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CDI Miami | Thursday February 14, 2019

The vital importance of CT Scan in diagnosing the underlying problems

The vital importance of CT Scan in diagnosing the underlying problems


CT scan is one of the top five diagnostic medical imaging procedures as it has proved to be very successful in diagnosing deadly diseases which would otherwise cannot be detected with the x-rays. Both CT scan and x-rays are conducted to take internal images of the body, however, in case of x-rays the internal body parts overlap and therefore does not give detailed and clear images of the organs.
Diagnosing a certain disease or condition is difficult with x-rays but with the advent of CT scan technology, even a tiny part can be scrutinized clearly as the organs does not overlap each other and the scan offers a clear image of the body part.
When there’s a need to go for a CT scan?
Particularly, a CT scan is needed to examine people who might be suffering from internal injuries caused due to car accidents or due to various kinds of trauma. Doctors usually suggest for CT scan when they want visualize any organ that might be causing abnormal symptoms in the body or if they want to plan any medical or surgical treatment for a certain disease diagnosed.
There are certain reasons for why a CT scan Miami is required which includes diagnosing muscle and bone disorders such as tumors and fractures, detecting the location of the tumor or blood clot, monitoring and detecting stage of cancer, heart disease, lung and liver diseases, checking the effect of treatments carried out, identifying internal injuries, and it also helps the doctors in performing various procedures such as surgery or radiation therapy.
Certain kinds of risks associated with CT scan
It gets more detailed images of the organs, so you might be exposed to more radiation than x-ray radiology. However, the low doses used in the scan have not led to any long-term harm but if the doses are high, there might be risk of cancer. But the results and the benefits of scan outweigh the small potential risks. Doctors always prefer to use least possible dose to acquire the needed information.
You must share any medical condition with your doctor before undergoing a CT scan for example- if you are pregnant it might be dangerous for you. Although CT scan might not affect your baby, the doctor will suggest you to go for ultrasound or MRI in order to save your baby from even small amount of radiation.

CDI Miami | Monday February 11, 2019

MRI- a better diagnostic tool for detecting the underlying problems

MRI- a better diagnostic tool for detecting the underlying problems

With the evolving technological era, medical diagnostic tools and procedures are also taking a new way to deal with the issues inside the body. Nowadays, there are numerous procedures that help the doctors diagnose the diseases early and give them a chance to cure them on time.

Some of the procedures include MRI, CT-Scans, X-rays, PET-Scans etc. However, MRI is one of the most reliable diagnostic medical imaging procedures that use magnetic field and radio waves to see through the body.

If you are facing any bone issues, X-rays are good at it as it takes images of the calcium inside the body, however, MRI Scan images water which is more useful as the tissues inside the body are made up of water. So this helps the radiologist to take high-resolution images of various organs and tissues which might not be possible with the X-ray.

When it’s important to go for an MRI?

An MRI Scan is useful when there’s a need to diagnose the conditions that affects the soft tissues inside the body. This might include detecting tumors in various parts of the body, damaged ligaments or injuries in the soft tissues, a joint disease or injury, spinal injury or diagnosing the internal organs such as brain, heart, and digestive system.

Thus, MRI Scan Miami have proven to be very successful in providing the detailed images of the soft tissues inside but in case of bone tissues they are not much effective. This is the reason why bone injuries are always investigated with the X-rays.

MRI Scan is a safe procedure however the complications may arise such as if you have worn some metal objects during the scan, it might cause injury, sometimes, the magnetic field might damage the internal heart pacemaker or in other case the patient might be allergic to the contrast dye injected to get a clearer image of the body parts.

Share any medical conditions before undergoing an MRI Scan

You should tell your doctor in case you have any metal implants inside your body as they may get damaged with the magnetic rays. Well the affects of MRI on fetus are unknown, however, if you are pregnant you must tell it to your doctor. The other factors that need to be considered include fasting before getting an MRI Miami, which means you will be advised not to drink or eat at least 4 to 5 hrs before undergoing the Scan.

Also, tell your doctor if you are claustrophobic so in that case the doctor may give you some medication to make you relax during the procedure.

CDI Miami | Wednesday February 6, 2019

PET Scan- a more sophisticated technology to diagnose the diseases and treat them effectively

PET Scan- a more sophisticated technology to diagnose the diseases and treat them effectively

PET scans are usually recommended by the doctors when they need to diagnose or devise the treatment options for a number of medical conditions. The doctor will provide you with the detailed description that why this diagnostic medical imaging is essential for your treatment.
This technology known as positron emission tomography lets the doctor take the images of your body and see through the organs in order to check any underlying diseases that might be causing abnormal symptoms.
PET scan uses a unique dye which contains radioactive tracers that are injected into the body through a vein in your arm depending upon the type of body part that is going to be examined.

Why a doctor will recommend you the one?

There are certain reasons why a doctor will suggest you to get a PET scan Miami which includes diagnosis of the type and the location of cancer, they consider this scan more reliable as they have the potential to differentiate between the benign and malignant cells. With the help of this scan the doctor can identify if the symptoms are associated with cancer or not.
The radiologists might use the PET scan to carry out an effective Neurological assessment in the brain. Various forms of dementia can be determined along with diagnosing the recurrence of cancer in the brain.
In case you have a coronary heart disease or you have recently suffered from cardiac arrest, the doctor can suggest you a cardiac PET scan. This will assist the doctor in cardiac bypass surgery. So in all cases, PET scan is a more efficient and reliable way to diagnose and treat the diseases.

Risks related to PET scan and what precautions to follow

As you know the PET scan make use of radioactive tracers which might sound to you somewhat risky however, exposure to the radiation is very less. The amount of radiation in the tracers is low so your body is at a minimal risk. But if you are still worried you can ask the doctor about the possible risks it can cause.
So it would be recommended that you should go for PET ct of Miami if you feel any abnormal symptoms occurring in your body. The benefits associated with the test outweigh the risks involved and the test can prove to be beneficial in the long run. However, people with certain allergies and medical conditions should alert their doctor before undergoing the scan.

CDI Miami | Monday January 28, 2019

Reasons to Rely only on a Prominent Imaging Scanning Service Provider

Reasons to Rely only on a Prominent Imaging Scanning Service Provider

There could be several reasons for which your physician may advise an imaging scan to analyze the cause of any ailment. It is always a wise decision to seek help from the professionals that are experienced enough in delivering the best in class imaging scan services that can help in getting the desired test results without any hassle.

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing the best in class diagnostic medical imaging service provider that can harmonize your medical scanning needs. Here is a list of reasons why you should always consider visiting a renowned professional when it comes to getting adequate medical imaging scan services.

Precise Results and no chance of Variation

One of the biggest issues that most of the people face is the variation in the test results that eventually affects their overall medical treatment. Therefore, it is necessarily important for an individual to rely on a service provider that can offer the finest services that ensure adequate preciseness in the test results without any glitches.

As per the experts, there is no point you can rely on the ones that are hardly experienced in delivering the best in class medical imaging services. This is the reason you have to do some research regarding the imaging diagnostic center in Miami service provider so as to get the assurance of quality services. Moreover, you also get accurate results without worrying about any variation.

Quick Delivery of Accurate Reports
You may be aware regarding the fact that a little delay in the submission of the reports to your physician could be quite risky. Thus; you have to be sure enough to rely on the ones that hold a great reputation in the market. There are people who usually ignore the importance of a reputed medical imaging service provider that can lend a hand in augmenting your medical treatment.

You get the assurance of quick delivery of the reports when you rely on any of the renowned medical imaging service providers in Miami. You can also download the reports online. All you need to do is to get some references regarding the same from your acquaintances that have earlier been to any of these service providers so as to get the reliable services. You can always explore the internet for the same where you would be getting detailed information about the same.

CDI Miami | Thursday December 13, 2018

Chronic heart conditions can now be detected through CT scans

Chronic heart conditions can now be detected through CT scans
CT scans are now used to examine the chronic heart conditions, the physician may recommend for a CT scan to examine the anatomy of the heart, the coronary circulation, and different vessels if an abnormal symptom is experienced.
CT scan Miami helps detect the underlying conditions that are causing abnormalities in the body, these conditions might include heart disease, tumors, clots, and other defects. Sometimes coronary diseases are not determined in a CT scan so you must keep in mind that things like a heart attack cannot be predicted completely.
What you should expect during a Cardiac CT Scan?
Initially, when you will visit the hospital, the nurse will record your weight, height and B.P. your blood may be taken for a lipid profile test. The technologist will make the patient to lie on a scanning table, he will place small sticky electrodes on the chest, these electrodes are attached to the electrocardiograph which monitors your heart’s activity and produces it in the graphical form.
During the CT scan, you will be placed inside a doughnut-shaped scanner, then the machine will take several images of your coronary system to examine the various areas of your heart.
The diagnostic medical imaging is done by the cardiovascular radiologist who analyzes the images to look for any calcification in the arteries. If there isn’t any calcification the exam is considered to be negative.
The doctor will prohibit you to take caffeine 24 hours before the test. You are supposed to drink only clear liquids before the day of the examination.
What are the symptoms of coronary heart disease?
Pain in the chest: The patient may feel tightness or pain in the chest which is usually referred to as angina. It is generally triggered by physical and emotional stress. The pain lasts for several minutes, in some individuals the pain may reach up to the neck, arm or back.
The patient may experience shortness of breath as the heart may not be able to pump the blood properly to meet the needs of the body. It can also cause extreme fatigue to the patient.
In case the patient has complete blockage of the coronary artery, he or she can get a cardiac arrest or heart attack. The early signs of heart attack include chest pain, shortness of breath or sweating. Sometimes it can occur without any warning signs or symptoms.
If you experience any warning signs you must go for PET CT in Miami in which the radiologists use radioactive material to get information about various functions of the body like blood flow and glucose metabolism. It helps in diagnosing the heart disease more efficiently sometimes.

CDI Miami | Wednesday December 12, 2018

Medical imaging- a key to patient healthcare

Medical imaging- a key to patient healthcare
Medical imaging is extremely important as it helps in the prevention of many chronic diseases such as cancers and tumors. The doctors can detect, diagnose, and start the treatment as early as possible to prevent the patient from fatal diseases.
Diagnostic medical imaging uses a number of non-invasive methods that allows the radiologists and other medical personnel to see through the body and diagnose the underlying problem. Various organs and areas inside the body can be seen and treated with the help of medical imaging. It plays a crucial role in the healthcare of the patient.
Why medical imaging is one of the top developments in the face of clinical medicine?
It literally saves the life of a patient: The advancement in medical imaging has enhanced the screening of diseases and helps in the early diagnosis of acute and chronic conditions. In the absence of medical imaging, many of the severe and life-threatening diseases may go unnoticed until they reach a much more fatal stage.
Medical imaging has reduced the requirement for intrusive exploratory surgery: The development of technologies such as Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography Scan (CT scan), and Echocardiography, x-ray services etc. has dramatically reduced the need for surgeries.
A huge amount of money is saved: With the right scan at the right time, the patient is able to get the proper treatment, thus costs as well as time is saved. As it replaces the need of surgery and also decreases the amount of time the patient has to remain in the hospital, so less cost is incurred for the treatment as well.
The doctors are able to identify the exact underlying problem that is causing the abnormal symptoms in the body and are able to give the proper treatment based on the reports of the patient.
Which tests involve ionizing radiation that might have a harmful effect?
There are generally four types of technologies that are used in medical imaging namely x-rays, MRI, Ultrasound, and nuclear medicine. The patient will be exposed to radiation depending upon the type of test carried out.
X-rays, 3d mammography, and fluoroscopy give out lesser radiation than the CT scans. The MRI and ultrasound do not emit any radiations as these can harm the children who are more sensitive to the radiation. The risks involved in medical imaging are less.
However, you should go for the imaging that is required to examine the exact condition. The benefits provided by medical imaging outweigh the risks associated with it.

CDI Miami | Wednesday November 28, 2018

Finding the Adequate Diagnostic center for MRI Procedure

Finding the Adequate Diagnostic center for MRI Procedure

An MRI procedure is a medical imaging procedure that can help in identifying severe health issues that require adequate treatment. But have you ever thought that the correct choice of a diagnostic center affects the overall quality of your MRI Scan Miami? Well, if not, this post would surely make you think the same!
There are a lot of people who are affected by some disease and their medical reports may depict everything normal. This could be a serious issue when you are facing severe pain. It is always a great decision to rely on the ones that have a great reputation in the market as the leading diagnostic imaging Miami center. Thus; it is your responsibility to check the overall market reputation of the service provider that can offer you the desired medical imaging services. Here are some ways you can check the proficiency of the service provider.
Always check the official website and go through the certifications
It is strongly recommended that you should check the certification of the service provider on their website. This would help you in getting the desired information about their overall experience in the same domain. Also, you can consult the physician regarding the choice of an MRI scan service provider that can harmonize your needs. This is a great option as your physician knows better about these promising service providers that are capable of delivering the finest services.
Apart from this, visiting the official website also enables you to check the services that you can get from a medical imaging center. There are some patients that would eventually require special services that lend a hand in getting the tests done precisely. You only need to seek help from the professionals of the same field.
Check Reviews and Ratings
Another great way to get the details about the diagnostic medical imaging service provider is to explore the internet and check the reviews and ratings about the same. There are a lot of online portals that can offer you the right information about the service providers in a particular area that could be quite helpful if you are looking for the best medical imaging agency.
The feedback offered by the patients is quite helpful when you are looking for the best in a class service provider that can offer you the best out of their medical radio imaging practices.

CDI Miami | Thursday October 25, 2018

Why You Should Never Rely on Unprofessional Third-Party Medical Imaging Service Providers

Medical Imaging Service Providers

There are a lot of instances when your physician recommends any of the medical imaging scans from any center for diagnostic imaging Miami for better diagnosis of the ailment. It is necessarily important for you to check the overall background of the imaging service provider so as to get the desired services without any glitches. There is no point of seeking the best services from the ones that hardly hold any expertise in delivering the finest services to augment your health.


As per the physicians, there are a lot of cases of inadequate medical imaging tests that can eventually affect the overall medical treatment of a patient. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that you only visit the most reputed imaging diagnostic center in Miami for better diagnosis services. Here are some reasons you should rely on these promising service providers and not just on any of the unprofessional.


Only a reputed agency can offer timely Reports


It is an obvious thing that you can’t rely on the ones that are not authorized and hardly possess any experience in their respected field. You can always rely on the ones that have established a name in the market as the leading service provider as they can provide you the precise medical services that you can’t expect from any other service provider.


One of the biggest reasons is the availability of timely reports that you can always expect from a renowned professional only. Apart from this, certain facilities like accuracy, preciseness, and patient’s overall care are the reason that depicts the importance of these service providers.


You can expect Better Accuracy


There are a lot of people who usually complain regarding the inaccuracy of the medical reports, which is the reason you need to focus on finding the finest service provider. Moreover, there are a lot of service providers that may promise adequate services but eventually leave you disappointed. Thus; it is your responsibility to check the background and overall experience of an agency and then finalize them for the diagnostic medical imaging services.


Finest Services


There are a lot of instances when the patient may require some special services from the radiology department’s end to complete the scanning procedure. You can always expect these kinds of finest services only from reputed medical imaging service providers in your location.

CDI Miami | Monday October 15, 2018

Preparing yourself for an MRI Scan: Precautions and things to Remember

Preparing yourself for an MRI Scan: Precautions and things to RememberAn MRI scan is a procedure that helps your physician in analyzing the root cause of any ailment through high-quality imaging process. This imaging scan can be performed by any of the diagnostic medical imaging that holds a great expertise in delivering the finest radiology services without any hassle. It is mandatory for an individual to follow certain precautions and aspects that ensures that the procedure goes well without any glitch.

Sometimes people who are advised for an MRI scan ignore the importance of the diet or medication, which is the reason they have to face certain glitches with the reports. All the physicians recommend adequate consideration while choosing a radiology service provider and they strictly advise to follow their guidelines regarding the precautions.

Here are some of the aspects that everyone that is going for an MRI scan Miami procedure.

Never take any Medication without Informing your Physician

It is strictly advised that one should never take any medication without the prescription of your doctor or radiologist a day before the scan. There are certain cases in which the patients don’t bother about the medications and the dietary alterations that can sometimes cause several glitches in the overall reports.

In some rare cases, the patient has to intake a medicine before the procedure to highlight a specific area in the body. Your doctor would advise you regarding the same and it is your responsibility to make sure that you follow the complete instructions properly. It is thus recommended that you need to precisely follow the medication that is recommended by your radiologist or physician before the scan.

Always inform your Radiologist regarding any allergic Reactions

It is important for you to consult your physician and radiologist regarding the medications that you are already taking and any allergic reactions to a specific drug. There are several people who get allergic reactions when given a specific drug before the scanning procedure, and thus, you need to clarify the same before going for a scanning procedure.

Apart from this, you can always expect better services from the ones that are proficient in delivering adequate services without any glitches. You just need to focus on finding the right open MRI of South Miami service provider that can offer you the quality imaging services.

These are some essential things that you should follow before going for an MRI procedure.

CDI Miami | Thursday October 4, 2018

Things to Consider before choosing the Nearest Center for Diagnostic Imaging

center for diagnostic imaging

There could be a time when you have to visit the center for diagnostic imaging for an adequate checkup for any ailment as suggested by your physician. It is always a great decision to seek better diagnosis services from the ones that hold a great experience in the same domain and can provide the finest diagnosis services.

It is always recommended that you should do some research about the service provider on the internet to get an idea about their overall expertise and proficiency. This is necessarily important for you to get the detailed information about the reliability of the diagnostic center Miami that can offer you the precise services. Here we would be discussing some important aspects related to choosing the right diagnostic center for better diagnosis services and treatment.

Always Emphasize the Overall Experience

It is necessarily important for you to check the overall expertise of a service provider by doing some research about their background and experience. You can always expect the finest services from the ones that hold a good name and reputation in the market. Apart from this, it is recommended that you should check the feedback of their previous patients online.

This would surely give you an idea about their overall expertise and proficiency, which would lend a hand in making the right choice. You can also seek references from your friends regarding the same when you are looking for the best diagnostic service provider. Just start exploring the internet to find a reliable service provider.

Check Reviews and Ratings

One of the important things that you should never forget while choosing a diagnostic medical imaging center is their overall ratings and reviews. You can always get the list of the finest service providers by considering a comparison of these service providers online.

There are a lot of people who review these service providers that would surely lend a hand in getting the detailed information about center for diagnostic imaging and the services offered by them. You just need to start exploring the internet for the same.

Ask about the Available Facilities

It would be a great idea to confirm the availability of specific services at a particular radiology service provider. There is no point of relying on a professional that can’t offer you the desired services and thus; you should always ask center for diagnostic imaging in advance about their services.