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Aventura is a suburban city located in northeastern Miami-Dade County, Florida. The city name is from the Spanish word for “adventure.”

CDI Miami | Tuesday August 10, 2021

What You Should Know About Breast Stereotactic Biopsy Procedures

If a Patient’s Breast MRI in Aventura Shows Abnormalities, a Breast Stereotactic Biopsy May be Needed

Breast MRI in Aventura is one of the most common diagnostic imaging tests performed in the area. When a patient’s results show abnormalities, further testing is often required in order to determine whether the area in question is benign or cancerous. Continue reading

CDI Miami | Tuesday November 10, 2015

X-Rays and MRIs

Technology has come a long way in the X-Ray field as traditional film is largely being replaced by digital imaging, called digital X-Ray or digital radiography.  This new technology uses sensors from a digital image device as opposed to the use of traditional photographic film.  Widely used by doctors, dentists, hospitals, and X-Ray centers worldwide, this new technology allows for a more cost-effective and user-friendly approach to X-Ray imaging.

A key advantage to digital radiography is an increase in overall health and well-being.  By using digital imaging in place of traditional film, up to fifty percent less radiation is used to capture images.  In addition, when using traditional film, costly developing chemicals are required thus increasing chemical exposure to patients and staff members.  By removing the film-developing step from the X-Ray process, digital radiography provides a much safer approach and is more cost effective as well.  Both material and labor costs are lowered as developing chemicals are not required and companies that pick up hazardous waste are no longer needed, thus saving thousands of dollars.

Compared to traditional film, digital radiography produces higher quality images that are ready to view within seconds allowing for quicker appointment times. They are simpler to access and easily shared via email from practice to practice.  Similar to using photo edit controls on a computer, digital X-Ray images can be manipulated for clearer results by enlarging and brightening the images.  This provides a clearer picture, allowing for early detection and a more proactive treatment plan.  Because patients are also able to view the images more clearly, a new educational approach to diagnosis and treatment has been made possible.

Also more and more patients and doctors are choosing open MRI scan vs. traditional MRI for their diagnostic needs. In fact, there is such a high demand that an increasing number of MRI diagnostic centers, such as the Center for Diagnostic Imaging in Miami, are offering open MRI either exclusively or as part of their diagnostic imaging MRI services.

Not only does open MRI offer the same high-quality diagnostic images as regular MRI machines, but it also offers a greatly increased comfort level for patients.

There are many groups of patients in particular that appreciate the openness of the open MRI tube, including children, overweight patients and those suffering from claustrophobia.

Open MRI has been revolutionary in being able to effectively scan children. And open MRI has not only allowed overweight patients a higher level of comfort, it produces better scans for this population. The open MRI’s wider opening allows a better positioning of overweight patients, which helps improve image quality and accuracy. The open MRI table weight limits are also substantially higher than those of closed MRI machines, providing access to a greater number of patients.

Many patients actually first discover that they are claustrophobic while getting a scan on a closed MRI machine. The closed tube, with limited space is extremely frightening for those that suffer from this phobia. Open MRI addresses these fears with its open sides and flared tube opening which allows a feeling of greater freedom and space.

Our Miami-based center offers the latest in all imaging technology: providing access to the latest treatments, while minimizing radiation exposure to our clients.

At the Center for Diagnostic Imaging, a full body scan can be offered in MRI scan form and also in CTA scan and Pet CT scan forms.

CDI Miami | Monday September 9, 2013

Using the Best Technology for Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is saving lives every day. By detecting the presence of malignancy early on, before a tumor is developed, cancer sufferers can be treated and make a full recovery from certain types of cancer. There is new research into the treatment of cancer being conducted all the time. There are frequent breakthroughs in medical research, and there are more and more types of cancer that are becoming treatable. The success stories and personal accounts from cancer survivors are always very encouraging. This is great news for anyone who has a family history of certain types of cancer, and who are therefore most vulnerable to developing the disease. With early detection, and the most innovative treatment programs, even people at high risk have a good chance of staying cancer free. However, the detection of cancer requires top quality imaging equipment.

CDI, the Center for Diagnostic Imaging, one of the top diagnostic facilities offering breast MRI guided biopsy in Miami, announces new assurances that the very best technology is being used for the early detection of cancer. People searching for breast ultrasound in Miami will find that CDI appears at the top of local listings. The Center for Diagnostic Imaging in Miami has the best ultrasound equipment available. An ultrasound can show vital information about any abnormalities in the body, by using high frequency sound waves to produce images. CDI are also a top choice for people searching for PET scan in Miami, again because the scanning equipment is the best available. A PET scan delivers important information about abnormalities in the body. By having their patients ingest a small amount of radioactive material and then photographing the whole body using a scanner, physicians can gain a lot of information about any problem areas and conduct more tests, such as biopsies. CDI also specializes in 3D mammography. Before any cancer treatment is undertaken, it is important to get as much information as possible about what is going on inside the body. Sometimes there is more than one affected area or organ, and physicians have to take this into account before deciding on a course of treatment. Offering the most advanced technology used for cancer detection, CDI Miami is a “one stop shop” for physicians to send patients to for tests. Each type of test reveals different information and these results can be combined to give the clearest diagnostic picture possible.

About CDI Miami: CDI Miami, the Center for Diagnostic Imaging, is often the number one choice for people searching for MRI in Aventura and surrounding areas. There are convenient locations in South Florida – Aventura, North Miami Beach and South Dade. For more information and to book a consultation, call toll free on 800-371-0002 or visit cdimiami.com