CDI Miami | Tuesday November 17, 2015

CDI’s Latest Technology to Help Maintain and Improve Health

The Center for Diagnostic Imaging of Miami, announces helping patients maintain their healthy lifestyles and improving chances of catching and treating severe illnesses and diseases, with their latest full body scanning technology.

The medical technology used to operate full body scans are noninvasive, painless and require low dosages of radiation.

Since annual doctor visits cannot always detect or identify certain viruses and infections, full body scan technology is capable of looking past the surface of the skin in order to get a close look at the patient’s bones and internal organs.


When illnesses or infections are not detected right away, they grow; damaging internal organs and creating harmful side effects. The types of effects which could be painful and reduce normal bodily functionalities.


In the unfortunate event an internal health hazard is discovered, depending on the stage a virus is in will determine if it is treatable. With a full body scan, the body is examined for a multitude of different health threats caused by infections and abnormalities. The earlier an issue is identified with a scan will increase the odds of treating it.


About Center for Diagnostic Imaging:


full body ct scan miami


The Center for Diagnostic Imaging Miami staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of efficient and excellent care for each patient who walks through their door.
The center, known for their reputation as one of the best full body CT scan Miami facilities in the state, is owned and managed by physicians, radiologists, technicians, and other highly trained and qualified staff.


The staff-ran facility’s mission is to serve the healthcare needs of the Miami community with the use of the most highly advanced technology medical equipment within the diagnostic imaging industry.
With this type of technology available at their fingertips, staff members have the ability to better identify any issues or concerns impacting the health and well-being of each individual patient.


The Center for Diagnostic Imaging currently offers the following scanning services:

  •     Computer tomography Scan (CAT Scan)
  •     Computed Tomography Angiography Scan (CTA Scan)
  •     Magnetic Resonance Angiography scan (MRA)
  •     Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  •     Nuclear Medicine
  •     Position Emission Tomography Scan (PET Scan)
  •     X-Rays


In addition to their diagnostic services, the center is also known as one of the most preferred breast ultrasound Miami facilities. When it comes to breast exams women the can receive 3D Mammography scans, MRI guided biopsies, and stereotactic biopsies.