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How Ultrasound Help In Detecting An Underlying Ailment?

How Ultrasound Help In Detecting An Underlying Ailment

Ultrasound also called Sonography is a noninvasive procedure which is done to get the image of internal organs of the body. During this, high-frequency waves are sent inside the body and they echo back and images of those echoes are produced which are then interpreted by a radiologist. The person who performs an ultrasound at an imaging diagnostic center in Miami is called a sonographer.
It is safe even for pregnant women as they don’t use radiation; instead, sound waves are used in performing an ultrasound. These sound waves are not within the hearing range of humans, but cats and dogs can easily hear these sound waves.
What are ultrasounds used for?
A fun fact is that it was not developed for medicine but for the industry to find defects in metal casting. Today ultrasound is widely used in the field of medicine for the purpose of diagnosis.
Ultrasound is used to:-
To detect blockages
it is performed to see if arteries and veins are working normally and there is no blockage. A blockage in the heart could result in a heart attack. It helps us to detect any abnormalities so that timely measures can save lives.
To detect stones
Ultrasound of kidney, liver, gallbladder helps to detect stones in these vital organs. If you are experiencing swelling and pain in the abdominal area your doctor might ask you to go for diagnostic imaging Miami for an ultrasound.
To detect lumps
It is widely used to detect lumps in the body. Ultrasound waves when strike with a lump produces echoes which give a clear image of the lump in that particular area.
To detect the growth of the fetus
It is used to see if the fetus is growing normally, through it one can know the gender of the baby in the week 18-22. Ultrasound waves are harmless for the baby and the mother.
To guide Biopsies
It plays a major role to guide surgeons during needle biopsies. They get a picture where the needle is going and where the lump or cyst is, which needs a biopsy.
It is beneficial in providing a picture of the internal body parts which helps a physician to understand what is wrong in that particular organ. Ultrasounds at diagnostic imaging Miami are useful in detecting any lumps, cysts, stones in the body. In pregnancy, ultrasound helps in analyzing the growth of the baby and is used to know the gender of the unborn baby. It is used to guide surgeons in needle biopsies