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CDI Miami | Monday February 11, 2019

With the evolving technological era, medical diagnostic tools and procedures are also taking a new way to deal with the issues inside the body. Nowadays, there are numerous procedures that help the doctors diagnose the diseases early and give them a chance to cure them on time. Some of the procedures include MRI, CT-Scans, X-rays, […]

CDI Miami | Thursday February 7, 2019

  Medical imaging plays an important part in the medical sector and the advancements in this imaging era have made the medical industry more efficient and reliable in improving the health of the people suffering from several diseases. Diagnostic medical imaging is used for various diagnostic and treatment purposes and thus helps people in fighting […]

CDI Miami | Wednesday February 6, 2019

PET scans are usually recommended by the doctors when they need to diagnose or devise the treatment options for a number of medical conditions. The doctor will provide you with the detailed description that why this diagnostic medical imaging is essential for your treatment.   This technology known as positron emission tomography lets the doctor […]

CDI Miami | Monday February 4, 2019

These days diagnostic imaging is necessary before starting the treatment as it has become the initial stage of diagnosis in the medical practice. It plays as a vital component of medicine and has a separate subdivision of medical science.   Diagnostic Imaging Miami has become an inevitable part of medical science and no medical team […]

CDI Miami | Thursday January 31, 2019

The digital mammogram alters from a film mammogram in that it practices a special detector to capture and transform x-ray energy into a digital picture. The process and presentation of the machine and even the pictures generated are very alike to a traditional film mammogram Miami, and additionally, the benefits really come across from the […]