CDI Miami | Saturday November 9, 2013

New financing Option to Help Patients with Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses

With myriad special medical, diagnostic and screening test for discovering asymptomatic health problems, early detection of even the most chronic disease has become a possibility! Thanks to the advancement in diagnostic imaging, human body is no longer a mystery for physicians. With comprehensive inside view of a patient’s body due to advanced diagnostic imaging, it has become easier for the doctors to make a definite diagnosis and successfully manage the disease. For instance, women in Miami can potentially save their lives by reducing the risk of breast cancer through regular breast ultrasound, which detects breast tumors. Regular scanning can lead to reduced risk of developing a full-blown breast cancer in women. However, not everybody can avail the luxury of early disease detection as such diagnostic scanning and screenings are not inexpensive. Many people find it difficult to afford such out-of-pocket diagnostic imaging expenses.
The Center for Diagnostic Imaging, in North Miami Beach, has announced easy financing option through CareCredit, to help its patients seeking diagnostic screening such as MRI, MRA, Ultrasound or a PET scan in Miami.
CareCredit is merely like having a credit card for specifically meeting out-of–pocket health care costs. It is one of the most convenient ways to consolidate and manage additional medical expenses with a revolving line of credit that can be used repeatedly and for any family member. With two basic payment plans to meet patient’s financial needs, patients can either choose to take a no interest plan for six months or prefer an extended plan with fixed interest rates.
No Interest Plan for six months: is one of the most popular CareCredit plan with more than 50% of patients having selected this option. Accountholders with CareCredit’s No Interest Plan for six months can pay for his pet scan, breast ultrasound, MRA or MRI in Miami through Care Credit, without any Interest charged for it. However, the account holder has to ensure making a minimal monthly payment and payoff the balance amount within-in the specified promotional period. Accountholders who fail to make full payment with-in a six month period will be entitled to pay the interest rate of 24.99% from the purchase date.
Extended payment plan with fixed interest rates: Account holders who choose to pay for their breast ultrasound, pet scan, MRA, MRI or bone scans in Miami through CareCredit, can also opt for an extended payment plan for 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. These plans carry an interest rate (14.90%) that is more competitive than most bankcards and feature a fixed, monthly payment and a longer term.