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Guided Breast Biopsy

Steriotactic Guided Biopsy

A stereotactic guided biopsy is a minimally invasive procedure that uses advanced three dimensional mapping to target and remove a sample of a suspicious breast growth or abnormality so that it can be evaluated by a pathologist for cancerous tissue.

To diagnose these abnormalities, our radiologists at CBCC Miami, can perform ultrasound-guided or MRI-guided biopsies.

MRI Guided Biopsy

MRI guided biopsies are used for those abnormalities that can only been seen using an MRI. Computers are then used to find the suspicious tissue, plot its location, and help aim the probe.

Ultrasound Guided Biopsy

Ultrasound uses sound waves to identify the location of the abnormal tissue, allowing the radiologists to guide the biopsy need to the correct location and remove tissue samples in real time.

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