CDI Miami | Tuesday December 11, 2018

Dental x-rays- a useful diagnostic tool for your oral health

Dental x-rays- a useful diagnostic tool for your oral health
Some of the dental problems can be checked by just examining the teeth and gums but there are some underlying problems that are hidden and can be detected without an X-ray. So dentists usually resort to dental x-rays to diagnose the problems in the teeth which otherwise go undiscovered.
X-ray radiology is extensively used by the dentists to detect the problem and determine the most effective treatment for the particular problem diagnosed.
How dental x-rays help determine the oral health of your teeth?
Dentists use the x-rays to identify problems such as toothed decay, broken roots, bone loss, and other oral problems that usually go unnoticed. With this, the dentists are able to detect the problems at an early stage that will consequently lower the risk of complications or the development of serious issues.
X-rays are also used to discover the abnormal growths inside the mouth and jaw such as cysts or tumors. They can also be used to look for the lesions which usually depict the early signs of oral cancer. Dentists also use them to determine the abscesses which need immediate treatment to reduce the risk of infection.
X-ray services are also used to determine the impacted teeth. As these teeth have no way to come through the gums so they might need removal. Generally, it occurs with the wisdom teeth which need to be removed as they cause pain and swelling in the mouth.
Many of the dental treatments such as root canals, dental implants, veneers, orthodontic treatments, and other dental treatments require x-rays before the start of the treatment. Thus x-rays help the dentists to give the best treatment to the patient based on the condition of their teeth.
What are the types of x-rays?
Orthopantomograph is a type of x-ray that is used to determine the growths, infections, fractures, and impacted teeth. It provides the view of an entire mouth including jaws and nasal area.
Occlusal is a kind of x-ray that is used to take images of the floor and the roof of the mouth to see the teeth below the gums, particularly used to look for decay or abscesses.
Many other types of dental x-rays are performed such as bitewing, periapical etc. by X-ray Miami which is well-equipped with the latest machines and has experienced radiologists who provide accurate reports and guidance for further treatments.