CDI Miami | Thursday April 13, 2017

3D Mammography Increases Odds of Detecting Breast Cancer

Breast cancer awareness campaigns have heightened awareness of the importance of getting mammograms. However, there are big differences in mammography technology today.

Three-dimensional mammography, first approved by the FDA in 2011, known more specifically as digital breast tomosynthesis, detects 41 percent more invasive breast cancers that traditional mammograms.

Benefits to Patients

With no added demand on a patient’s time during an exam, 3D imaging can:

  • Improve diagnostic confidence
  • Replace more invasive and expensive diagnostic procedures, reducing risk of complications
  • Minimize exploratory surgery
  • Facilitate non-invasive surgical planning
  • Reduce operating time
  • Minimize damage to healthy tissue by targeting the treatment area
  • Serve as easy-to-read visuals for patient education and communication.


“With this more in-depth mammogram imaging, physicians … can more accurately detect invasive breast cancers in even the most difficult cases,” said Dr. Monica Yepes, Director of Breast Imaging Services at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, part of University of Miami’s UHealth in a release. “We also send patients home knowing that results are more accurate and unnecessary follow-up testing is highly unlikely, creating a greater peace of mind in an often stressful situation.”

How Does it Work?

Fifteen consecutive images are taken from different angles across the arc of the breast to produce a 3D image. This clarity helps identify potentially cancerous lesions with more accuracy because the images are taken at different angles.

2d and 3d mammogram - center for diagnostic imaging - miami florida

Photo Credit: Austin Breast Imaging


5 Additional Benefits of Using 3D Mammography:

1. Simple detection shows the interior of the breast without distortions and shadowing
2. Faster detection Because thin layers are shown separately, it is easier to identify whether lesions are benign or harmful.
3. Increased comfort because 2D and 3D images can be produced in a single compression.
4. Improved imaging for dense breast tissue
5. Fewer call backs for additional tests

Early detection is critical for treatment of breast cancer. With 3D Mammography, detection is both faster and more accurate than the 2D images. While they typically cost an additional $50 to $100, many patients feel the expense is worth the peace of mind.

At the Center for Diagnostic Imaging’s Comprehensive Breast Care Centers, we believe so strongly in the benefits of 3D mammography that we became the first imaging center in South Florida to offer the technology for breast cancer screening. Schedule an appointment today to for this important, life-saving test.