CDI Miami | Tuesday June 26, 2018

Preparing for a PET Scan from a Reputed Center for Diagnostic Imaging Miami

Center for Diagnostic Imaging Miami

Center for Diagnostic Imaging Miami

If you are diagnosed with any a tumor in your body by the center for diagnostic imaging Miami, you would be further asked for going for a PET scan. If you are wondering that what is meant by the term PET scan: it is full body scan that detects the radiation that allows the physician to locate the exact location of the disease.

Once you are done with a PET scan Miami, your doctor would advise you the further treatment for your ailment. It is necessarily crucial to get the detailed information regarding the scan in advance, and here’s all you need to know before visiting the center for diagnostic imaging Miami.

Before Visiting the center for Scanning

It is necessarily crucial to follow the guidelines offered by your physician before you visit the diagnostic center for the scan. Make sure you describe any sort of allergies to the doctor prior to scan as it would help they physician understand your body’s functioning, and eventually they can modify the procedure.

Most of the MRI centers in Miami offer the facility of a PET scan, and you need to choose the promising one. Make sure you follow the diet as prescribed by your doctor. You need to be in a low carbohydrate diet for past 24 hours before the scan.

One should always keep in mind that they should only drink water before 6 hours of the scan. According to the experts of the center for diagnostic imaging Miami, one should avoid food at least six hours before the scan begins.

During the PET Scan

One should be aware of the fact that the test may last for 2 hours, and you should keep patience while the test is being done. The technician may guide you regarding holding the breadth or continuously lying in some definite position.

It is crucial that you clear your doubts before you enter the scanning room as you would not be allowed to have a conversation with the technician and physician during the scan.

After the Scan

When the scan is completed at the medical imaging center, you need to drink a lot of water and follow the other crucial guidelines offered by your physician. Apart from this, if you feel uncomfortable or witness any unusual symptom, it is advised to contact your doctor immediately. It can be due to some side-effects or not following the proper guidelines, and happens very rarely.