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CDI Miami | Monday July 23, 2018

Choosing the Appropriate Breast Specialist in Miami for Better Examination of Your Breast

breast specialist in Miami

There can be certain health issues related to the breast that may require a breast specialist in Miami to figure the actual cause. Sometimes there can be some minor ailment and a diagnosis could help in determining the issue, while sometimes your physician may undergo several tests to determine the root cause of the discomfort.

If you are facing some issues that are similar to those of a tumor in the breast, it is advised that you must visit your doctor at the earliest. Whenever you see any kind of knot or solid mass around your breast, it is strongly recommended to go for a breast cancer mammogram scan by consulting your doctor. Here are some aspects related to choosing the right breast specialist in Miami for adequate treatment and proper guidance.

Ask for References from Your Physician

It would be a great idea to consult your physician about the ailment and ask them if they have any references for a renowned breast specialist in your town. It is always a great idea to get help from your doctor as they possess better knowledge about the ailment and would surely recommend the best doctor that can offer the adequate treatment for the disease.

Another way to find a reliable breast specialist is to search on the internet by reviewing the overall experiences of the patients that have earlier suffered from the ailment or have chosen a particular doctor for their treatment. Furthermore, you can always seek guidance from your physician about a breast specialist as a breast specialist is the only one that can offer the adequate diagnosis and treatment of the ailment.

Consult the Radiologist about a Reliable Doctor in the Town

There are times when you can also go for a 3D mammogram on your own if you are feeling the symptoms of a tumor in your breast. It would be a good decision to ask the radiologist if they have any references regarding a promising breast specialist in the town. This would surely help you in getting the adequate treatment on time.

The thing that you should always emphasize on is the early diagnosis of the ailment. You can expect a good treatment only if you diagnose the ailment in the early stage by visiting a reliable breast specialist.

These are the ways to find the best doctor in your town for diseases related to breast.

CDI Miami | Monday July 9, 2018

Why Your Doctor Suggested a 3D Mammogram during Your Treatment: A Complete Guide

3D Mammogram

A 3D Mammogram is a diagnostic technique that is used to identify any tumor in a women’s breast. Your doctor may recommend a mammogram that diagnosis the tumor for cancer cells, and to identify the stage of the disease. It is always a great decision to ask openly about the diagnosis from your physician.

Your physician may guide you properly about the tests and the things that require adequate consideration before beginning the test. There are certain precautions associated with the test, which needs to be taken care of. Here are some tips that would help you during your scan.

What is a 3D Mammogram

A 3D Mammogram is a process of observing a breast by passing low-level X-Rays to get an idea about the presence of any cancer tissues in the women breast. Furthermore, these kinds of tests are done under the supervision of an experienced radiologist that can offer the precise diagnosis services.

Many times women who don’t feel any symptom associated with breast cancer are advised to go for a mammogram, which helps in the early diagnosis of the disease. If the breast specialist in Miami has guided you to go for a mammogram, you need to take care of certain things.

One Should consult the Radiologist about the Exposure to the X-Rays

One should always consult a renowned professional before undergoing an X-Ray to ensure that there are no chances of any glitch before the procedure. There could be a little possibility of some side-effects of the exposure to the radiation to some people.

It is always a great decision to talk about the allergies and skin ailments to your doctor in advance so that they can alter the procedure accordingly. The diagnostic center for women Miami provides you the perfect guidance about the do’s and don’ts precisely.

Avoid the Use of Moisturizers or Deodorants bef0re the scan

Another important precaution is to avoid the use of deodorant or any other cosmetic products, which may eventually interrupt the overall diagnosis procedure.

Apart from this, make sure you have openly talked about the drug reactions or any other side-effect regarding any drugs in advance. You can consult your physician if you are having any allergies or side-effects due to the any prescribed drugs.

So these were some of the precautions associated with the Mammogram in the US.

CDI Miami | Thursday June 21, 2018

Crucial Questions to Ask the Breast Specialist in Miami regarding Breast Cancer

Breast Specialist in Miami

It is necessarily crucial to have a discussion regarding breast cancer with the Breast Specialist in Miami so that you can get aware regarding this life-threatening disease. Cancer is becoming one of the common ailments, which if not diagnosed on time, may lead to severe health complications that also cause loss of life.

As women, it is your responsibility to seek medical help from the women’s diagnostic center Miami if you experience some of the symptoms that are alarming. Here are some of the significant questions that you should ask your physician frankly if you are diagnosed with breast cancer.

What’s the Stage of my Cancer

Most of the people who are diagnosed with early stage of cancer have a higher rate of successful treatment as compared to the ones having the cancer of the last stages. Though the treatment of the disease plays a crucial role in healing the patient at any stage, still you should be aware regarding the stage and the overall treatment.

You can ask your doctor about the stage of cancer, and the Breast Specialist in Miami would suggest several tests including a 3d mammogram to determine the stage and type of cancer. This would help you in preparing yourself at the mental level, which further complements the treatment.

What is the Treatment for the Disease

Another important question to ask is the procedure of the treatment. Many of the times your doctor may suggest radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery depending on the stage and type of tumor. It is important to ask this question to your doctor so that you can plan accordingly.

Apart from this, you may be guided to visit women’s center Miami for further investigations, which would lend a hand in offering the finest treatment. Consult the Breast Specialist in Miami regarding the same to follow the routine diagnosis.

How Long is the Treatment

You need to ask your doctor regarding the treatment’s duration so that you can plan things accordingly. In many cases, the treatment may last from few months to years depending on the complexity of the disease. It is necessarily crucial to prepare your mind for the same.

Apart from this, you can also ask regarding any side-effects of the treatment, which is also a major concern among most of the women. All you need is to visit the diagnostic center for women Miami for detailed information.

CDI Miami | Tuesday June 19, 2018

Preparing for X Ray Services: A Brief Overview

Almost every one of us requires X Ray Services at least once in a lifetime. It is the procedure that is used to take the pictures of the hard mass apart from the tissues in the body to examine for any deformity.


The treatment of many of the life-threatening ailments requires a proper diagnosis through the imaging procedure. But before you prepare yourself for the process that doctor has prescribed you: make sure you follow these few things mentioned here.


Here we’ll be providing some crucial aspects that should be followed before you visit the imaging diagnostic center in Miami.


Talk Freely with your Physician


If you have undergone any treatment of the skin or you witness some discomfort while going through the procedure, it is always a wise decision to consult your doctor in advance. Sometimes pregnant women need a little more precaution while undergoing such diagnosis so that the child isn’t affected with a radiation.


As breastfeeding women, it is your responsibility to consult a breast specialist in Miami before opting for any X Ray Services from any renowned radiologist. Moreover, it would be great if you ask your physician to follow more precautions during the tests.


Always Wear Comforting Shoes and Cloths


You need to precisely choose the clothes before you step out of your home for X Ray Services. Your physician may ask you to loosen your clothes, and in some cases, they may ask you to remove your clothes. It is always a good decision to wear loose clothes and shoes as you can easily remove them whenever needed.


Apart from this, almost every imaging center Miami asks you to remove your shoes before entering into the area where the scanning machine is kept. So it’s better to wear slippers or shoes that comfortable to wear and remove.


Consult your Doctor Regarding the if the Test Needs to be Done on an Empty Stomach


Some tests require an empty stomach, which is the reason you are requested to come early in the morning for your convenience. It entirely depends on the type of diagnostic that whether you should come on an empty stomach or you can have at least water.



A diagnostic center may ask you to have a specific solution before undergoing a diagnostic procedure. However, it entirely depends on the type of the diagnosis that whether you would be orally consuming the solution or it may be given through injection, or it is not required at all.