CDI Miami | Wednesday March 20, 2019

How PACS Transformed The Medical Imaging?

How PACS Transformed The Medical Imaging?

PACS or picture archiving communications systems has changed the scenarios of radiology departments drastically. With a number of PACS system installed in the radiology departments of the hospital, the diagnostic medical imaging departments have progressed enormously in the country. With this system, there are a number of advantages to the medical professionals, as they can capture, stock, send and display the medical images from one radiology workstation to another workstation and can use the images for future research.

Impact Of PACS

PACS has completely changed the working of the hospital’s radiology department. PACS has made scheduling easy, the patient can track and generate reports after some time in that system. Patients X-ray and CT-scan images are electronically stored in the system, which can be viewed afterward on the computer screen by the doctors for treatment and research purposes. PACS has improved the diagnosis method and creates a film in fewer images. The radiologist or doctor has the full access to view the past images of the patients in center for diagnostic imaging for comparing multiple images through PACS.

PACS has enhanced the working of the radiology department. It has improved the productivity of diagnosis and reporting of particular diagnostic imaging. Hospital and healthcare centers are giving best services to the people coming for various diagnostic tests. Moreover, PACS have completely simplified the hospital’s process, as they can operate by viewing various X ray radiology images.

The prominent feature of PACS is the speed, which has solved the matter of the time-consuming process of images developing. But now images can be seen in PACS after few seconds.

Importance Of PACS In Radiological Department

The PACS system has made diagnostic imaging more in digital forms which are more affordable and has resulted in finishing the possibility of losing any images due to mismanagement by the authorities. In addition to this, the diagnostic methods have improved giving a clearer image to the doctors. Doctors can manipulate the images for correctly diagnosing and getting a full detailed image on the screen.

The feature of PACS to be accessible to multiple clinicians has helped patients to show their reports to various doctors. Additionally, they are being used in training the interns and enhancing the teaching experience for a better understanding of the medical students. Now, medical students are exposed to various diagnostic digital images for having in-depth knowledge of the web. PACS is easy to use and highly effective method adopted by hospitals which have resulted in improving the working and diagnosing process of various departments.