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Our news section contains some of the most important articles on breast cancer research as well as information about our programs and resources.

The CBCC’s mission is to support research, education and public awareness of cancer prevention, early detection and optimal treatment.

Diet Changes That Might Cut Breast Cancer Risk
Consider these foods that could lower your breast cancer risk.
Angelina Jolieu2019s Disclosure Highlights a Breast Cancer Dilemma
Angelina Jolieu2019s decision to have her breasts removed because she carries a rare defective gene underscored the painful choices women face in trying to prevent breast cancer.
6 life saving tips to protect you from breast cancer
She may be a gyncologist, but Dr. Lillian Schapiro also knows what it’s like to be on the other side of the exam room.She was diagnosed with breast cancer and knows how emotionally and physically tolling the battle can be as a doctor and patient. In order to detect breast cancer early, Dr.