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CDI Miami | Wednesday October 23, 2019

A mammogram plays a significant role in detecting breast cancer early. 2 D mammograms can give false results which cause anxiety and unnecessary suffering to the patient until a biopsy is done. 2 D mammogram cannot help to see a clear picture in women with dense breasts. Early detection of breast cancer can save the […]

CDI Miami | Wednesday October 16, 2019

  In Computed Tomography (CT) scan multiple X-rays are combined to create cross-sectional images with the use of a computer system. CTA uses CT scan along with an injection of contrast material which helps to see blood vessels clearly. CT scan and CTA imaging are outpatient procedures and do not require more than 60 minutes. […]

CDI Miami | Tuesday October 8, 2019

  The MRI( Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan is a common process prevailing at every corner of the world.   Magnetic Resonance Imaging practices a radio waves and strong magnetic field to develop comprehensive pictures of the tissues and organs within the body.   From the time when it was invented, researchers and doctors endure to […]

CDI Miami | Wednesday October 2, 2019

Diagnostic medical imaging Miami is an extremely vital element in the medical arena, but have you ever thought of deeming its actual significance? Medical imaging has morphed the face of the healthcare sector and permitted scientists and practitioners to acquire more knowledge about the human body than ever before.   In identifying illness or an […]

CDI Miami | Friday September 27, 2019

As we all have heard the term mammogram, it is an outstanding tool for finding breast cancer, mainly in women age 50 and above. Breast cancer is precisely diagnosed via mammography in about 78 percent of all women tested, as diagnostic accuracy increases to nearly 83 percent for women above 50. Nodaway’s significantly enhanced mammogram […]