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CDI Miami | Wednesday May 20, 2020

Since most people will elect to take an x-ray at least once in their lifetime, a thorough understanding of how the procedure occurs is important, according to the Center for Diagnostic Imaging Miami. “To adequately treat life-threatening ailments, most people will use an x-ray at some point to determine the scope of the disease,” remarked Dr. Godreau, […]

CDI Miami | Wednesday May 13, 2020

If advised to undergo a CT Scan in Miami, it is important to undergo preparations to make the procedure a success. 1. Do Not Eat Anything Solid Within 3 Hours of the Procedure Solid food consumed within three hours of a CT Scan has the potential to disrupt the exam and fail to provide accurate results. Some […]

CDI Miami | Thursday May 7, 2020

What is imaging? Imaging is a range of tests used to create images of parts of the body. These can help: screen for possible health conditions before symptoms appear diagnose the likely cause of existing symptoms monitor health conditions that have been diagnosed, or the effects of treatment for them. Imaging is also called radiology. […]

CDI Miami | Tuesday May 5, 2020

Most of the doctors recommend getting a mammogram yearly when they’ve reached the age of 40 because it helps in early diagnosis. There are a number of campaigns run by the government every year to spread the word about the importance of mammograms amongst the general public. Markets and hospitals have been flooded with pink […]

CDI Miami | Sunday April 12, 2020

Women who have a 20% lifetime risk of getting breast cancer are sometimes recommended to go for a breast MRI along with screening mammogram. Doctors usually suggest for MRIs to the women who are already diagnosed with breast cancer. It is conducted to measure the size and extent of breast cancer in order to follow […]