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Types of Treatment Available For Breast Cancer

How Do Mammograms Help In Early Diagnosis Of Various Diseases?

Most of the doctors recommend getting a mammogram yearly when they’ve reached the age of 40 because it helps in early diagnosis. There are a number of campaigns run by the government every year to spread the word about the importance of mammograms amongst the general public. Markets and hospitals have been flooded with pink ribbons and information of regular mammogram to spread awareness about it.
However, there are many women who get their mammograms are which is the reason they do not face serious consequences later in life. Not getting a mammogram done routinely is the main reason behind falling breast health. Little negligence on the woman’s part has led to thousands of ladies dying of breast cancer and other breast disorder yearly.
Why Do Women Skip Mammogram?
Most of the women skip breast cancer mammogram because they believe breast self-exams or clinical exams will detect any irregularities that need further examination. Women think such irregularities are common and don’t need any specific care.
However, doctors say that even though breast self-exams are important but they do not replace having a mammogram. As more people are getting mammograms, studies have seen a decrease in the number of deaths from breast cancer. Early detection has lessened the risk of breast cancer too. Even though physical examinations help in seeing the abnormality but they are unable to find smaller lumps.
Mammogram – A Brief Description
Mammograms help in early detection of breast cancer and it is easy to treat the disorders in the initial stages. This is the widely used method of looking at the breast tissue to find irregularities. Small lumps can become big in some time, so one should get them diagnosed before they become large in size or pose serious health risks. Women who go for mammograms yearly are at a lower risk of dying from breast cancer. That is the reason doctors recommend getting a mammogram every one to two years when the women are 40 years or older.
A mammogram is a type of imaging system involving a low dose of ionizing x-ray to take a picture of the woman’s breast. The medical imaging center doctors analyze the image comprehensively to see any unusual growth or tumor.
Early detection is the best way to win the battle against breast cancer, and mammograms have played a crucial role in the earliest detection of breast cancer. In the early detection of a lump, the woman and her doctor have a wide range of treatments that have no side effects.