CDI Miami | Friday June 8, 2018

Major Advancements in the Field of X Ray Radiology

The modern epoch has provided enough room for the advancement of technology, and X Ray Radiology isn’t untouched! There is a lot of research and development in the field of diagnostic medical imaging that has eventually proven to be a game changer in treating life-threatening diseases.

The discovery of radiology in the 19th century had greatly impacted the lives of millions of people suffering from different ailments. Since then, the technology has improved many times as it used to be, and now we are in an era where we can get accurate results within minutes from a reputed diagnostic center. Here is the list of some of the major advancement in this field.

Reduction of the Radiation Dosage

Gone are the days when patients were given a high dosage of radioactive drugs in order to get a clear picture of the disease and its location in the body. Now enhanced practices in the field of X Ray Radiology have eventually reduced the dosage without compromising on the results.

Patients are treated on the basis of their diagnostics, which earlier had some side-effects on the body. The modern machines, 3d mammogram, and precise practicing have improved the overall diagnostic industry for the good.

4D Ultrasound

Another technology that has completely transformed the medical field is the ultrasound. This technology was discovered in late 1877, and since then, the technology has been witnessing major advancements.

This technique helps in monitoring pregnancy and also for other diagnostics that require precise imaging that further lends a hand in the overall treatment of the patient. Furthermore, Routine mammogram, PET CT scans are also used for the complete imaging of the body parts to get the better view internally.

Advanced PET Scans and Mammography

The digital mammography is proven to be the finest mode of getting instant results that helps a patient to get them treated quickly. The digital mammography technique is found to be more precise as compared to the conventional one in determining breast cancers in most of the women.

The X Ray Radiology field is one of the crucial fields of medical industry that has eventually made it possible to determine the diseases that cannot be diagnosed by utilizing any other technique.

On the other hand, the PET scans have provided an advanced way of determining cancer in one’s body with clear imaging and fast processing of the detailed reports. The metabolic changes are observed in such a way that it gives a clear idea to the physician that what’s wrong in one’s body.

So these were some major improvements and advancements in the field of radiology.