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CDI Miami | Thursday April 11, 2019

  A mammogram is an X-ray technique which is specially used to detect any abnormalities in the breast tissue. Women who are at high risk of breast cancer or have a family history of breast cancer are advised to get a mammogram. The mammogram is not only recommended for women, but Diagnostic medical imaging Miami […]

CDI Miami | Wednesday April 10, 2019

Positron emission tomography (PET), also known as PET scan or PET imaging helps to find out various diseases in the body. A PET scan produces 3 dimension images of biological functions. It uses a small number of radiotracers, computer and a special kind of camera to evaluate functions of internal organs. Radiotracers are either swallowed […]

CDI Miami | Monday April 8, 2019

  MRI is a diagnostic exam at center for diagnostic imaging miami which is used to detect abnormalities in breasts including breast cancer. It uses radio waves and magnetic waves to produce detailed images of body organs on a computer screen. However, Breast MRI is not a substitute for mammography or ultrasound, instead, it helps […]

CDI Miami | Thursday April 4, 2019

  X-ray provides images of the body and produces results in very less time. X- rays use electromagnetic radiations which are used to get an inside picture of the body, particularly of bones. It is a noninvasive and a painless procedure which does not take a lot of time. X-ray radiations are absorbed by the […]

CDI Miami | Wednesday April 3, 2019

  Positron emission tomography is a nuclear medicine imaging system done using small amounts of radioactive material. Diagnostic medical imaging Miami centers are extensively using this method to detect and find the severity of heart disease, cancer and other abnormalities in the human body.   Positron emission tomography used to treat serious diseases like endocrine, […]