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CDI Miami | Wednesday October 23, 2019

How 3-D Mammogram Helps In Early Detection Of Breast Cancer

How 3-D Mammogram Helps In Early Detection Of Breast Cancer

A mammogram plays a significant role in detecting breast cancer early. 2 D mammograms can give false results which cause anxiety and unnecessary suffering to the patient until a biopsy is done. 2 D mammogram cannot help to see a clear picture in women with dense breasts.

Early detection of breast cancer can save the patient from radiation and chemotherapy, early detection is the key and 3-D makes it possible. Women who have more fibroglandular than fatty tissue in their breast are considered to have denser breasts. Nearly half of women have denser breasts. 2-D mammograms get a picture of top and side of the breast only but a 3-D mammogram Miami gets several pictures to get the exact view and detect what is wrong.

Mammography is an X-ray technique which is used to analyze the density of the breast tissues.

Who should go for 3-D Mammography?

Anybody who is in need of mammography should ask for 3-d mammogram instead of the conventional 2-D mammogram. Mammograms are not only advised to women, but physicians also refer males to get mammograms when they see any abnormality in the chest of a male.

If you feel any lump in your breast, then you should go for 3-D mammography.

How mammography is performed?

During mammography you are asked to remove your clothing from the waist above. You will be asked to remove metal jewelry or any piece of clothing which has metal on it. During a mammogram, breasts are placed against a mammogram machine; compression is applied with the help of two plates attached to the mammogram machine to get a clear picture of the breast.

If you have denser breasts the technician will take more images so that a radiologist can interpret them without any trouble. Mammography takes about twenty minutes and your breasts are compressed with the help of plates which are attached to the machine, just for some seconds.

Mammography is a painless procedure but you might feel discomfort for the time your breasts are compressed. If you feel sharp pain, tell the technician.

Things that you should tell your physician before a mammogram

  • Tell your physician if you had any breast surgeries in the past.
  • Tell your physician if you have experienced any lumps in the breast or anything abnormal.
  • Tell your physician if you might be pregnant or are breastfeeding.

When to expect the results?

You can expect the results the next day. If your doctor suspects something abnormal, he will advise biopsy to get to know what is wrong. It is important to mention that 95 percent of the biopsies come out as negative. So, if you have a lump in your breast and are advised a biopsy, there is nothing to be afraid of.


3-D mammography is an imaging tool which helps in the early detection of cancer and helps to detect other abnormalities in the breast tissues. Early detection can help save lives. It is a very safe procedure and the radiation exposure to the breast is very low in mammography. Patients over 40 are advised to get a yearly screening at the center for diagnostic imaging Miami.