CDI Miami | Friday June 8, 2018

Major Advancement in Medical Imaging Center

There are certain technical advancements which not only eases the doctors but also patients. The field of Medical Imaging Center is one of those fields. There are many points where it redefined the advanced imaging of patients. Some of those points are,


  • Accelerating handling speed
  • Increasing the limits of 3D and 4D
  • Seizing images at the exact place at the exact time

In this post, we will discuss these advancements in details and understand the advanced application of imaging center in Miami. So, without any further ado, let’s get you started with it,

Accelerating Handling Speed


In order to create top-notch diagnostic images, processing images are very crucial. Imaging diagnostic center in Miami is consistently improvising the method of the reconstruction of volumetric data. Introduction of GPUs aka Graphical Processing Units in imaging devices give the device a cutting-edge technology for better speed and quality. The frame rates of modern-day DRX detectors are also kept pushing to become faster (i.e., faster frame rates). It has given imaging centers in Miami chance to produce results faster and increase their return on investments. In general, a normal CPU takes up to 20-30 minutes while this enhanced mechanism takes up to 6 minutes only.


Increasing the Limits of 3D & 4D


In a nutshell, the application of 3D and 4D technology has the potential to drastically change the realm of diagnostic imaging in Miami. There are many ongoing pieces of research which are looking for additional technology for a clearer scattering. There is some additional research going on the application of cone-beam CT to develop 3D images.


3D modeling is also being observed for the application. Healthcare industries are voraciously creating 3D anatomical models. 4D radiology will be the next stage of this research in the future. Many are speculating loads of possibilities with 4D in the fold.

Seizing Images at the Exact Place at the Exact Time


Accuracy is paramount in diagnostic medical imaging. This is the reason lot of legwork in research is going on for the accuracy factor. For any physician, surgeon, or any other person in a care center, accurate image helps them to serve their patient in a better way and at significantly low cost. This field will be of great importance in the future as researchers are looking forward to improving diagnostic center especially in the terms of accuracy.


These are the futuristic approaches which will shift the paradigm in the field of diagnostic medical imaging in Miami.