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CDI Miami | Tuesday June 18, 2019

Role Of Digital Mammography To Detect Abnormalities At An Early Stage

Role Of Digital Mammography To Detect Abnormalities At An Early StageMammography has become a crucial tool in detecting any breast abnormalities. Mammogram Miami is a vital tool in detecting breast cancer. There are two types of mammograms- analog mammogram and digital mammogram. Both of these techniques use X-Ray to get the image; the only difference is in an analog mammogram, the images are printed on a film while in a digital mammogram the images are directly viewed and stored in a computer system.

Digital Mammography is especially beneficial for women with dense breasts, as in analog mammography it is difficult to differentiate between tumors and fibro cysts as both appear white on an analog mammogram. But in a digital mammogram, a radiologist can change the contrast of the images and can highlight the areas of concern. Another benefit of digital mammography is that images can be zoomed in on a computer screen, helping the radiologist to analyze the condition in a better way.

Who should go for mammography?

Mammography is advised to both men and women, whenever there are any chest abnormalities. If someone develops a lump in the chest or breast, they are advised mammography to see if the lump is cancerous or not. Not all lumps are cancerous, some are benign and they are not required to be taken out of the body.

Mammography is advised to women when they have constant and sharp pain in their breasts.

How mammography is performed?

A patient is asked to remove the clothing from the waist above. Breast is compressed against the mammography machine and two plates attached to the machine exert pressure on the breast to compress them and get clear images. The compression is applied just for a few seconds; mammography is not a painful exam, however, if you feel uncomfortable, you should tell your technician.

It is important to tell your physician if you had any breast surgery in the past. Having implants don’t affect the results of a mammography exam.

Mammography typically takes less than 20 minutes. The patient gets the result the next day. If the physician finds something suspicious, he will advise the patient to go for a biopsy.

There is nothing to be afraid of if the doctor advises a biopsy; a biopsy is the only way to tell if a lump is cancerous or not. It is important to note that 95 percent of all biopsies come out as negative. Early screening at the center for diagnostic imaging Miami is essential to detect various ailments at an early stage.