave these metal items at home, your technician will ask you to remove your metal jewelry, watches and rings, outside of the exam room for safe commencement of the MRI at center for diagnostic imaging Miami. One should also avoid bringing hairpins, eyeglasses, belts or belt buckles, credit cards with magnetic strips, cell phones and any electronic gadgets to the diagnostic center.
Why Metal Is Prohibited During The Exam?
It is always recommended to pad the body parts to prevent any touching which may cause any damages. During an MRI Miami, if there is any skin-on-skin contact point, then a closed circuit is created which produces a thermal effect and causes second-degree burns in some cases.
It is suggested to not wear any makeup during the exam as it contains some traces of metal. Metal is almost found in every mineral makeup items i.e. blush, eye shadows, foundation, lipstick and nail polish. It is advised to go for the appointment fresh-faced to be on the safer side. People having a tattoo should tell the radiologist before, as certain inks can interact with MRI to be careful about the risks involved. So it’s particularly vital to tell your radiologist regarding any implants and tattoo to be far from any danger.

CDI Miami | Wednesday January 16, 2019

An Insight into MRI Scan

An Insight into MRI Scan

For any individual their health should be the first preference, keeping the rest aside. This suggests taking healthy diet, regular exercise, and acquiring sufficient sleep each night. Conversely, sometimes even pursuing these three things is not adequate, which is why a person should visit the doctor at least once a year. A preventative scan, like an MRI scan Miami, might be practiced in order to regulate whether or not a person has a medical situation.

Short for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, this scan is a way to check the body for several irregularities without using dyes or the harmful radiation that usually x rays use.

An MRI scan practices computer technology as well as radio waves to scan the body and generate pictures. These pictures are deemed to be very detailed, which of course assists the technician along with the doctor to regulate irregularities that persist.

Who Should Avoid An MRI Scan?

As advanced as an MRI Miami scan is in respect to the technology that it practices, it is very vital to note that there are some kinds of people who should not undergo this scan. For example, people with pacemakers should avert this scan because the magnetic field that the scan builds can cause the pacemaker to malfunction. Also, this scan should be averted by people who have several kinds of implants, particularly ones that contain metal, for the same cause.

How Can The Scan Be Effective?

In order to effectively prepare for this process, the patient will require arriving at the facility wearing apparel that is totally metal free. This also is accurate for any accessories that a person might be wearing that have metal in them, for example hearing aids or glasses. All of these things will have to be detached prior to the scan. That is basically the only thing that a person has to do in order to efficiently prepare for the MRI Miami beach scan since for this process there are not any food limitations.

However, the person will be exposed to the magnetic field in just the same way as the patient, so it is very vital that the person also avert wearing anything with metal. They should also be free of any other circumstances that might prove damaging to them if they come in contact with the magnetic field. These are some aspects associated with MRI scans and the reasons why your physician suggests the same.