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CDI Miami | Tuesday January 14, 2020

Artificial intelligence can help doctors do a better job of finding breast cancer on mammograms, researchers from Google and medical centers in the United States and Britain are reporting in the journal Nature.  The new system for reading mammograms, which are X-rays of the breast, is still being studied and is not yet available for […]

CDI Miami | Monday January 13, 2020

  There are basically two types of mammography namely film-screen mammography and digital mammography. The digital mammography is also known as full-field digital mammography or FFDM. The technique for the mammogram Miami is the same for both of them and the only difference is either the images are taken in the digital files which are […]

CDI Miami | Tuesday January 7, 2020

How often should women get a mammogram? A new study makes a case for getting screened every year instead of every other year. Women diagnosed with breast cancer after receiving yearly mammograms had smaller tumors and less-advanced disease than women who had mammograms every other year, researchers from the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center found. The […]

CDI Miami | Wednesday November 13, 2019

  MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) is a common procedure used to find out different ailments in the body. MRI Miami is a powerful test which helps doctors in analyzing if a tumor is cancerous or not. Strong magnetic field and radio waves can be used to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within […]

CDI Miami | Tuesday November 12, 2019

Women who have a 20% lifetime risk of getting breast cancer are sometimes recommended to go for a breast MRI along with screening mammogram. Doctors usually suggest for MRIs to the women who are already diagnosed with breast cancer. It is conducted to measure the size and extent of breast cancer in order to follow […]