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CDI Miami | Thursday February 21, 2019

Why Do You Need A 3d Mammography?

Why Do You Need A 3d Mammography


Early detection of any cancer increases the probabilities of recovery by successfully treating it. Every woman in her mid-30s should get an annual mammogram for early detection of breast cancer.
A 3D mammogram (breast tomosynthesis) is the latest imaging test that combines multiple breast X-rays (like traditional mammography) for creating a three-dimensional image of the breast tissues for detecting any signs or symptoms of breast cancer or any other abnormalities. It is used to examine the reason for various breast problems, such as lumps, nipple discharge, and pain. 3D mammography produces highly detailed images of breast tissue by 3D capture of multiple slices of the breast from different angles.
The 3D mammogram takes approximately 300 images, giving an exact idea of the issue whereas two-dimensional mammogram takes about four images at a time giving some false alarms. It lets the radiologist view the breast tissue in full detail, equipping them to give a certain diagnosis, if they have cancer or not by visiting the nearest diagnostic center. This is specifically valuable for women with dense breast tissue, as they are at higher cancer risk.
Why is 3D Mammography Performed?
We know that traditional mammography took only two images of each breast of a side-to-side view and a top-to-bottom view. 3D mammography takes various X-ray images of the breasts from multiple angles to create a digital version of internal breast tissue. The multiple images make radiologists assess the breast in 1mm slices in place of only two views.
Radiologists correctly interpret results from 3D mammography in dense breast tissue, resulting in fewer false-positive and false-negative readings.
What to Expect from 3D Mammography
The preparation of a 3D mammography is exactly the same for traditional mammography. Women should schedule mammography at a date one week after their menstrual period starts because they are least tender at that time.
3D mammography involves a bare torso, so it is suggested to wear comfortable, easy-to-remove clothes. Avoid applying Deodorant, perfume, lotion, and other products on underarm or torso before 3D mammography, since these products interfere with the imaging process. Women should inform their radiologist or physician if they are pregnant, breastfeeding, have breast implants or suffer from any medical conditions, so they can change the procedure accordingly.
A radiologist interprets the results of 3D mammography by viewing the calcification or masses in the breast tissue and using a standardized classification system called Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS).

CDI Miami | Monday February 18, 2019

3d mammogram- an effective advancement in digital breast imaging

3d mammogram- an effective advancement in digital breast imaging

The 3D mammogram has proved to be a successful breast imaging technology as it involves the combination of 2- dimensional mammography with 3D views. Thus, it provides you with improved and clear views of the breast tissues and helps the doctors detect the problems easily and effectively.
The procedure is also known as tomosynthesis which is a revolutionary tool in the medical industry that offers early detection of breast cancer. This procedure is used in collaboration with the 2D mammography using the same positions. Multiple images of the breast are taken in order to produce a clear image of the breast. 3D mammography is used when the patient has no signs or symptoms of breast cancer, or in case to identify the underlying cause of breast problems such as pain in breasts, breast mass or nipple discharge.
Combining 3D mammography with 2D can provide effective screening results
Going for 3D mammography reduces the need for repeated mammograms: If doctors detect some abnormalities during a standard mammogram, he may suggest you for additional imaging tests. Going for mammograms, again and again, can be too stressful for the patient as it may consume extra time and incur additional costs. However, if 3D mammography and 2D are combined, it prevents you from follow-up imaging.
The 3D mammogram has the potential to detect more cancers as compared to standard diagnostic mammogram alone. However, combining both can result in effective screening and helps the doctor detect minute cancers easily.
The women having dense breast tissues can go for 3D mammograms as the 3D image helps the doctors see beyond the dense breast tissues. The dense breast tissue and cancers appear to be the same on the standard mammogram which makes it difficult for the doctors to detect breast cancer.
Certain risks associated with 3D Mammogram
Although 3D mammography is a safe procedure, exposure to radiation may be more when 3D mammography is conducted along with 2D. So the radiation level may be more as compared to the standard mammogram alone. However, the latest machines nowadays can develop 2D and 3D images simultaneously which reduces the amount of radiation. Diagnostic center Miami is well equipped with the latest machines and technology, so you must visit the center and consult the doctor regarding mammography.
In addition to this, sometimes a 3D mammogram is not able to detect cancer that is present in the area not visible in the imaging. However, it is an effective tool to diagnose cancer at an early stage and can literally save the life of an individual.


CDI Miami | Wednesday January 23, 2019

Things To Know About 3D Mammogram

Things To Know About 3D Mammogram

Digital tomosynthesis is also known as 3D mammography has evolved as an effective breast imaging equipment. 3D Mammogram merges conventional 2-dimensional diagnostic mammogram images with additional 3-dimensional understandings. This permits improved views of breast tissue and research recommends 3D mammography serves various benefits compared to conventional 2D mammography.

This test captures multiple images of the breasts at once from various angles generating a clearer and more dimensional picture.

Who Should Go For 3D Mammogram And Why?

Any woman who requires breast screening should deem 3D mammography. Women with dense breast tissue in specific might get the benefit because it offers a clearer picture. Practicing 3D mammography makes it stress-free for doctors to trace breast cancer as early as possible. It also aids the doctor to detect more cancers. Additionally, it also assists the doctor to see the cancer size much better compared to the one taken on a regular mammogram near me. It decreases the chances of doctors observing a false positive.

Expectation During 3D Mammogram

Women observe little alteration between 3D mammography and traditional screenings. The tube sweeps across the breast while taking an X-ray in an arch. It consumes nearly around four seconds to take an image, comparatively slightly bit longer than a digital mammogram.

3D mammography generates more images, that is why radiologists consume a little longer time to read compared to a single digital mammography image, but the original process is likely the same.

Benefits Of 3D Mammogram

Every other woman in the world is detected with breast cancer each year and the count goes beyond 200,000. Tracking it at an early stage is a key factor where we can stop the disease to spread and enhance survival rates. While 2D mammograms act as an effective tool in detecting breast cancer, a 3D mammogram may track some one to two more cancer per 1,000 women.

There exist many benefits of mammograms some of them which may include:

• It can be executed at the same time as a 2-D mammogram.
• More effectively pinpoint the size, shape, and location of abnormalities
• Confidence and peace of mind in your results
• It’s good at tracking breast cancer in younger women with dense breast tissue.
• It generates thorough images that are alike to those when taken with a CT scan.
• It decreases supplementary testing appointments for locations that are not cancerous.
• When executed alone, it doesn’t disclose the body to suggestively more radiation compared to traditional mammography.
• Enhance the recognition of breast cancers.
• Necessitates no extra compression when associated with a traditional mammogram

CDI Miami | Monday January 14, 2019

Felt any lumps in your breast? It can be a sign of Breast cancer

Felt any lumps in your breast. It can be a sign of Breast cancer

Maintaining your breast health is as important as maintaining your overall health. If you are able to detect breast cancer early, it increases the chances of better treatment. The most initial or common symptom of breast cancer is the presence of a lump within the breast.

The lumps which are painless and have irregular edges are more likely to be cancer. In some cases, it can be painful too and can cause a lot of discomforts while sleeping. So, if you feel any such symptoms, you must get your breast checked by breast specialist in Miami who can perform the right diagnosis and can proceed with the treatment.

Here are some other possible symptoms:

• Even if there are no lumps in the breast, you can feel swelling on all or a part of the breast which could probably be a sign of breast cancer.
• Irritation or dimpling on the breast skin which looks like an orange peel.
• Pain in the nipples or whole breast, or retraction of the nipple.
• Discharge of nipples other than breast milk can possibly indicate breast cancer.

These symptoms can be caused by other health conditions also, however, it would be suggested to visit the doctor for a checkup to avoid any confusions and get started with the therapy soon.

Tests conducted for breast cancer screening

Mammogram: The doctor may recommend you to go for breast cancer mammogram as it is considered the most reliable diagnostic test to detect breast cancer. The mammogram can detect the changes that are too small which cannot be identified during the physical examination.

Ultrasound: This test uses sound waves to develop an image of your breast. This is done if the doctor has found something in the mammogram. This procedure is painless and only takes about 20 minutes.

MRI: This procedure uses magnetic and radio waves to create images of the breast tissue. This is mainly used for the people who have very dense breast tissues or are at high risk of getting breast cancer.

Biopsy: In this, a small part of tissues is taken from your breast to examine it for cancer cells under the microscope. The biopsy may be conducted at a radiology place or in a hospital and the sample is examined by the pathologist in their labs.

Tomosynthesis: This is also known as a 3D mammogram in which different x-rays are taken from various angles and are then combined to make a three-dimensional image.

However, the appropriate tests are recommended by the doctors based on the severity of the symptoms you may feel. You must go to the doctor early if you feel any symptoms that can probably lead to breast cancer.

CDI Miami | Thursday January 3, 2019

Guidelines to help you detect and treat breast cancer

Guidelines to help you detect and treat breast cancer

Go for a breast cancer screening
Before a woman gets any signs or symptoms of breast cancer, screening is important to diagnose any abnormalities and start its treatment at an early stage. Although the screening cannot prevent breast cancer, it can surely detect it early and you can get started with the proper medication and therapy.

Consult with your doctor about which screenings are suitable for you and at what age you should have them. Nowadays, a 3D mammogram is a new and advanced technology used to detect breast cancers with more accuracy and efficiency.

Initially, self-awareness is important to judge any symptoms of cancer. You must be familiar with the look and feel of your breasts. If you feel any changes in the size of your breasts or feel any lumps or pain you must consult your doctor soon in order to clarify your doubts.

Tests conducted for breast cancer screening

Mammograms are highly recommended for detecting breast cancer at an early stage when it is easier to treat. Going for regular mammograms reduces the risk of dying from cancer.

MRI of breasts is also conducted to detect cancer. It uses magnetic and radio waves to take images of the breast. This test is used along with the diagnostic mammogram for women who are at high risk of having breast cancer.

A clinical breast exam is used by the doctors to feel the lumps or other changes in the breast, it is usually not reliable and the patient is suggested to go for the screening tests such as mammograms.

Risk factors you can change to prevent breast cancer

The women need to be physically active or otherwise, they might be at the risk of getting cancer. Having overweight after menopause can also pose the risk of breast cancer. Women with normal weight are at less risk of getting cancer, so it is crucial to maintaining a good weight in order to avoid any risks.

Women who take hormone replacement therapy including estrogen or progesterone can increase the risk of breast cancer. In addition to this, oral contraceptives such as birth control pills also tend to raise the risk of cancer.

Having pregnancy after the age of 30 or not breastfeeding can increase the risk of breast cancer.

In any case, if you feel any abnormal symptoms in your breast, you must visit the diagnostic center near you to clear your doubts and start your treatment early not to land up in a serious stage.

CDI Miami | Wednesday January 2, 2019

3D mammography-an advanced technology for breast cancer screening

3D mammography-an advanced technology for breast cancer screening

Whether you have a family history of breast cancer or not, the women after their 40s must go for annual mammograms to detect breast cancer at an early stage if they feel any symptoms for the same.

Nowadays, many healthcare providers are using 3D mammograms for breast cancer screening. Here you will get to know what’s the difference between regular and 3D mammogram?

3D mammography is a sophisticated technology that takes multiple images of the breast tissues to develop a three-dimensional picture of the breast. It is also known as breast tomosynthesis and is used by the doctors to get more advanced and clear images of the breast to detect the underlying problem.

Who should go for 3D mammography?

Women having dense breast tissues must go for 3D mammograms as they provide a more clear image of the breasts and helps the doctor detect the breast cancer at an early stage. The doctors are also able to detect the size of the cancers much better than with detecting through a regular mammogram.

Using a 3D mammogram, the chances of detecting the false positives are reduced. You can visit the center for diagnostic imaging that has sophisticated equipment and 3D mammogram technology to detect breast cancers effectively.

Some of the risks involved in 3D mammography:

The 3D mammography takes a little longer than 2D tests which can add a few seconds of discomfort. You may be exposed to more radiation than in 2D mammogram. However, the new low-dose technology uses less radiation and no one has figured out yet the health risks associated with it.

2D mammography is free of cost for the patients having healthcare insurance while the 3D mammograms are not included in it. But many states have now begun to include this 3D mammography under the insurance.

Benefits of having a 3D mammogram:

Provides more accurate detection: It helps the doctor to see through the breasts easily and detect the exact problem. Reviewing numerous images has helped the doctors to detect more cancers than with the 2D mammography alone.

Helps in the early detection of cancer: The overlapping tissues in the breasts can hide small cancers in 2D mammogram but in a 3D mammogram, the image slices can be easily examined one by one thus offering more clarity than the conventional mammograms.

So if you feel any symptoms of breast cancer, you must immediately visit the diagnostic center near you to detect the problem at an early stage and get started with the treatment.

CDI Miami | Monday December 24, 2018

Things Women Need to Know About Getting a Mammogram

Things Women Need to Know About Getting a Mammogram

Mammography, or mammogram, is an X-ray Miami of the breast. It’s a screening tool used to track and diagnose breast cancer. Together with regular clinical exams and monthly breast self-examinations, mammograms are a key component in the early diagnosis of breast cancer. A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray that permits doctors called radiologists to look for changes in breast tissue. A mammogram can often find or track breast cancer early, when it’s small and even before a lump can be felt. This is when it’s easiest to treat.

Here is a list of the most vital things that women should know about getting a mammogram.
Regular Checkup

Have a yearly mammogram if you are over 40 years old or have a family history of breast cancer. Go to an X-ray facility that frequently performs mammography (at least 3-5 per day). This guarantees that they have adequate experience in regularly dealing with a 3d mammogram. Do check their FDA certificate – this displays if they have met high-quality professional standards.

Go to the same facility each year, if you are happy with the quality they offer. This way it is much more likely that the same people will notice at your mammograms each year, and this makes comparing x-rays from prior years much easier. If you go to a new facility, take copies of your old mammograms to the new place so they can simply compare the x-rays.

Medicare, Medicaid And Most Health Insurance Plans

These plans usually encircle the costs of a mammogram up to a certain percentage. Low-cost mammogram Miami is made accessible in some areas. Actions on the follow-up plan may comprise gathering additional images, continuing regular screenings, making an appointment for a follow-up in six months, or performing a biopsy.

Every mammogram facility must send your results to you within 30 days. If they find a problem they are to inform you within 5 days. Call your physician or the x-ray facility if you don’t get your results within these time phrases.

Less than 1% of mammograms will head to cancer (only 2 to 4 out of 1000). 10% of all women may necessitate a second mammogram – and only 8-10% of these women will need a biopsy. 80% of those biopsies will not be cancer.

Most mammography x-ray technologists are women. The technologist will be the only one present during mammography.

CDI Miami | Monday December 17, 2018

Why Is It Important To Have Regular Mammogram Screenings?

Why Is It Important To Have Regular Mammogram Screenings?
A mammography or 3d mammogram is an X-ray of the breast. It is screening used to detect and diagnose breast cancer. Along with regular clinical exams and monthly breast self-examinations, mammograms are a key factor in the early diagnosis of breast cancer.
Mammograms don’t only avert cancer, but they can save lives by detecting breast cancer as early as possible.
Detecting breast cancer early decreases your risk of dying from the disease by 25-30% or more. Women should commence having mammograms yearly at age 40, or earlier if they’re at high risk.75% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history and are not deemed high risk.
It is important that women make an informed decision to screen by being aware of the benefits of breast cancer mammogram.
Mammograms save survival
Detecting cancer early means that it is less likely to have spread and treatment can be started earlier in the course of the disease.
Nearly one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime and one in 28 women is anticipated to die from the disease.
Mammograms are in a way effective
Screening mammograms are the best technique for detecting breast cancer early. A routine mammogram can usually find lumps two or three years before a woman or her doctor can feel them.
Research has displayed a 25 percent reduction in deaths from breast cancer among women who are screened regularly.
Your breast cancer risk enhances with age
While women with a family history of breast cancer have a greater than average risk, the most noteworthy risk factor for breast cancer is being a woman over 50 years of age.
Over 80 percent of new breast cancers identified each year in BC is in women age 50 or older.
Decreases the risk of dying from breast cancer
Of 1,000 women who have a mammogram every 2 years for 20 years, 7 deaths are prohibited.
Decreases the danger of having to undergo chemotherapy
Screening often enables for the detection of cancers at an early stage of development. Treatment is then possible without chemotherapy.
Permits women to know the health of their breasts
A huge majority of women (nearly 98 %) will not have breast cancer if their mammograms and additional examinations do not disclose cancers.
Above were some eye-opening parameters that every woman should deem about before taking this courageous step.

CDI Miami | Thursday November 29, 2018

What are the Services that you can expect from a Renowned Medical Imaging Service Provider

What are the Services that you can expect from a Renowned Medical Imaging Service Provider
There are a lot of reasons you may need to undergo any of the medical imaging scanning procedure as directed by your physician. It is necessarily important for you to know about these medical imaging procedures and Center for diagnostic imaging before visiting them for a complete body scan. A lot of people are unaware of the aspects related to these medical imaging procedures, which is the reason they have to face certain glitches when they visit the radiologist for the tests.
It is always a rewarding decision to know about the services and the procedures in advance so that you can be prepared both mentally and physically. Here we are sharing the details of some of the most common imaging tests that you can expect from the nearest diagnostic center Miami. Dive in here to know more about these services and tests.
An MRI Scan Procedure
A medical resonance imaging scan commonly known as MRI is a scanning procedure that helps in taking the precise images of the body’s internal organs. These images are of high quality, which depicts the actual cause of the ailment. Most of the physicians recommend an MRI scan when they are unable to trace the real cause of the ailment with the initial tests and imaging procedure.
This procedure isn’t painful and you need not worry about the overall duration and the method of this scan. You would hardly require sparing a couple of hours for the procedure to take place depending on the type of procedure that you have to undergo. Most of these procedures hardly take half an hour to one hour and you can be sure enough to get back to the work immediately after the test.
3D Mammogram
A 3D mammogram test is an imaging scanning procedure that helps in analyzing the breast of women for any unusual growth. Your breast specialist would ask you to pick a suitable day for the imaging scanning procedure and you would be analyzed for any lump or extra growth in the breast. This procedure is for the ones that are facing some early symptoms of breast cancer and are doubtful for the same.
You can consult your physician regarding the special precautions or any dietary alteration for any kinds of imaging scan procedures so that you need not to face any glitches.

CDI Miami | Thursday November 15, 2018

Aspects Related to Mammogram that Every Women Ought to Know

Aspects Related to Mammogram that Every Women Ought to Know

Have you heard about a 3D mammogram scanning procedure? Well, if not, you have to precisely go through this post! A mammogram is an imaging scan procedure that helps in analyzing any unusual growth in the women breast, which may or may not be cancerous. There are a lot of breast specialist in Miami that can offer you adequate imaging scanning services that simply augments your overall health and well-being.
It is mandatory for every woman to seek medical help if they are witnessing some unusual symptom with their breast as this could be a complex disease that may require adequate treatment. There is no point of ignoring these early symptoms that may be an indication of a severe health issue. Here are some important aspects related to a mammogram and its importance that every woman ought to know.
What is a Mammogram
A mammogram is an imaging test that helps in analyzing the breast for any dissimilarity and unusual growth that may be due to some severe underlying cause. The procedure isn’t painful and hardly takes a couple of minutes and is performed by an experienced professional.
You have to be sure enough to seek professional help when you are facing similar symptoms. Just seek help from the renowned imaging scanning service providers whenever you are about to go for a mammogram.
When You Should Visit the Breast Center for Checkup
Many times you would feel a lump or a knot in your breast that could be irritating and would make you feel uncomfortable. If you are facing such symptoms, it is mandatory for you to immediately seek medical attention as it could be a severe medical condition that must be diagnosed as early as possible. Apart from this, it is recommended that women should frequently visit the nearest Miami breast center for a mammogram every year so as to shun any chance of any serious ailment.
You can seek help from your physician regarding any issues if you are facing with your overall health. In most of the cases, the lump in the breast could be due to some ordinary issues and you need not worry regarding the same. But proper diagnosis is mandatory to get detailed information about the actual cause of the disease and to start the adequate treatment.
These are some aspects related to a mammogram that you should always keep in mind.