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CDI Miami | Tuesday December 4, 2018

Facts you should know before undergoing an MRI Scan

Facts you should know before undergoing an MRI Scan
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scan is an examination that is carried out to take the detailed pictures of the inside organs of the body through strong magnetic and radio waves. It is generally used to diagnose the underlying cause of some symptoms happening in your body. Usually, the area of chest, abdomen or pelvis is scanned during an MRI scan Miami. Pregnant women may also undergo this scan for safely monitoring the baby.
Why you should go for an MRI?
MRI Scanning is performed to examine the organs of the abdomen and the chest which includes heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, and adrenal glands. The pelvic organs are also monitored such as bladders, uterus, and ovaries in females and prostate glands in the males. Blood vessels and lymph nodes are also evaluated including the MR angiography.
The physicians usually conduct the MRI scanning to diagnose the tumors of the chest, abdomen or pelvis, the diseases of the liver and abnormalities in the pancreas or bile ducts.
In case you are going through inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease or ulcers in the stomach or colon, facing heart problems etc. you must go through an MRI Scan that might be an answer to all your problems.
There are various MRI centers in Miami where they use highly sophisticated equipment installed with the latest technology and machines.
What are the pros and cons of a MRI scan?
• From years, MRI is known to diagnose a wide range of conditions such as cancer, heart disease, abnormalities in muscles and bones.
• MRI is a technique that does not harm you as they do not use ionizing radiation.
• MRI allows the discovery of the diseases that might be hindered by bones or other scanning methods.
• In case sedation is used during an MRI, it might be risky for you. But the nurse will supervise your vital signs to reduce the risk.
• If contrast intravenous is given, the physician recommends the women that they should not breastfeed the babies for 24 to 48 hours otherwise it will be harmful to the baby as well as the mother.
MRI Miami provides high-quality images with proper diagnoses report. You must make yourself perfectly still and follow the instructions given by the nurse while the images are being recorded.
Although there is no case that MRI harms the fetus the pregnant women are advised not go through it unless medically prescribed.

CDI Miami | Wednesday October 31, 2018

Things to consider before visiting a Radiologist for an MRI Scan

Radiologist for an MRI Scan

You may be advised by a physician to undergo an MRI scan, which is the procedure that helps in identifying the real cause of any discomfort or illness. If you are not aware of this procedure, you need to precisely go through this post.


An MRI scan is a medical imaging procedure that captures high-quality images of internal organs that helps in analyzing any ailment that requires adequate treatment. You can get an MRI scan done at any of the center for diagnostic imaging Miami service provider that has a good expertise in delivering the finest services. It is always recommended to seek professional help from the ones that are already serving the patients with top-notch diagnostic services. Here we would be explaining some common aspects related to MRI Miami scan that you should always keep in mind while you are going for the procedure.


Always consult your Physician if you are taking any medications


You need to focus on the fact that some rare MRI scanning procedures may require adequate medication on a day before the procedure. Hence, it is mandatory for you to consult your physician regarding any medication that you are already taking. This would help your doctor analyze your medication requirements and would certainly alter the same.


Apart from this, you need to mention the allergic reactions (if any) that you face due to some medications. This would certainly help your physician in prescribing the right medication that you need to take on the day of the scan.


Monitor your diet


If you are advised to get an open MRI Miami scan for your stomach, you have to emphasize on your diet. Though your doctor would recommend a diet plan that you should follow, some aspects need to be considered from your end. It is mandatory for you to ensure that you take only liquid foodstuff that helps in clearing the stomach and augments the overall imaging procedure.


Sometimes a little negligence in your diet could cause certain glitches in the overall imaging procedure, which is the reason you need to emphasize more on your diet.


Wear Lose Cloths on the day of the scan


The MRI procedure may require a precise position while the scan takes place. Moreover, the radiologist may ask you to loosen your clothes while the procedure is started. Thus; you should wear comfortable clothes.

CDI Miami | Wednesday October 24, 2018

How to Shun Your Anxiety while you are going for an MRI or CT Scan Procedure

MRI Procedure

Several people get nervous when they hear about any of the imaging scan procedures. This is quite obvious if you are unaware about the procedure but can be quite severe when you are about to go for the imaging scan procedure like an MRI Miami scan. Your physician would surely suggest some solution for the same and eventually won’t begin the MRI procedure until you are normal.

Sometimes you just can’t control your fear of visiting a radiologist, which is the reason you have to face certain issues that may affect your blood pressure and heartbeat. It is always a wise decision to talk to your physician regarding the same in advance. This would not only help you in getting the right treatment but eventually let you get the right diagnosis services. Here are some of the effective ways that would help you in shunning your stress when you are visiting a center for diagnostic imaging.

Consult Your Doctor in Advance

It would be a nice decision to talk to your doctor regarding the symptoms that you witness when you face a certain situation or think about visiting a radiologist. There are a lot of people that have a phobia of facing their doctor, which is the reason you need to focus on telling the entire situation to your doctor.

There could be chances that your doctor would offer you the best solution regarding your issues. Apart from this, it is always a rewarding decision to seek help from the radiologists that perform any of the imaging scan procedures.

Take some Sedatives

It is good to take some sedatives before the procedure that would help you in relaxing and getting ready for the procedure. Sometimes mild sedatives can do wonders in calming you down but it is recommended to consult your physician regarding the medications that you are already taking so that it doesn’t cause any issues when you are consuming the sedatives.

Visit your Physician Frequently

You just can’t ignore the fact that visiting your doctor and talking to them about the overall procedure could eventually lessen your stress levels. The MRI scan Miami is a procedure that sometimes requires adequate precautions that you need to know. This could be the reason for your frequent visits to the radiologist or the physician that would eventually lessen your fear.

CDI Miami | Wednesday August 8, 2018

How to Find the Reliable MRI Centers in Miami for Efficient Test Results

MRI Centers in Miami

When it comes to choosing one of the finest MRI Centers in Miami, it becomes necessarily important for you to do some research. Your doctor may recommend an MRI scan to examine the internal organs or the tissues that can’t be diagnosed by utilising the conventional x-ray imaging processes.

One should always emphasise on finding the right diagnostic Centre that can offer you the best MRI scan Miami services that further augment your overall treatment of the disease.
But before you begin your search, you need to focus on some aspects related to the MRI scan, which would help you in choosing the promising service provider in your city. There is no point in spending your hard earned money on a diagnostic centre that lacks in proper facilities and modern machines that are used to deliver adequate reports. Patients can refer to this post if they are searching for a reliable diagnostic Centre in Miami.


What is the Overall Experience of the Radiologist


Experience of the radiologist is perhaps the main thing that would affect the quality of reports as well as it would ensure that you get your reports on time. There are some other factors that are also important to consider when choosing a radiologist like the type of machine read that they use, the staff, and the efficiency of the team to deliver top-notch services.
You can always explore the internet to find out the most reputed diagnostic centre in Miami by searching MRI Miami services on and search engine.

Have you Consulted your Physician before choosing any of the MRI Centres in Miami


Most of the people repeat this mistake of not consulting their physicians regarding the choice of an MRI centre. In some cases, the reports are not up to the mark, which is the reason that your doctor may recommend another centre for diagnostic and you have to repeat the procedure again. To avoid this, one should always consult their doctor regarding the choice of the diagnostic centre so as to avoid any glitch in the near future.

Have a Conversation with your Radiologist


If you possess a little knowledge about an MRI scan, it would be great to have a conversation with the radiologist regarding the overall procedure and the time, which would be required for the same. This would ensure that the radiologist is capable of performing the test precisely and you would be able to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically for the test.
One should always keep these aspects in mind before going for an MRI scan so that they get the precise reports without any hassle.

CDI Miami | Wednesday July 11, 2018

Important Questions to Ask the Radiologist before going for MRI Scan Miami

MRI Scan
There could be a number of reasons why your doctor recommended an MRI Scan Miami during your visit to the physician for your ailment. The main purpose of conducting an MRI scan is to examine the internal organs of the body and their functionality with preciseness.
One can get the MRI scan done in half an hour, which can take up to one hour depending on the type of the scan and the complexities associated with it. But before you think you are completely ready for the scanning, you need ask few questions from your radiologist.
Here is the list of some questions that must be asked on priority.

How long would the Procedure Last? Is there any Side-effect?

It is important to ask about the overall time duration for the MRI test, which would give you an idea about the scan and to prepare yourself for the same. Also, the scan may or may not cause minor side-effects depending on the individual’s body, but you should always emphasize on questioning the radiologist for the same.
You can ask them openly about the side-effects of the test and it is strictly recommended that you should convey them your brief history of taking medicines. Depending on the type of medicine that you are taking, your scan procedure would be altered. So it is a good decision to ask in advance.

What should be My Diet Before and After the Scan?

Another important question that you should ask the MRI Miami service provider should be regarding your diet. There are some procedures that allow you to take only liquid diet before the scan and thus; it is mandatory for you to ask the radiologist about the type of diet that you should take on the day of the scan.
It is important to also ask about the post-scanning diet. In many cases, the patient is given some sedatives before the procedure. You need to strictly emphasize on the precautions associated with those sedatives as guided by your diagnostic center Miami.

What should I Wear on the Day of Scan?

It is always a wise decision to wear the clothes that make you feel comfortable. You need not wear those skinny jeans or shirts that make you uncomfortable as you may undergo certain procedures where the radiologist may ask you to loosen your clothes.
These were some basic questions that you should always ask before an MRI scan Miami.